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Conservation Of Nature

Conservation of nature means the protection of nature and its resources. Those can be used for longer duration and remain available for generations to come. Most of the natural resources are used by humans to meet their needs and necessities. Natural resources that humans mostly use are timber, cattle, land, natural fuel such as coal and petroleum, minerals, water and many more ( 2021). The livelihood of humans and other animals that reside on the earth depends on these natural resources. Every day some of these natural resources are consumed by humans and other animals. However, these resources are limited, and their regeneration occurs in thousands and millions of years naturally. If the consumption rate is higher than their regeneration, then in no time, all the resources would be exhausted, and both humans and animals would be in severe food scarcity ( 2019). This would definitely lead to a shortage of food and other necessary goods that would definitely lead to the extinction of human and animal kingdoms from the face of the earth. It is thus evident that natural resources are the source of life on the planet. If you need to write an essay, contact my essay writer.

Natural resources are the primary reason behind the existence of life on the earth, and thus its protection should be the topmost priority of humans. Destruction of natural resources occurs due to overuse by humans. Animals do not over-consume or waste resources. Humans, due to their never-ending demand, depleting the natural resources faster than ever. Exhaustion and overuse of natural resources have led to the degradation of the environment.You can get essay typer service with us. 

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Consequently, the earth is facing the most persisting issue of recent times. Global warming is the most adverse result of the depletion of nature and its resources. The creation of the ozone hole is one of the most significant reasons behind global warming. Ozone layer formed due to overuse of resources generating GreenHouse Gases (GHG). Therefore, it can be said that the improper use of nature and its resources is breaking the ecological balance of the earth ( 2021). It is thus necessary to conserve nature to have a sustainable environmental condition on the planet.

Conservation of nature can be done by protecting its natural resources. Before taking any protective measures, it is necessary to identify the types of natural resources. It would help formulate the policies and innovations that would be effective to conserve natural resources. No two natural resources are similar in nature, and their use and extent of consumption are different. Hence, categorical identification is necessary. Natural resources can be subdivided into four categories, and they are non –renewable, renewable, abiotic and biotic ( 2021). Non – renewable resources are the natural resources that get completely exhausted after use; no part of the resource can be retrieved or regenerated by any means in order to reuse it. Coal and petroleum are the most suitable examples of non – renewable resources.

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On the other hand, renewable resources are the ones that can be reused by the process of recycling and regeneration. Examples of renewable resources are water, air and sunlight. Biotic resources are organically formed or generated from animals such as timber ( 2021). Abiotic resources are the ones that create inorganically and not from living things. Gold, diamond, iron and copper are few examples of abiotic resources. Get free study tools, paraphrasing tool for college students.

It is understood from the above discussion that the conservation of nature is of utmost importance. Environmentalists and scientists have suggested various ways to conserve natural resources. Water is one of the essential natural resources, and it is available in abundance ( 2021). Due to this reason, people lack the understanding of its importance and overuse it. However, not all water available on the earth is suitable for every purpose, such as drinking, cleaning, and producing various goods. Therefore, any waste of water means the availability of usable water is declining. This wastage of water can be reduced by putting off taps, controlling leakages through a pipeline, and recycling water. Nowadays, various water treatments are available that help in increasing water usability. For example, storing rain water and using it for irrigation purposes instead of just letting it pass through the drainage system. 

Electricity is generated mainly through thermal power plants. These plants are either run by coal or petroleum. If electricity is overused, it will induce coal and petroleum usage, and eventually, both the natural resources deplete at a faster rate. Thus, it is recommended to use low power consuming electrical equipment like LED lights, fans and lower use of Air Conditioners. This would lead to a fall in the use of electricity and thereby the utilization of coal and petrol would face a fall. If  you need to write a literature essay contact my writer.

Consequently, the rate of depletion of these natural resources would decline. Awareness and careful measures could protect natural resources from destruction. With the rise in population, the demand for paper has increased significantly. Tree barks are one of the significant inputs that are used to produce papers. Therefore, the rise in use of paper increases the cutting of trees (Crenna, Sozzo and Sala 2017). Thus, deforestation increases, contributing to global warming and ecological disruption. Reduction in the use of paper could lower the rate of deforestation to a sustainable pace. Deforestation occurs due to backwardness in agricultural technology as well. For example, farmers take the process of deforestation to acquire new land for agricultural farming. The process brings destruction of natural resources. Adoption of technologies like multi-cropping, use of organic pesticides and insecticides could increase land fertility. The necessity of deforestation for the agricultural purpose would fall ( 2019). It can be inferred that moderate and careful use of natural resources would allow nature to revive and supply the resources sustainably.

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Human life is surrounded by nature and its resources. All goods and services demanded by the people are made by using any of the natural resources mentioned above.This essay helps students to understand nature. It can be said that, like cells, nature is a unit of life as well. Therefore, conservation of nature should be done by a human with utmost priority.

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