Admission Essay

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Admission Essay

Admission essay can only be of 500-word length, but it can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection in your target college/university. What purpose it really serves to your admission process? It mainly portrays your personality, favorite activity and your future aspirations from which the admission committee judge whether you fit into that particular college. Admission essay writing is regarded as a way to show that you are different, to be precise exceptional, from others and a great way to convince your admission officers that you have something to contribute to the college/university community. So, to learn admission essay writing, read this article carefully. If you are thinking who can rate my paper then you can choose us.

How to elevate your chances in admission process

In this competitive world where one out of every four students scores exceptional grades and SAT scores, how will you distinguish yourself from the rest of the world? To do that, you need to understand what the admission committee really seeks. Yes, different college/university advocate distinct requirement for admission essay writing, but there is a pattern that every college/university follows. Here is what every admission committee members attempt to explore in each admission essay,

  • Your careers goals and capabilities for professional success
  • Your unique personal attributes
  • Your relevant qualifications and experiences
  • Demonstration of your hard (academic) and soft (international) skills required to succeed at a college/university.

What should be your objectives?

You are expected to showcase maturity and excellent communication skills in your admission essay. Your best chance is to stand out in the crowd by conveying exceptional personal attributes that separate you from others. Try to demonstrate your strengths so that admission officer is able to make an honest decision by reading your admission essay.

The traits that admission committee seek in every applicant

Here is a list of traits that admission committees seek in undergraduate applicants:

  • Motivation
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Maturity
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Strong Ethics
  • Perseverance
  • Honesty
  • Humor
  • Communication Skills.

Now you have an idea what is expected from you. Let’s start with admission essay writing process and get you the understanding of writing an admission essay.

How helps you in writing admission essay?

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If the idea of taking online help seems alien to you, you can read these guidelines to elevate your writing skills in admission essay writing.

Steps to admission essay writing

Step1 Brainstorming

From this assessment process, you may find a topic for your admission essay that you may have not thought in the first place. If you are already given a topic in the first place, you may skip this part and straightaway jump to Step 3. If you are not, you are requested to continue reading with care.

Here are some questions you need to take into consideration,

  • What are you likes?
  • What is your USP (personal trait) that distinguishes you from the crowd? How did you develop this ability?
  • Consider your favorite books, movie, work of art, etc. Do these have an influence on your life in a meaningful way?
  • Have you experienced something recently that you were previously blind to?
  • What have you done?
  • What are your major achievements? Why are they major for you?
  • What have you done outside the classroom that demonstrates the quality required by the university?
  • Have you ever mightily struggled for something and succeeded? What made you successful? If you failed, how did you respond?
  • What is the most difficult time of your life? How did you overcome the situation?

Step 2 Selecting topic

Seemingly boring admission essay could be interesting if you approached creatively. So solidify your thoughts into admission essay topic.

Choose a story:

Successful admission essays tell a story about the applicant, not necessarily about your whole life. It can be a glimpse of your life and certain experience. Whatever story you choose in admission essay writing, it does not have to be interesting, but you can present it in a very interesting way through your words. Here is an example you can refer to:

An essay entitled ‘Hiking to Understanding’ tells the story about the hiking experience that a student encountered. This admission essay gives you complete idea about author’s values, interest, and philosophy.

Topics to avoid:

Here are few admission essay topic suggestions from which you can understand what essay topics are strictly no-no in your admission essay writing.

  • Drug usage:

If you have had drug problems in the past, even if you have overcome those problems, the admission essay is the not the best place to describe your experience.

  • Time in jail:

Lots of successful students have had their run-ins with the law. The admission committee wants someone who maintains peace on the campus. The picture of you behind the bars will not play in your favor in admission essay writing.

  • Heroism:

Yes, we all like to play the hero. But remember boasting about yourself too much will annoy your admission officers.

  • Sympathy triggering events:

Such events like assault, abuse, incest, attempted suicide, cutting your veins, depression and so on can place your reader in an uncomfortable position to react or your readers may even doubt whether you are capable enough to handle rigorous college/university life.

  • Travel journal:

Travelogues are the most common essay topics in admission essay writing, and also the most poorly handled admission essay topic. You need to highlight the fact that you have traveled. If you are selecting a travel story in admission essay writing, it should be an analysis of meaning experience, not a summary of your trip.

  • Routine comedy:

Best admission essay demonstrates humorous side of the author. But remember not to point directly that you are witty and clever.

  • Excuses:

You might have poor grades in high school. To justify your poor performance, do not present excuses like you were sick or new to the school/country. Yes, you should convey this information to your target college (may be in your admission interview) not in admission essay.

  • Accomplishment:

Your admission essay is the place where you can list your achievements in extra-curricular activities, community involvement. Don’t overdo it. No one is interested to read a long list of things that you have achieved so far.

Step 3 Writing the essay

The introduction:

Most admission officers spend more or less 2 minutes on each admission essay.Spend most of the time on your introduction because it is the first thing that a person reads. If they don’t find it interesting enough, they may leave it. The best technique that you can use to lure your readers is to create unexpected, unknown situation simply through a mystery.

Let’s say a topic - ‘Hiking to Understanding’. The essay starts with sentences like,

Surrounded by numerous sparkling stars, complete silence and a breathtaking view of mountains, I was standing on New Hamshire’s Presidential Range awestruck by the spectacular sights of the mountains.

The first sentence sets the mood. It mainly attracts the readers to know more about the prose, but it does not state the plot of the story. The readers have to continue to know more about the story.

The body:

Once you have perfected your admission essay introduction, let’s move towards main body part. You must ensure that each body paragraph of admission essay relates to your introduction. Here is an example of main body paragraph of admission essay writing,

Let’s take the above example, ‘Hiking to Understanding’

Some people during their lives climb small hills. But to have the most accurate view from the mountain, I should find the biggest mountain to climb. Few people content themselves by the view while climbing flat valleys. But they should not content themselves with the scenery. The mountains showed me that I cannot content myself with the sceneries.

Notice the author has used very simple language that helps the readers to relate to the story easily. Many students think that usage of long and complicated words impress admission officer. But it is not something that admission officer will admire in your admission essay. Another way to impress your admission officer is by using specific experience examples and supporting details.

Here is an example of another body paragraph to make you understand about the universal rule, ‘Show, don’t tell’

When night fell upon the summit, I stared at the slow appearance of stars. In few moments, the sky was full with sparkling stars. Despite the windy conditions and freezing weather, I could not stop myself from continuing.

If you read the passage of this admission essay, you can clearly fabricate an image in your mind of a sky full of glinting stars. It is a good example to demonstrate how to make your writing live in front of your readers.

The conclusion:

Do not miss the opportunity to impress your readers with your words. Here is an example of concluding paragraph by taking the same above example,

While observing the rise of Saturn, the Perseid meteor shower, I felt a great insignificant purpose as if earthy concern does not apply to the rest of universe. However, I felt the urge to understand the origins and causes of this phenomenon.

Finish with a strong sentence that leaves your readers to want more.

Step 4 Revise

Delete anything in the essay that does not relate to the theme. Read several times to understand whether it does make sense or not. Have someone to check your admission essay, may be your friend, family member or professional. There are many professional editing services you can opt for or you can use editing and proofreading tips from the sources displayed on the internet.

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