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A Glimpse Of Our Sample Finance Assignment Solutions

Below are some excerpts from some of our solutions crafted by finance assignment experts. Three fundamental principles of Corporate Finance and firm value maximization.

Every decision in a business has financial implications and the ones that involve money fall under the rubric of corporate finance. At the heart of corporate finance lies the objective of improving the value of a firm.

Three fundamental principles give direction to all corporate financial decision making. They are:

  1. Investment Principle=a finance manager guides the brass to invest in assets and projects that yield a return more significant than the minimum acceptable hurdle rate. Hurdle rates should be higher for riskier projects, and the returns are monitored in terms of cash flows and their timing.
  2. Financing Principle= investment decisions operate on a financing mix which maximizes the value of the investments made and enables the company to match the investment financing with the returns.
  3. Dividend Principle= In case there are not many investments that earn the hurdle rate, finance managers may decide to return cash to the owners. The form of return depends upon the preference of the stockholders.

Stockholders in Corporate Finance

When devising any investment and financial decision, corporate finance managers focus on one particular objective, the maximization of the business's value—application of corporate finance centre around creating more value for a business's stakeholders.

  1. Maximizing the value of the firm is a key objective.
  2. Improving the stock price and maximizing stockholder wealth is another primary objective.

Stockholders hire managers to make better informed and intelligent decisions, which can be instrumental in enhancing the value of the firms and thereby the price of stocks. This separation of ownership and management is a key feature of corporations all over.

Three kinds of stakeholders dictate a firm's operations to a huge extent. They are:

  • Employees= more interest in wages, benefits and job security;
  • Customers= require the best at the cheapest;
  • Society= may have ethical concerns with the company's operations and interests.

Traditional corporate finance faces its limitations when:

  • Decision-makers are in conflict with the interests of stockholders;
  • Bondholders or lenders face expropriation from stockholders;
  • Abnormal behaviour of financial markets;
  • Unfavourable social consequences of stick price maximization

The above sample excerpt was from a corporate finance assignment solution. Let's hope it was able to help you somewhat in determining the quality of the solutions of our quintessential corporate financé assignment help.

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