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Poverty Essay

Poverty is a state or condition where the individuals or the community do not have access to proper monetary resources to maintain a basic standard of living. Poverty implies that the level of income of people from their work is so low that the basic necessities cannot be met (Pomati and Nandy 2020). The people who are affected by poverty do not have access to properly clean water, medical facilities, housing and clean water. Every country has its own threshold of poverty that decides the number of people residing in the zone of poverty (Goedeme et al., 2017).If you need to write an essay, contact my essay writer.

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Types Of Poverty

Poverty includes political, economic and social components. The total lack of means of meeting basic human needs such as shelter, clothing, and food is called absolute poverty. 

Poverty is the condition that arises in the economy when the people do not have access to sufficient housing, food, clothing and clean water. There are two significant types of poverty absolute poverty and relative poverty. 

Absolute Poverty

Absolute poverty arises in an economy when there is a lack of sufficient resources to meet the basic needs of life. The floor of the measurement of absolute poverty is independent of the permanent location and time of the people (Allen 2017). 

Relative poverty

Relative poverty occurs in an economy when the people of a country can not meet the minimum level of standards of living compared to the citizens of other countries at the same point in time. Hence, the floor at which the level of relative poverty is defined varies from one country to another (Daniele 2021). 

The worldwide poverty level rose to a very high amount in the year 2020 for the first time over the last 20 years. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, currently, almost 120 million people around the world are suffering from poverty. It is expected to increase to a 150million by the end of 2021. In 2018, most of the people under the International Poverty Line resided in the rural region. Most of the poor people were children, and the majority of the poor people were women (worldbank.org 2021). We have read different essay on poor womens

There are multiple characteristics of poverty. Furthermore, poverty is specific to individuals and context. Women and men experience poverty in different manners. Moreover, poverty is experienced differently across various social groups, countries and economic zones. People of a region can be subdivided according to the area, occupation, sex, ownership of land, education, access to housing, etc. Thus, it can be said that people who are suffering from poverty cannot be considered in the same group (Gweshengwe and Hassan 2020). The financial dimensions of poverty refer to the lack of sufficient income and lack of savings. The economic sizes of poverty refer to the lack of resources required to lead a sufficient life, maintain a basic standard of living, and meet the basic necessities. Economic resources include environmental and natural capital such as clean water, air, forestry goods, stock of fishery, land, and physical means such as production goods like machinery and infrastructure. The deprivation in the economic term refers to the lack of jobs or being in an irregular, low-paid and insecure job. The material dimension of poverty refers to the deprivation of materialistic stuff to meet the basic requirements of life. The social sizes of poverty refer to the absence of social capital. The social dimension includes a lack of proper participation in social activities and the inability to take up any approved responsibilities in society. The environmental dimensions of poverty are linked with the place of residence of the poor people (Beck, Hahn and Lepenies 2020). 

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Reasons of Poverty

There are multiple reasons behind the occurrence of poverty in an economy. The first reason is the rise in the level of the overall population. In the last 45 years, the rate of population has boosted by a rate of 2.2% every year. Every year many people are added to the overall population number of the world. Compared to the high level of population, there is a lack of sufficient resources to meet the basic needs. The lack of adequate resources leads to an increase in poverty. As the level of industrialisation has enhanced over the years, the productivity in the agricultural sector has reduced. Hence, the output of one sector of an economy has diminished, leading to a fall in income level. The lower utilisation of the aggregate resources has resulted in a low level of production in an economy. This has led to underemployment, causing a rise in the level of poverty. Insufficient access to healthy food and clean water is one of the reasons behind the increase in poverty. If a person does not have proper access to these resources, they would not have sufficient energy to engage in any production activities. Lack of relevant jobs is another reason behind the rise in the level of poverty. If there is an insufficient amount of employment, the citizens would be deprived of the minimum income required to meet the basic requirements of life.You can get essay typer service with us

Moreover, different conflicts can lead to the occurrence of poverty in different ways. A small amount of violence can lead to higher repercussions on the struggling communities. Another reason behind the rise of poverty is the source of inequality. The inequalities in gender, income, tribal affiliations, caste system, and so on contribute to the increase in poverty. Moreover, poor education is one of the primary reasons behind the increase in poverty (reliefweb.int 2018). If poor students can not complete your assignment,we can help with college assignments.

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In conclusion, it can be said that poverty is an essential point for discussion in the modern world. Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, worldwide poverty has increased to a large extent. There are different causes behind the occurrence of poverty globally, and the reasons are multidimensional.This essay helps students to know about poverty. Poverty is mainly classified in absolute and relative poverty, each having various indicators. 


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