Literature Essay

Literature Essay

The fundamental principle of essay writing is analysis. The students studying literature in their college and university level needs to have a firm understanding about different pieces of the world and national literature. If you are pursuing literature in your college graduation, then you will be assigned literature essays in which you will be required to critically analyze different literary pieces. The literature essays are also known as literary analysis essays or simply literary analysis. The subjects of the literature essay writing can be Shakespearean plays to contemporary English writings. However, there are many students who find this English literature essays quite hard. They can avail the literature essay help services of, the proficient essay assistance portal. You can also use rate my paper tool to rate your paper online.

Literature Essay: Things to Remember

The purpose of the literature essay is to examine carefully and evaluate a work of literature or any of its particular aspect. Through the process of examining every literature, the students understand those pieces better. The literature essay can be based on the whole literary piece or an important aspect of it. For example, in a short story, the students can analyze its main plot or any of its sub-plots and provide their thoughts on how it is linked with the main theme of the essay. They may also explore one of the characters of the story too. The literature essay writing should be sharp, focused and convincing. This form of essay writing is developed on a central idea which would be critically evaluated and may run into several paragraphs. The literature essay needs to be based on three principles:

  • The essay must cover the topic comprehensively
  • The central idea should be made the thesis statement which will govern the development of the essay
  • The essay must be precisely organized so that every paragraph makes an equal contribution.

Generally, the students are assigned three types of literature essays. They are as follows:

  • Novel Essay

Based on a novel, the students can talk about the theme, plot, setting, characters or the style. The order and emphasis of the literature essay will depend on the question asked. The success of the literature essay stands when the students are able to produce impeccable and communicating content.

  • Drama Essay

As the name suggests, the literature essays written to analyze a drama or a play, it is called a drama essay. These essays discuss the theme, plot, screenplay, setting, characters and the technique of the essay.

  • Poetry Essay

The students are generally assigned to evaluate and analyze poetry in these literature essay writing tasks. The theme, style, technique, rhythm, alliteration, verification and obviously its interpretation are the most discussed aspects of the poem.

While the students are preparing their literature essay, they should remember certain key things.

  1. The Title

Unlike the other genres of essay writing, in literature essay the title plays a vital role. It is essential that the title of the essay gives a clear impression of the approach that the college student wishes to take on the respective subject. The main purpose of the title is to capture the attention of the readers. As for the students, the readers are their examiners and they should prepare appropriate and captivating titles for the literature essays which will captivate them.

  1. The Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of every form of essay is written at the end of the introductory paragraph. The literature essay is no exception. The thesis statement of the literature essay tells the reader about the purpose of the document. It is concise and declarative which will clearly exhibit what the writer wants to achieve and what the reader/ examiner can expect in the document. Generally, the thesis statement is of one complete sentence.

  • Audience

The objective of writing the essay is to persuade the readers according to the conceived thesis statement. The examiners and the professors are the audience for the students. They assign these works to the students to evaluate the critical abilities and the perception of the students. So, other than stating the obvious plot summary, all the students should emphasize on developing proper arguments in the literature essay.

  1. Textual Evidence

The literature essay should not be blunt and boring. Rather this form of academic writing should be enriched with specific details, direct quotations and evidence. A lively language with precise references from the subject literature will make the essay more effective. When the students add detailed descriptions in the content, it becomes more credible. They can also use direct quotations from the original text (shot story/ poem/ novel) to express their thoughts. But the direct quotations should be used within proper punctuations and accurate citations.

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A small guide to write a literature essay

Hundreds of students complain about their variety of problems while writing these literature essays. So, the literature essay writing experts have provided a small, concise yet comprehensive guide to the students. Before writing their essay, they can consult this literature essay guide which would help them to develop a better essay.

Like every other form of essay writing, the literature essay also consists of three essential parts, namely - introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The writing should be divided into proper paragraphs. The essay should answer the question and maintain a formal language throughout the content. But as the subject is literature, a little creative approach is always appreciated by the examiners.

  • Writing the introduction

The introduction of the literature essay should be intriguing which would capture the interest of the writers. The introduction should be brief and concise which also includes the thesis statement. It provides the essential background of the literary work and prepares the readers for the thesis. The introduction must include the author name, title of the book and unveil the main characters (if the subject is a short story or novel).

How to open the essay?

There are various opening strategies to begin the introduction of literature essay. The students can use any of these ways to make an intriguing introduction.

  • A surprising fact or information

It can begin with a starling fact.

For example - More than 100 British soldiers were killed in the Battle of Balaclava on which the renowned poet Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote in the narrative poem ‘The charge of the light brigade’.

  • A meaning quotation or a dialogue between two characters

If the student discusses a particular aspect of the subject, they can begin the essay with a quote or a dialogue.

For example - “Forward the light brigade!” the commander screamed!”

  • A universal idea

The students can state some ideas or their own thoughts which are universally true.

For example - “The terrifying scenes of the war haunts every soldier throughout their life”

  • A vibrant and detailed description of a setting

A thorough and vivid description using rhetoric language can help to explain the approach.

For example - “During the era of Great Depression, poverty reached the privileged class. Even the most serene town reported violent clashes and conflicts for sustenance.”

The introduction of the literature essay also includes the thesis statement. It should be related to the core theme of the work and offer hints on how the author is planning to reveal it. A good thesis statement also tells about the organization of the paper.

  • Writing the body paragraphs

The middle paragraphs used to develop the central theme or the thesis statement of the literature essay is generally referred to as body paragraphs. These paragraphs analyze and explain the topic with concrete sentences. As already stated, these paragraphs should be enriched with ample textual evidence. Each paragraph of the body must include:

  1. A topic sentence

The first sentence of the body paragraph identifies one of the major aspects of the subject. It relates to the details of that particular paragraph with the thesis statement. The topic sentence also binds and holds the paragraph together.

  1. Textual evidence

Textual evidence refers to the references and examples used in the document as proof. It can be paraphrased or within the direct quotation. But the literature essay must provide proper references and citations to make it authentic and avoid plagiarism.

  1. Commentary

The commentary is the name given to the individual explanations and interpretations of the textual evidence. It also includes interpretations, analysis, insights and arguments. As the professors are more eager to know the opinion of the students, it forms the largest part of each of those body paragraphs in literature essays.

  1. A concluding sentence

As the name suggests, it is the last sentence of the paragraph. This sentence helps to make a smooth transition from one paragraph to another. They can also refer back to the thesis statement and its accomplishments.

  • Writing the conclusion

A concluding paragraph provides every essay a sense of completeness. The literature essay is no exception. This concluding paragraph summarizes the main points of the essay with relevant comments about the achievements. It should always echo the thesis statement (should not sound repetitive) and provide some important recommendations.

A conclusion should:

  • Reflect how the literature essay topic is related to the actual subject
  • Highlight the achievements of the document
  • It can provide a personal statement which will make the paper distinguishable
  • Give opinions about the subject’s (poem, novel, story) significance.

Any student who aspires to prepare an impeccable literature essay should follow all these important suggestions provided in this guide. It helps them to prepare an effective and flawless literature essay. If they are not contented with this concise guide, they can take the assistance of the literature essay help services of

Some literature essay topics

The students can be assigned literature essay topics from the medieval literature to the writing of contemporary authors. In every literature essay topic, the students need to exhibit their strong critical abilities and flawless writing skills. Some of the literature essay topics are as follows:

  • Twentieth century literature departs from the tradition to understand the present. Your thoughts.
  • Discuss the role of children in Little Women by Louise Alcott and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  • The Shakespearean history plays (Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V) carefully brings out the aura of the medieval age in United Kingdom. Your thoughts.
  • Compare the G.B. Shaw’s Pygmalion with the original Greek myth of Pygmalion.
  • Through the comparative literature, explore the role of women in the 19th

The literature essay topics will vary significantly according to the syllabus followed in the respective college or university. These topics of literature essay examples just provide a general idea to the students.

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