Research Essay

Research Essay

You may have heard the term research essay but do you really know what it denotes? Research essay writing mainly requires you to chose a research essay topic and analyze other works and compare their thoughts with your own. The research essay should be founded on a research essay topic or question that should be researched. As it is a significant part of higher education, you need to know what it takes to create a good quality research essay. Here we explain everything related to research essay writing. Let’s make you knowledgeable about research essay writing with this article providing you an overview of research essay. If you are thinking who can rate my paper then visit us.

Steps to research essay writing

  1. Discover, narrow and focus your topic:

The ideal research essay topic is one on which you know something. If you choose an alien subject to write, you will counter issues while conducting the research. It is all a matter of judgment. After you choose a research essay topic, you need to assess whether your topic points at a single issue or highlights a broader view. Try to narrow down the research essay topic to certain perspective.

Let’s say the research essay topic is ‘eating disorder’, you can instantly tell the topic is too broad to handle. You need to come down to a narrowed point from where the research essay topic can answer questions. Your research essay topic should be like this instead of the above one:

“Causes and treatment of anorexia (lack or loss of appetite for food) in college athletes”

Now you see how the research essay topic is narrowed down. Once your research essay topic is narrowed down, your task is to turn the research essay topic into a question to be answered or solved.

For instance, take the above example:

The research essay topic is, “Causes and treatment of anorexia (lack or loss of appetite for food) in college athletes”

The question should be,

“How anorexia should be treated in college athletes?”

Selecting research essay topics gives students a real hard time. To ease your problem to some extent, our research essay help experts have assembled a list of 20 recent research essay topics for you.

Research Essay Topic 1: Should authors, artists, musicians, filmmakers etc. be held accountable if their work incites violence?

Research Essay Topic 2: Does ‘death metal’ music negativity influence teenagers? Does it cause more violence?

Research Essay Topic 3: How did the invention of camera affect the art of painting?

Research Essay Topic 4: Would a four-day work week be beneficial to workers?

Research Essay Topic 5: Should juveniles be sentenced to life without parole?

Research Essay Topic 6: How are news organizations and newspapers influenced by their parent companies and the news we receive?

Research Essay Topic 7: Should vehicle manufacturers be fined making energy-inefficient cars?

Research Essay Topic 9: Is arts/music education important in elementary schools?

Research Essay Topic 10: Should books that advocate racist or sexist language be banned from schools or libraries?

Research Essay Topic 11: Does American media present the real picture of Islam?

Research Essay Topic 12: Are TV, magazines and other media responsible for food disorder?

Research Essay Topic 13: How does mass communication affect war, politics, social norms and global awareness?

Research Essay Topic 14: How is added/artificial sugar harmful?

Research Essay Topic 15: How have native Americans been treated in the past and what has changed?

Research Essay Topic 16: How is technology affecting children’s social skills?

Research Essay Topic 17: Should employers be allowed to monitor employees’ activity online at work?

Research Essay Topic 18: Do Beauty contests (Miss America) serve any purpose in society?

Research Essay Topic 19: Is an addiction to gambling as serious as an addiction to alcohol and drugs?

Research Essay Topic 20: What differences are there in children who are raised by stay-at-home mother and working mothers?

Research Essay Topic 21: Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?

Research Essay Topic 22: To what extent is the use of animals for scientific research acceptable?

Research Essay Topic 23: Should wealthy natures be required to share their wealth with poorer nations?

Research Essay Topic 24: Should money be spent on space exploration?

Research Essay Topic 25: Is death penalty effective?

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What our research essay help mainly does?

Our research essay help service is customized in a way that it meets every requirement of the students. But here are some standards facilities that students can enjoy by availing our research essay help.

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  • Assistance in research essay writing
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  1. Finding and selecting reading sources

Of course, you cannot write minute details about a research essay topic or you will never stay within your deadline. But you need to have working knowledge about the research essay topic. You need to concentrate on key points, get your facts right before selecting a research essay topic.

Here are different ways of tracking relevant and quality research material.

  1. Remember the sources:

Ideas can come from something you have seen, read somewhere, a conversation or experience. When they do, remember the source.

  1. Organize your resources:

After getting enough research material, you need to organize your resources so that you can find them easily when needed. Recycling information is an effective way to save time and efforts. You have stockpiled information about a research essay topic you need to know. Now, use it in research essay writing.

  1. Enjoy the research phase:

Do not think it as a tedious work. Try to think it as a knowledge journey where you will be introduced to various new things. When you come across a fact that was unknown to you, try to cherish it so that you can utilize it later in your academic life.

Here’s how you can speed up your research process.

  • Do a targeted internet research:

Decide the closest keywords for search that can get you best results. If you are searching on ‘how technology is affecting children’s social skills’, your keywords should be ‘technology’ and children’s social skills’ so that you can search by ‘technology and children’s social skills’ or ‘effects of technology on children’s skills’.

  • Use multimedia search:

Documentaries or any type of video and CD-Roms are great ways to soak up quick facts on the topics and build a foundation.

  • When in doubt, ask an expert:

If you are not sure about something, you can take help from an expert who has better understanding of the subject. EssayGator has 3000+ experts in more than 100 disciplines. You can contact our subject experts to clear your doubts and elevate your knowledge skills.

  1. Creating an outline to advance your progress

Essay outlines are never handed in; they are only meant to serve you. It is a reference that you use while building your research essay structure. Refer to this research essay example structure to elevate your understanding of creating an outline.

Research Essay Topic: Addressing Immigration after 9/11

The format of research essay structure should look like this,

  1. Introduction
  2. Criteria for immigration
  3. Political refugees
  4. Relatives of citizens
  5. Other applications
  • Screening criteria
  1. Medical screening
  2. Interview
  3. Psychological screening
  4. Background Check
  5. Students
  6. Purpose of study
  7. Commitment to study
  • How long they will stay?
  • How will they support themselves and finance their education?
  1. Value to American system
  2. Governmental Oversight
  3. Obligation to have periodic checks on immigrants
  4. Reporting any legal violations and suspicion behavior
  5. The Government should limit the number of immigrants
  6. Conclusion

This is how you should approach research essay writing.

  1. Writing the research essay

Writing part is divided in three segments:

  1. Writing the introduction

In introduction, you are required to do the following,

  • Present concrete background and contextual material
  • Define the keywords of your idea in research essay writing
  • Explain the focus of your paper and your specific purpose
  • State your plans for organizing your ideas.


  1. Writing the main body

Here is the research essay format for writing a research essay body,

  • Use outline and prospectus as your references
  • Integrate your sources into your discussion
  • Build the essay around the points you want to make
  • Summarize, analyze, explain and evaluate published work rather than merely reporting it
  • Move up and down the ‘ladder of abstraction’, from generalization to detailed information, from details to back to generalization.


  1. Writing the conclusion

This is how you should build your conclusion,

  • If the argument of your research essay paper is complex, summarize the arguments in the conclusion section
  • If prior to your conclusion you have not discussed the significance of your findings yet, conclusion is the best place to explain its significance
  • In this section, you can move to detailed generalization that returns the research essay topic to the context provided presented in the introduction part
  • If possible, suggest recommendations that this research essay topic needs further research.


  1. Revising the research essay content

You have put tremendous effort to craft your research essay, but editing and proofreading is the last stage to refine your essay content. So do not skip it. Sleep on it and come back with double energy and nail the revision session. Here’s how you should approach editing and proofreading,

  • Get some help:

Seek advice from a trusted friend, classmate or family member. If you don’t have any of those, you can always hire a professional to get your task done. Many writing services offer editing and proofreading services, is one of them. You can contact editors and proofreaders associated with via mail, phone numbers and live chat system.

  • Read it loud:

If your essay sounds awkward to you, that’s how it exactly sounds to the readers. So change those sentences, phase or word that are inappropriate in the context or don’t go with the flow of the writing. If the tone of your research essay is smooth, you will get brownie points from your teachers.

  • Check the overall organization:

Review whether your essay introduction, body and conclusion have coherence and flow effectiveness. Each paragraph should be interwoven with each other. It should have logical flow so that readers can move one section/one paragraph to another.

Here is a checklist that you can use while revising your research essay,

  • Spell-check your entire essay. Do not forget to check it manually
  • Stick below the word limit
  • Segregate your content into small paragraphs instead of writing a chunk
  • Use active voice throughout the research essay writing
  • Try to avoid clichés
  • Finish with strong sentence(s).

If you refer to these easy guidelines, you will be successful in creating a research essay that not only meets the assignment needs but also pleases you teachers. In case you need urgent help when you have only one hour to accomplish your essay, you can knock the doors of guarantees success in essay writing

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