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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Generel Queries has been catering to students of Australia and the US for the last 7 years, helping them find comprehensive and quality solutions to all of their problems. Our team works really hard to make sure that we meet all of your preset assignment requirements. Thousands of satisfied students are our customers who keep coming back to us as we provide world-class services such as:
  • Affordable prices
  • Top grade guarantee
  • 24x7 live customer support for all of your queries
  • All assignments submitted on time.
One of our core values is the submission of plagiarism-free assignments at all costs, and our commitment to this cause is what makes us different from the other assignment help companies.'s brilliant writing team makes sure that your assignment is done in a way, so that is absolutely free of plagiarism. We also make sure that our papers are devoid of other common mistakes such as spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, etc.
All. We can do all types of assignments for you, which means you can freely avail of our custom writing services. Some of the popular forms of assignments we can offer our help for include –
  • Dissertations
  • Case studies
  • Essays
  • Coursework
  • Homework
  • Thesis papers
  • Research papers
  • Literature review
  • Book reports
  • MBA reports
The above types of assignments are not all-encompassing, and you can call us if you need help for any other type.
The answer to this can be given in two parts. First of all, each of the writers on our team is highly qualified professionals who possess a minimum of a master's or a PhD degree in the subject they have studied. We also make it a point to only hire native Australian and American writers so that the quality of the assignment is not compromised in any way. Second of all, we also have industry professionals from different fields on our team who have immense knowledge of the rules of academic writing and can produce top-notch assignments for you.
NO. We have a strict policy against that kind of business. Every assignment we write is exclusively meant for the customer it is written for. Your paper will always be unique – none like it before and none like it after.


Yes, you can! You can place multiple orders with us as long as the topic of each assignment is different. On our end, we will put in our best effort to complete each of your orders within the deadline you set for us.
We have multiple options on board to make the payment process as easy for you as possible. Accepted payment options with us include net banking, PayPal, Western Union credit card and debit card. You can also make wire transfers to pay us. Your payment will be processed instantly, and you can be sure that your money is in safe hands with us. Our payment is secured by PayPal, and we also offer money-back guarantee to assure you of our security.
Yes, we do offer a host of attractive discounts that you can make use of to bring down the prices of your assignment order. We also offer heavy discounts on multiple orders. You can check our website to know the current discounts on offer and then make your choice.
Yes, you can. To avail of this facility, you will have to make 50% or half the amount of your total order to us in advance. If you don’t, our writers will not commence work on your assignment. The rest of the payment you can make at the time of getting your assignment from us, which means paying the remaining 50%. As for paying in smaller installments, we unfortunately do not currently offer the facility for it. Your only option with us, as of now, is paying 50% in advance and 50% at the time of receiving the assignment.
Yes, we offer the facility of cancellation of your order. However, you will have to make sure that you do it within an hour as we will not entertain any cancellation requests after our writers begin working on your assignment. We also have the power to cancel your assignment on our own if we do not find a suitable writer for it. In such cases, your money will be refunded.


We have an internal regulatory policy that is driven to ensure that the assignment you get is 100% plagiarism-free. We follow all university guidelines and even perform mandatory quality checks to ensure that your paper is free of plagiarism. Apart from doing the referencing of your paper accurately, we also subject your copy to a plagiarism checker to complete any instance of plagiarism from it before submitting the copy to you.
Yes, we will be able to help you. We have special, premium services for extremely short deadlines which you can avail of. Through this service, you can ask us to complete your paper anywhere between 1 to 24 hours, and we guarantee that you will get it within the timeline specified by you. Under normal circumstances too, we will submit your paper to you before the deadline so that you do not face any issues with the delivery timing.
We offer assignment paraphrasing services in case you need them. You can simply upload your entire assignment while placing the order (along with the necessary files), and our writers will fix your copy for you. They will do away with all sorts of errors in your copy so that it becomes perfect. We also provide editing and proofreading services, which you can avail of separately to have your pre-written assignment proofread and edited.
One of the ways you can be sure of that is by requesting us to provide you with your assignment status. You can call or email us to find out of the status of your assignment, and we will get back promptly, stating in detail all the sections that have been covered. If you have questions about that or if you think your assignment can be improved upon, you can email your suggestions to us, and we will pass them on to our writers.
Yes, we will give your online exam for you. However, for this to be successful, you will have to give us the details of your exam including the subject it’s for, the syllabus, the type of questions and your log-in details. You will also have to give us ample time to prepare for your exam so that we can do well on your behalf. Then on the eve of your online exam, you will have to make the payment, else our expert will not take your exam for you.


There are several easy ways to connect with us. We are available on live chats, phone calls and emails and you can make use of any of these to speak to our helpful and knowledgeable customer care support staff. We will try our best to solve all of our queries as soon as possible.
Even if you cannot see your subject on our catalogue, you can still almost be 100% sure that we will have an expert on board to do your assignment for you. However, if you still have a doubt, you can always call up our customer care and confirm whether we can do the assignments of your subject before placing your order with us.
If you feel that your assignment is lacking somewhere and that you are not happy with it, you can certainly ask us to revise it for you. We will continue performing as many reworks as you want till you are satisfied. We will make sure that the writer who performs revisions on your paper is the same one as who wrote it in the first place.
We will deliver your assignment to you in any format you desire. The formats we commonly submit your assignment in include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Word doc
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Excel sheets
The acceptable currencies for payment purposes include Australian Dollar, US Dollar, UK Pounds and Euro. So please make sure you make use of these currencies to pay us.


You can get reliable and high quality assignment help from us for all kinds of assignments on all subjects.
We do not charge exorbitantly for our services. You will be easily able to afford our prices without upsetting your budget.
Compromising on the deadline is something we will never. Our experts make sure your assignment is delivered ASAP.
From the way we do your assignment to the customer support we offer, everything about our services is top notch!

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