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My Role Model

In this essay, I will demonstrate my role model and also elaborate the reasons for which I do consider him as my role model. My role model is Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft and according to me he is the greatest leader to admire. The life of Bill Gates is a mixture of extreme success in both business and technology. The innovation and amazing effect are part of everyone’s day to day life style. In our daily life we do use many of his innovative products. The charity organization he created and the business he developed with innovation should be followed by everyone to become successful. If you want to write an essay then get my essay typer.

The quote presented by Bill Gates which influenced me a lot is “If you can’t make it good, make it look good”. I must say that it is very important for me to select the correct career for me and ensure that I have made a smart and rewarding decision. I am a student and in the future I want to be a successful business person rather than an entrepreneur. Thus, I have always admired Bill Gates and his leadership qualities. I believe that a successful business person can bring positive changes in a country's economy with innovation and invention and competitive edges. In order to become successful, I believe that I should support someone who is also a great business leader and business person. This is the main reason for which I always consider Bill Gates as my role-model. In today’s business and success, Bill Gates is one of the most rapidly taken names. At the age of only 17 Bill Gates established a project with his partner Allen. Bill Gates is not just a technologist and an entrepreneur but also an author, investor, humanitarian and philanthropist, best known for his leadership. Being the CEO and chief software architect in Microsoft corporation, he not only showed his innovation capabilities but his leadership and managerial abilities as well. The managerial role he always maintained to manage his company associates and staff are very influential. I always consider him as the greatest leader. He is responsible for managing and directing the activities of his staff and working employees. The managerial role and leadership quality of Bill Gates describes him as a great leader globally. Bill Gates successfully manages his organization’s working members. If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

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Effective Strategies Considered by Bill Gates

The effective strategies considered by Bill Gates while managing his organization and employees are as follows-

Vision, focus and opportunities

The vision of Microsoft is to help the business and people throughout the world and realize their potential as well. The vision statement of Microsoft corporation shows that its computing and business products are presented as tools that other business organizations and people can use for their overall improvement. 

Building strong team

Bill Gates is a successful leader who successfully developed a strong working team and motivated them throughout. The leader is focused on entrepreneurial and technical improvements. For handling market competitiveness and obtaining maximum economic revenue Bill Gates always keeps focused on technological improvement and business changes. 

Enlisted community to support

Bill Gates gave a tremendous success line to his company employees staff. His leadership is known since he worked with his friend. He is always determined as knowledgeable, reliable, encouraging and motivating. In other words, he is always found encouraging and motivating his team to reach satisfactory results. Gates is always known to be a great leader. 

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The leadership style and principles that Bill Gates always followed to meet the company’s aims and objectives must be followed and adopted by every business leader and entrepreneur. During the initial days of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates was much focused on becoming successful. He always used to support and motivate his staffs. He developed employee policy which ensure that all the staffs are working very hard. Gates believes in regular communication and thus he motivates his staffs to take part in meetings to be more updated about current project status. Gates always encourages curiosity. It means that people who are much curious about new technology and updates are always encouraged by Bill Gates. Some employees can feel shy or worried to ask questions. However, in order to increase knowledge, become enough skilled and experienced staffs are needed to be clear about the company aims and there must not any query or questions. Bill Gates always give time to time feedbacks to his employees and staffs. The feedback helps each to improve their skills and knowledge. Infact for individual’s improvement feedback is very essential. He believes in continuous improvement and thus always motivate his employees to learn continuously from the previous mistakes. He always admits whenever he found himself wrong. Bill Gates supports and promoted collaboration. It is known that teamwork is the best way to achieve success. The leaders support his team and motivate them to work as a collaborative team. It improves the productivity and the overall organizational success. There are many people who are great leaders but according to me and my future wishes I should say that Bill Gates is my role model. I think, if I maintain his leadership strategies thoroughly then just not an average but I would be able to become a great leader for my staffs. Bill Gates always put his employees under first priority. He empowers all the staff and encourages them throughout so that they can deliver their best. If you need to write an essay for any topic, contact my essay writer.

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From the above discussion it is concluded that, when we are young and growing up, there is always an elder person who is always admired for many reasons. Usually, the role models are parents and teachers. However, in the future as I want to become a successful entrepreneur, I admire Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft Corporation. I found his leadership; motivation skills are completely unique than any other leaders. Getting Essay helps and to know about Bill Gates. I can also say that, if I adopt his skills and leadership traits then I would be able to become a great leader in the coming future and adopt all necessary changes periodically.

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