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Essay On Teachers Day

Teachers are some of the most respectable people in society. They are considered the powerful and influential forces for access, equity, and good quality of education to form a country's sustainable development (Connell 2020). The World Teachers' Day, also known as International Teachers' Day, is a worldwide occasion celebrated on 5th October. Teachers' Day is one of the most celebrated days in different schools and colleges ( 2021). It is a day to appreciate the efforts of the teachers to build a beautiful society. The day is celebrated to encourage the hard work they do to form an educated country in the future. They pave the way for a child to build a sustainable society in the future. If you need to write an essay, contact my essay writer.

In India, Teachers' Day is celebrated all over the country on September 5 on the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President of the country (Pathania 2016). Teachers' Day also celebrates the unique roles that the adults play to inspire young minds and make their life beautiful. The importance of Teachers' Day is ever-changing, including taking lessons from life and from the teachers' experiences to shape the lives of children. This Day is celebrated by gifting chocolates, cards, flowers, and other gifts to the favourite teachers by the school students. However, for the senior students, this Day involves the reversal of roles where the senior students play the role of the teacher for the young students. The World Teachers' Day is celebrated on 5th October according to the dates of UNESCO. However, different nations celebrate the Day at different times of the year. In the country of India, 5th September is marked as Teachers' Day.  

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Nelson Mandela stated that "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." A teacher serves a country by guiding and instructing the students' thoughts at different stages of growth. A teacher plays different functions in the lives of the students (Datnow 2020). Teachers are the philosophers who enlighten their students about the world. It is said that, apart from their parents, a child spends most of the Day with his teacher. Thus, teachers carry considerable responsibilities to shape the minds of the students. They look after the interests of their students and play a vital role in society. They have the capability of making or breaking the future generation. Teachers help enhance the knowledge, level of skill, and confidence of the students to get success in the future. Teachers can help to complete your college assignment.

Most of the schools and other educational institutions make high preparations to celebrate the occasion of Teachers' Day. The students put considerable effort in different innovative ways to celebrate the Day to make their teachers happy. The Day generally starts with a warm speech to thank the teachers for their contribution to people's lives. Some traditional ways of celebrating this Day include gifting designed gifts and Teachers' Day cards as a token of respect and love. Some students choose to write different teachers' day quotes and messages and leave them on the desk of their teachers.With the help of essay typer, students can elaborate your quote and message in the right direction. In some institutions, the senior students act as teachers for the junior students. As the Day keeps on going forward, they perform different programmes to celebrate the Day ( 2020). 

Students look forward to this day with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate the spirit of the occasion. On this day, students get to learn how it feels to be a teacher and what responsibilities are borne by them. On this day, the teachers are reminded of their childhood days when they were students. This Day is equally memorable for the teachers as well because they get to know how much they are really loved and respected by their students. It is another way to provide support and encouragement to the teachers to carry on their responsibilities to uplift the lives of the students ( 2020).

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The contributions made by the teachers to enhance the lives of the students never go unnoticed. This has led to the inauguration of teachers' Day to celebrate such efforts of the teachers. Teachers play different roles in the lives of the students. They provide guidance to the students to earn leadership skills during their course of education. They try to bring discipline in the lives of the students that would be helpful in their future careers. Moreover, the teachers also provide emotional and spiritual guidance. They cross numerous challenges every day, such as the unappreciative nature of the communities and the disciplinary problems of the students (Van den Branden 2016). 

In our busy schedules, we have forgotten about the roles played by our teachers. We can take this Day as an opportunity to express gratitude and love towards them. We can provide and suggest assistance on this Day with the help of the skills learnt in our school and college life. People can also provide a visit to their teacher and share their experiences with them. This would surely make them happy and proud of the efforts they have put in throughout their whole teaching career. A small token of encouragement and appreciation can be presented on this Day such that they can keep it forever, such as a planner or pen that would be useful for them. Individuals should seek blessings from their teachers and let them know that they are always there for them (Day 2017). Get free study tools, paraphrasing tool for college students.

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In conclusion, it can be said that Teachers' Day is a momentous occasion celebrated to appreciate the roles played by the teacher to enlighten the lives of the students. After the parents, a child spends most of the time with their teachers. Thus, teachers have considerable responsibilities to shape the mind and futures of the students. This essay helps students to celebrate Teachers' Day. Hence, the students should celebrate this day to appreciate the efforts of the teachers. There are various ways to celebrate this Day. Generally, students from high schools take many initiatives to celebrate this Day in different ways. 


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