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Amway, being the number one direct selling business in the world, was established in 1959 by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel in Michigan. This organization specializes in manufacturing and selling consumer items to enhance the health and well-being of consumers. Amway case study is a common topic in management courses. Professors assign Amway case study to learners as it tests their skills and expertise in the domain. Handling a project of such huge magnitude is indeed tough, for which most students look for Amway case study help and do my assignment experts. If you are one of those average minds, the time has arrived to heave a sigh of relief. The my assignment help experts at have profound knowledge of case studies and their types. So, without giving a second thought, opt for our services and experience the difference in your academic grades.

Need Assistance in Amway SWOT Analysis? Our Experts have the Answers

 Let’s do the SWOT analysis of Amway:


  • Amway has a global presence with more than 80 countries in the world. It has 3 million business owners/agents. Moreover, it has received huge accolades like the Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan Filtration company of the year award, LEED gold certification, etc.
  • The product portfolio of Amway addresses the needs of all types of consumers of diverse ages.
  • Amway holds the reputation of delivering more than 115 products in 5 different categories, namely, home care, personal care, nutrition, cosmetics, and gift catalogues.


  • Amway’s products suffer from the limited mode of availability. You can only get access to Amway products via business owners/agents who are related to online selling. It diminishes the market share of Amway at large.
  • According to a study, Amway’s sales have declined in the last two years.
  • Amway’s products are costlier than most other brands. It limits the target market confined to the premium segment.
  • Amway embraces Multi-Level Marketing, which is always risky as the chain can collapse at any point, especially when the top player leaves the race or create a problem.


  • Amway needs to increase the availability of its products and try new mediums to enlarge its customer base.
  • Amway needs to adopt new-age communication systems and explore options like international advertising and digital marketing.
  • Amway should tie-up with salons, healthcare professionals, and beauty experts to increase its brand presence.


  • Amway is facing intense competition from other highly acclaimed global brands.
  • The product range of Amway is more or less similar and with the boom of e-commerce, potential customers are easily switching to other brands.

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Conduct a Precise Amway PESTLE Analysis with Our Experts in Place

Apart from SWOT analysis, students are also made to handle Amway PESTLE analysis. But unfortunately, they don’t succeed in this case. This is because PESTLE analysis of Amway is an amalgamation of six different forces as listed below:


  • Amway has a strong market presence as it is government-aided. It helps the company to gain significant revenue.
  • Its strong and innovative product base influence diverse government policies and products.
  • The government was the initiator of the major changes made by this company.
  • Political consistency
  • Well-developed rules and regulations that upgrade the product quality.


  • Amway’s impactful Fiscal and monetary policies have invested in the economic aspects.
  • It was the government that handled Amway’s expenditures.
  • Rates of inflation and deflation
  • Local production
  • Pricing in the local and international market


  • The attitude of this organization and its employees is excellent.
  • The population of both genders
  • Health and safety standards upheld by the people
  • Amway’s business helper programs support societies and enhance the health of individuals.


  • Conducting research and setting up expansion department to bring revenue.
  • Authenticating the supply chain updates to gain traction in multilayers.
  • Easy payment methods.


  • Disruption in the climatic conditions
  • Governmental efforts to curb pollution
  • Present weather conditions
  • Endangering any specie


  • The company always conforms to the health and safety laws.
  • Maintaining quality at reasonable prices.
  • Laws related to knowledgeable property and data protection.

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