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Mother Essay

Mothers are the irreplaceable entity in this world. As God cannot be present for all children, He created mothers to look after the innocent children who need their mother's guidance till they attain adulthood. Mothers thus are the truest and closest representatives of God in this world for any children. Mothers nurture their babies throughout their lives, and their unconditional love for their children is found nowhere (Warburton 2020). Mothers protect their children from all harm. The children find the bosom of their mother the safest place. Mothers' relentless efforts to make their child a perfect human being ensure that society is full of good human beings who change its negative elements (Oakley  2018). If you want to write an essay then get my essay typer.

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My mother is an all-rounder, a homemaker, a working lady who manages both the house and her workplace. It feels great to see such a lady inspire me every time with her dedication to her family and work. From a very early age,  my mother has been keen on getting into the government service to serve people with various kinds of needs. Her struggle to get that job was incredible when I first listened to it. She participated in a workshop arranged by the local Block Development Office, relentlessly surveying the area and helping her supervisors with the Census of that area(Williams 2020). Her dedication and neat and clean work caught the sight of her supervisors. This opportunity allowed her to pursue more such workshops,  which helped her gather enough experience for bigger works under the government sector. The next opportunity that came to my mother was to assist in the relief provisions to the oppressed. She managed the supply of the essentials and the relief materials distribution to the correct places. If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

All her colleagues and supervisors were happy with the whole team of the management division under the local government. My mother's experience helped her gain the post of head distribution officer in the Local Municipal Corporation. There was no turning back for her; she diligently managed her post for seven long years. After this, she gained another important post in the tax collection department, where she looked after the Municipal Corporation's account details. Under this department, she remained for about ten years. Later on, she urged the authority to give her jobs that required less effort as she managed my family and me. My father was a great support to my mother; he supported her dreams and managed his business. My mother used to get me ready for school, make tiffin for me, my father, and herself, then cook the whole family lunch. After that, she used to get ready for the office and leave by 11 am. My mother returned from her office at about 5:30 pm and took a rest while I returned from school at 6:30 pm. She would help with my homework and studies. During my board exam, my mother took holidays to arrange my schedule and closely look after the progress I made for the same. She used to remain awake the whole time I studied during the night. She made me healthy foods to boost my confidence and health. I was very lucky to get such care in spite of the fact that she was a working lady. She was like the Goddess Durga with ten hands working continuously for her loved ones (Newport,   Gleitman  and Gleitman  2020). 

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The most beautiful day for us was her birthday when my father and I did not let her enter the kitchen the whole day. Despite helping her sometimes with the household chores when I grew up, I learnt some recipes for delicious foods. I remember baking her birthday cake for the first time on her 46th birthday; it was a hilarious incident. Very carefully, I gathered all the ingredients needed to bake the cake and meticulously progressed with the instructions. Everyone in the family was excited about the cake. It was a chocolate cake with strawberry toppings. After about an hour of waiting, when my mother tasted it, she burst out in laughter. We found out that the cake was salty and, accidentally, I put salt in the recipe instead of sugar. Still, the taste of the cake could be managed with sugar syrup and the evening went on with lots of joy and merriment (Redman  and Maples  2017.) If you need to write an essay for any topic, contact my essay writer.

Mothers are like this only; they are hardworking, loving and caring who can give up their dreams for their children. I am proud of my mother as she has handled both her workplace and home very well. There are so many women who, after becoming mothers, aren't able to pursue their dreams. They have family commitments and restrictions which can be binding (Abrego 2020). There are families which many times are orthodox in their mindset to let women work. I feel women as a human have all the rights as a man and thus should get every opportunity to settle in her life on her terms. Mothers are women first; then, they are wives or mothers (Jabbarova  2020). Thus, they should try relentlessly to overcome the barriers, or they should at least have a say in their lives. As family members too, support to the females is also necessary. When mothers give up their dreams to educate, nurture, and bring up a child, the responsibility also lies on the child, who, growing up, should support their mother and try fulfilling their dreams (Kingma  2019.).

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Mothers are the happiest human beings. They find their children becoming successful in life and can become good human beings. Often, mothers look at their future self in their children to fulfil their unfulfilled dreams through their children. The child should understand the hardships the other went through and try achieving those goals for the sake of their mother. Not having the love and care of a mother can lead to disastrous emotional and psychological issues in a child from the very beginning—those who have their mothers by their side honour the fact that they are lucky enough.  Getting Essay helps to understand your mother. I feel lucky to have my mother supporting me and guiding me to achieve my goals and aims in life. 


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