Essay On What is Politics and Why is It Important

Complete Essay On What is Politics and Why is It Important

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What Is Politics And Why Is It Important

In the current century, politics is a concept that helps to utilize our knowledge and wisdom for natural people in our country. Some always thought that the term politics always represent political parties, politicians. Our country has different types of government organizations and works as per their guidelines. In this case, politics is essential to come into those government organizations. Each country, organization, and group use politics to instrument their different ways to organize projects, elements, and many other aspects. Politics has no limit to those in power in government organizations. It also depends on those who archive to run into the same power. Opposite party candidates can ask questions to the ruling party during the political debates. It helps intend those people and make them aware of their schedule and what the current government is doing. All this procedure might be done through politics. Professional essay writers are providing essay help services.

Dirty Politics

 Politics is always dirty, and it mainly refers to those kinds of politics which are mainly made for the personal interest of a person or party. It mainly ignores the overall development of a nation and hurts the essence of this country. With the help of a close look, there are various constituencies of dirty politics. Different political parties defame the opposition and spread fake news with a provocative speeches against the ruling party. By the analysis of the majority, most of the politicians are corrupted. They use their power in their interest rather than the original work of the party. Today, the news articles show that the minister and their family members are involved in a scam. They use their power to make themselves invincible and get away with any crime. Here you can search top and experienced essay writer.

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Before coming into power, the government always makes numerous promises to the public. They manipulate and influence them to think of all their promises which were not fulfilled. Although after gaining power, they turn back into the public. Most of the politicians work for their selfish motives and keep foolish people in every election. According to these common factors, the government needs to take immediate action against these corrupt politicians.

Lack of educated minister

By analyzing the scenario of the Indian elections, it shows any random person with money and power can contest in the election. The criteria only need to be citizenship of India and at least 25 years old. It is simply very strange like there is no minimum educational qualification required for contests in politics. It is the cause that so many non-deserving and uneducated people get into power, and they misuse it for their matters. With this uneducated minister, a country cannot be developed anymore. Our government needs an educated minister in power, and they can only make our country better. The candidate must be well qualified to take responsibility for running the entire country. In short, it is our responsibility to save our country from this uneducated and corrupted minister. We are also providing MBA essay writing service.

Importance of politics 

Based on the current century, it is very important to care about politics because we should know what is happening. For example, if a new law is made in my area, it might be sure that you must know everything about the laws. Political decisions have a huge significance, and it also affects many lives. Many people think that the politicians are making the laws, it is true, but it is more complicated than they think. Every law has a huge impact. Most of the time, political decisions might have a bad effect on people. Every vote is important because every vote has the power to choose a great leader.

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On the other hand, the government plays a huge role in our everyday life, and politics is also very important because a political leader has the power to develop the country. Today, our country is a developing country, but in 1950 there were many developing countries in Asia, like China, Japan, Singapore, and many more. Today these are the developed countries, and we are backward because of this poor politics. Now the time has come to change this corruption and make a new India.

Additionally, politics is mainly associated with dirty games and muddy waters, and it works as evil for a democratic system. This essay is talking about Indian politics and its importance. With the help of developing the previous study, the author recommended a certain solution to improve our political analysis. Moreover, politics involves two parties: the ruling party and another is an opposite party. It was ideally most important to plan according to this manner. The left is mainly considered as a pro-government ideology while it was right and considered as the majority. These kinds of definitions are not defined in any government organization. With the help of a perfect democracy, it might be important for developing the opportunity. Good politics might be created with the government and its opposition. The opposition party always criticizes the ruling party decisions, which help to make a proper developing country. A common person mainly bears the cost of this country. Although if the political development is not clear, then it would be difficult and affect the development of that country. Political development has also led to anarchy and the civil wars which have been seen in Syria.

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In this study, we are discussing the Indian political atmosphere and its importance on normal people. The author suggested that politics in India is just like a drama, and it is a part of a play. Although some of the premises define that India has changed their political system and will make a new India. It is one of the largest democratic countries, and here the politics is mainly based on the prime minister divided between the central and state governments. Some of the prominent parties are there like BJP, Congress, APP, BSP and many more. It is more important to develop our country. Opposition parties in India play a significant role to keep the democracy value alive in India with the help of dissent and debates.  

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