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Here is an excerpt from one of our molecular biology assignments on protein folding.

  1. How do proteins fold and what are the implications of improper folding?

Ans.: The shape and structure of a protein determine its function. The necessary protein structure can be analyzed at six different levels:

  • Amino acid sequence or the primary structure
  • Coils and sheets or the secondary structure
  • Folds and creases called motifs
  • Three-dimensional shapes called motifs
  • Functional units called domains
  • Individual polypeptides associated in a quaternary structure

Particular proteins called chaperonins are instrumental in helping proteins fold into a stable shape. More than 17 types of chaperonin proteins aid in the folding process. These molecules help unfold wrongly folded to refold correctly once again.

Chaperone protein deficiencies are a significant reason behind wrongly executed protein folding processes. Improper protein folding is considered a primary reason why cells stop functioning in a designated manner.

For example, misfolding of the CFTR protein hinders the transfer and movement of ions across cell membranes and results in Cystic Fibrosis.

Similarly, improper protein folding and resultant clumping are considered the reason behind the formation of amyloid plaques in brain cells in cases of Alzheimer's disease.

The above excerpt was from a solution paper from a molecular biology assignment delivered by one of our crack biology assignment writing teams. If that's not enough, then do a quick search on our main page for sample solutions and go through them to ease any doubt.

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Q.1: How to get help in biology assignment from an expert?

Ans.: Get in touch with our customer support service and state your requirements. They will guide you on the pricing, work policies, reworks, refunds and everything else. Next up, please place your order by delivering all academic writing requirements carefully at our order page.

That's it. Make your payments and get ready to receive assignment solution of impeccable quality well within the stated deadline.

Q.2: Can I hire biology experts for my assignment who are based in the USA?

Ans.: While our premises are based in the USA, we recruit writers and academics from all across the world. And, we have numerous writers from our neighbours across the pond, that is, the USA.

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