Why Trees Our Best Friend?

Trees our best friend, Get Complete Essay

Trees Our Best Friend

One of the greatest blessings from mother earth is the trees for humans. A perennial plant that has an elongated trunk or stem, which gives support to the leaves and branches, is called a tree. There are various plant species that are collectively called a tree. In general, trees are long-lived and reach several thousand years old (Rackham 2020). The existence of the trees dated back to 370 million years. The total number of trees across the world is approximately 3 trillion. Therefore, trees have inherited the mother earth more than human beings.Getting  Essay helps for these types of essays. 

Trees are our best friend due to their various merits. Tress plays a significant role in our life. It, directly and indirectly, helps human beings to lead healthy lives. It is the vast source of food for animals and human beings (Seidel et al. 2019). Most importantly, it gives us oxygen, which is the most important element for human beings to live. Therefore, planting a tree is equivalent to planting a life. Hence, all must remember that we need trees but trees do not need us. As they bestowed us with countless benefits, they are the best friends. They do not accept anything in return while giving us countless benefits.If you need to write an essay, contact my essay writer.

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Human beings must be grateful for the immense contribution of the trees in order to protect life on the earth. It will not be possible for human beings to retain life on earth without the presence of trees. However, human beings fail to recognise the importance of trees in our daily life and continue exploiting them for short-term benefits (Pringle et al. 2016). In various ways, trees enrich our life. We get seeds, flowers, fruits, herbs and several other things from trees. Trees also protect us by providing shade. Natural calamities such as floods and droughts on earth are also prevented by the trees. Trees also give shelter to the various animals and birds. It acts as the source of food for them as well. The shelter provided by the trees for the animals also benefits humans. Irrespective of anything, trees provide numerous benefits to every individual. It treats us equally as our true friends.If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

  Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect the trees and stop overexploitation. The conservation of trees will protect our future. Over the past several years, it has been noticed that human beings exploited trees in order to fulfil their purposes. Therefore, human life and the earth will suffer due to the devastating effects of these human practices. The most determinantal of these human activities include cutting down trees (Lindenmayer and Laurance 2017). In order to attain the raw materials in bulk, the industrial sector is cutting down trees rapidly. Governments also play a vital role in deforestation. Trees have been cut down in order to build more houses and offices for other purposes by the government. The rise in these human activities will lead to severe consequences. However, human beings are not paying attention to the consequences.If you want to write an essay, get help from an essay essay typer.

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Every individual along with the government, needs to take firm actions against these activities in order to protect trees., which is most beneficial. The lack of trees will create various disturbances in our life. Human beings have witnessed many problems such as frequent flooding, drought, landfall and severe earthquakes in recent years due to the cutting down of trees. If not resolved in the long run, the earth will become a desert (Chuine et al. 2016). The plentiful advantages of trees enable people to depend on them. However, in many cases, it leads to over exploitation or consumption. In this context, it is necessary to mention that human beings must remember that the trees are non-renewable resources of the mother earth.

It is essential for us to protect non-renewable resources in order to avoid depletion. Non-renewables resources like trees must be protected from depletion in order to preserve them for future consumption. Some industries are highly dependent on the wood extracted from the trees for the manufacturing of various goods and services. Therefore, the use of trees for industrial purposes also forces the cutting down. Trees are also being cut down for the use of agricultural purposes. The rising population across the world leads to the overexploitation of the trees (Marks, MullerLandau and Tilman 2016). In this regard, it is necessary to mention that the growing population demands more food and shelter to meet their basic needs. It increases the dependence on the trees for the consumption of food. Moreover, more trees have been cut down to build houses to provide shelter to the wide population base around the world.

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Other requirements of human beings such as palm oil and paper, are also extracted from the trees. The awareness about the protection of the trees must be increased to protect this non-renewable resource. Trees help us by eliminating carbon dioxide from the natural environment. It absorbs large quantities of carbon dioxide. Climate change can also be controlled with the help of more trees. The role of the trees in reduction of the erosion cannot be denied (Matos et al. 2017). Trees are also essential for the conservation of animals. Forests offer a habitat for various species of trees. The most biodiverse habitats in the world are tropical rainforests. Fuel for the purpose of cooking can also be obtained from the trees. As trees are cleared to raise the amount of land, it has also shrunk the forests.

As a result, it has created problems for the animals. They lost their place to live, which is a great threat to their existence. Therefore, cutting down trees will also make many species of animals around the world (Das, Stephenson and Davis 2016). It will make human beings, animals and the earth as a whole suffer. Hence, effective and efficient policies and actions must be taken by the governments and international bodies for the conservation of the trees. People should be encouraged to plant more trees to save the life of human beings, animals and nature.


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