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"Health is wealth" is one of the phrases that everyone in this world is aware of. The saying has not become famous for no reason. With better health conditions, a person can tackle a difficult situation more actively. However, health conditions do not stay good automatically. A person needs to continuously work upon their health to keep it ( 2021). Health is highly impacted by the lifestyle a person leads. For example, a person who always sleeps, eats, and does not engage in any kind of physical activity tends to gain weight. Gaining weight beyond the limit leads to obesity ( 2021). Therefore, a person becomes prone to develop various diseases such as heart disease, high blood sugar, and various critical illnesses that could be fatal or make a person bedridden. An ill person is less productive and restricted from enjoying multiple aspects of life.  It is thus essential to maintain robust health not only to increase productivity but also to enjoy the gifts of life. Getting  Essay helps for these types of essays. 

By health, most of us understand the amount and physical health, but it is not limited to that only. Another kind of health plays a significant role in a person's life and is known as mental health. One should aim to increase physical and mental health by maintaining good food, sleeping and thinking habits. It not only boosts our energy but also adds more years to our longevity (Robinson 2021). Therefore, it can be said that one can bring significant change to their life by maintaining good mental and physical fitness. However, it is widely observed that people are least concerned about health and fitness. Poor food habits are one of the significant contributors to bad health conditions. If you need to write an essay, contact my essay writer.

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Today, the health of humans is at stake due to the low intake of minerals and vitamins. People do not take enough fruits, dairy products, and vegetables and eventually exclude various minerals and different types of vitamins from one's diet. Vitamins and minerals make one's body and mind stronger and prevent them from various diseases ( 2021). In addition to that, vitamins and minerals make bones and muscles strong and heal the body from other wear and tear. Therefore, one must include all the vitamins and minerals and definitely consume them in sufficient amounts. Having good food habits are not enough to gain good mental and physical health. Along with that, practising constructive activities are required to have a solid and healthy mind. People who always think of negative things and practice activities like destroying things around them and cursing others for their achievements lead to ill mental conditions. Apart from that, overthinking something negative is destructive to one's mental health and may cause mental illness like depression. Depression has an adverse impact on the physical health of a person as it impacts the daily routine negatively. Alternatively, mental health depends on physical health as well ( 2021). For example, a weak person willing to participate in sports may not perform well, it might cause depression, and thus mental health gets impacted adversely. Hence, it is not possible to lead a prosperous life without maintaining good mental and physical health. If you want to write an essay, get help from an essay essay typer.

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It is clear from the above discussion that every person must have good mental and physical health. One should focus on achieving good mental and physical health from the very beginning (Kaur 2020). A few practices should be done from a very early age, and only then it is possible to turn a habit into a lifestyle. It should always be remembered that having a heavy breakfast and a light dinner are the two keys that make a base of good health ( 2021). Most of us eat our salad with the food or after the food, but according to nutritionists, they should always have their salad before the meal. It has been found that persons use frequent fasting to lose weight in order to get slim.

On the other hand, people do overeat to bulk up muscle. Both the procedures of getting healthy are not at all approved by the nutritionists and doctors. It is suggested that one should eat six times a day but in a small amount. Additionally, canned food and fast food are strict if the objective is to get fit and healthy. Along with money, a person pays with obesity and other diseases in order to have fast food. Instead of spending money on these products, it is healthy to spend that amount on fruits and vegetables. If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

Eating healthy is not the only way to remain fit and fine. A 30 minutes daily workout routine is a must in a person's life who is willing to lead a healthy life all through. Metabolism is essential for gaining good health as it helps in controlling body weight. The key to having an excellent metabolic rate is exercising daily. Workout enhances the immune system, builds stamina and raises the energy level of a person. Nowadays, the fitness of people is so poor that doctors are advising to use stairs instead of the lift. Spending lots of time in front of a screen, be it TV, smartphone or computer and binging on web series and games increasing health problems in people ( 2021). Hence, it can be inferred that one should reduce their amount of screen consumption if they want to live long and with a good health condition. Instead of playing mobile games and watching web series, one should play outdoor games like football, tennis and volleyball. This would keep them fit and healthy. With all the above recommendations, one must lead a hygienic life because it helps keep harmful germs away and let the body function more effectively.

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From the entire discussion, it can be summarized that mental and physical health are interconnected. It is not possible to have good physical health if you are not mentally well and vice versa. Therefore, one should work to maintain both physical and mental health to lead a complete life.

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