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Complete Essay On My Favourite Game Badminton

My Favourite Game Essay

I love to play indoor and outdoor games. There are various indoor games that I love to play. My favorite indoor game among them is badminton. Badminton is recognized as a racquet sport. The main two pieces of equipment of this game are racquet and shuttlecock. This game is played with the help of racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net (Rojas-Valverde et al. 2020). In addition to this, there are several forms of playing this game. Singles is the most common type to play the game. Singles in badminton include one player per side. A larger team can also be formed to play badminton.

Another famous form of playing badminton is ‘doubles’ with two players per side. We usually play singles and doubles. We play badminton as part of the casual outdoor activities on a beach or in a yard (Barreira, Chiminazzo and Fernandes 2016). However, the professional game is played on a rectangular indoor court. When the shuttlecock is stricken with the racquet, then points are scored. Moreover, it is equally important to land the shuttlecock within half of the court of the opposite side. The highest governing body that controls and conducts various badminton games across the world is the badminton world federation.  If you want to write an essay then get my essay typer.

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This game was first played in the 19th century. Both male and female sports people can play this game together. I usually hang out with my friends. Sometimes, I also play with my parents and siblings. I love playing badminton. This game is full of fun and excitement. It should also be mentioned that it makes you fit (Kim, Lee and Nam 2016). It is a high energy game. A lot of energy is required to play this game. One cannot deny the importance of concentration for this game. You cannot play this game well without enough concentration. One can incur various benefits from playing this game. Playing badminton can make people more focused and fit. It will also enhance the level of concentration among the people.If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

It is important to understand the rules of the game in order to complete it in an efficient manner. The strategy of this game differs depending on the format of the game, such as doubles, singles and mixed doubles (Chu and Situmeang 2017). The earlier game, like shuttlecock and battledore, gives rise to the game badminton. It was first developed during British India. Denmark plays a vital role in the European world in the context of playing badminton. In addition to this, the role of the Asian players is equally essential in the badminton game. There are several badminton players whom I admire. If you need to write an essay for a game topic, contact my essay writer.

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Some of my favourite badminton players include Lin Dan, Saina Nehwal, Lee Chong Wei, Srikanth Kidambi and P. V. Sindhu. I love to watch them playing in domestic as well as international badminton games. They inspire me a lot, which in turn increases my love for this game. It gives me full recreation. I play badminton with friends and family during the winter season (Valldecabres et al. 2020). We also play this game while we conduct a picnic or visit someplace. The name of the game badminton is fixed on the basis of the country estate for the dukes of Beaufort in England. 

The root of this game was also there in India, Greece and China. Many countries held a number of regional, zonal and national tournaments. One of the famous tournaments in badminton is the All England Championship. Earlier, Denmark used to dominate the championship. There are other international tournaments like Thomas Cup and Uber Cup; both are well-known. For the first time in 1972, the game badminton was introduced in the Olympics (Seth 2016). Initially, it was introduced as a demonstration game. In the Olympics in 1996, the game was introduced in the competition with the formats such as mixed doubles, women’s doubles and men’s doubles.

Though, we can play badminton as an outdoor game in an open space. It is basically an indoor game. The main reason behind making this game indoor is the course of the shuttlecock can be distorted even because of the lightest of winds. As a result, competitive badminton is played all around the world as an indoor game (Anik et al. 2016). In this context, it is necessary to mention that badminton is famous as an outdoor activity in the form of recitational badminton. The courts of badminton differ depending on the format of the match. The court for playing singles badminton is 5.2 meters wide and 13.4 meters long. Around the court, there is a clear space of 1.3 meters, which is required. 


While playing badminton, one must remember that the shuttlecock should not touch the floor or ground with the boundaries of the badminton court. It cannot be denied that people in India are very much passionate about playing recreational badminton as part of outdoor activity. People prefer to play badminton in winter as the smoothing weather helps people to stay on the court for a long time without being exhausted.

The hot and humid weather of India makes it difficult for people to play recreational badminton as part of outdoor activity. People get exhausted more often while playing badminton in hot and humid weather. The rules and regulations of this game make it more interesting for all of us (Nathan, Salimin and Shahril 2017). Games are equally important as education for the kids. Therefore, kids should be encouraged to take part in playing badminton. As a result, it will boost their mental and physical wellbeing.

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It will make their body and mind active. Many schools and colleges conduct badminton tournaments. The awareness should be created by the government so that schools and colleges will be more excited to conduct badminton tournaments. As a result, it will bring stability to the life of the students. They will be motivated, which will make them more creative. Hence, This Essay helps for a bright future. In addition to this, more professional badminton players from the country will also emerge. 


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