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Essay On My Ambition

Possibilities not probabilities determine the destiny of an individual because every achievement whether it is big or small kicks off with a correct decision making. The appropriate and timely choice of a profession is based on elementary importance. It is necessary for an individual because the success and failure in the future relies on it. The right choice of career may show path to happiness, success and prosperity while a wrong choice of career option may lead to sadness, guilt, failure and depression. To neglect going through this sort of situation, it is important to choose the perfect career option as early as possible.We are the best essay assignment help provider.

There are numerous numbers of career options available in today’s world depending on the profession the individual is looking for, which may confuse the choice of an individual. Therefore, it makes the career choice of an individual really difficult. During a situation like this, the aim and ambitions of the individual comes into action and plays a crucial role in choosing the perfect career option. The aims and ambition are the main sources of inspiration for the individual. Everybody is a owner of his/her dream to become something through which he wants to fulfil it in the future course of time. There are many career options that these individuals consider such as law, engineering, doctor, computer programmer, law and many such other options. Also, there are many individuals that are likely to take up the career choice of article publications, journalism, government employee, armed forces, police and bureaucracy. Also, there are certain individuals that dreams of becoming an entrepreneur by starting something of their own by opening up of new business, workshop and factory while others like to take up the option of acting career, filmography, stenographer, theatre artist or writer. Whatever the choices of career are, the backing of the career choice should depend on strong will power and determination to reach the ultimate goal and objectives.You can use use essay rewriter tool that helps to rewrite error free and unique essays.

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I also chose my long-cherished ambition to become a teacher and it is worthful to achieve what I strive for these past years. Being a teacher fulfilled my ultimate purpose to help others by making learn about life. Teaching is considered to be the noblest thing in one’s life. The job of teaching calls for the determination to serve for the nation. The ultimate motive for a teacher is to make his students learn all the life lessons and prepare them for having a bright future. Due to his/her work between the seas of people, his/her work goes unseen and unnoticed. The devoted, diligent and determined teachers in society can pull the society up and take them to reach greater heights. Most of the great and noble persons owe their life to their teachers for their constant support and determination in their life. Here you can also use our online Plagiarism Checker tool.

But sadly, the major reason due to the declining state of younger society is the lack of committed and determined teachers that walks with the motive to change the society. Nowadays, teachers are more interested in earning money through their private coaching and tuition centres rather than focusing on the actual life lessons that is needed to be imparted to the students in their respective schools and colleges. These kinds of teachers always try to dodge their duties and responsibilities that should be displayed in the school and colleges. The reluctancy of teachers is bringing disgrace to the profession and it is also declining the standard of the school and colleges. It is also resulting in poor standard of disciplinary issues inside the schools and colleges.

A teacher should characterize himself/herself being a role model and inspiration for his/her students and the students should always take an example on how a proper individual should be in his/her life. He should be punctual, kind-hearted, disciplined and committed to the duties that a teacher should perform in a day-to-day basis. A teacher should not bring any kind of discriminations and differences among his students because these qualities will ultimately make him a role model for their students and as well as their parents.

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But unfortunately, the financial and social status of a teacher is on a rapid decline over the last few years. The teachers are considered to belong in the low-paid community and the whole money-oriented society gives the utmost respect to the wealthiest members of the society. There is a lot of petitions and protests to bring back the lost dignity and honour of the social status of the teachers but no considerable actions have been taken to eradicate this issue from the society. It is of our though that the place for a dutiful, dignified and honourable teacher should have a esteemed and respectable place in the society. Also I have the utmost belief in myself to bring back the lost glory and status of the profession of teaching and work for improvement and uplift the profession of teaching.

Common citizens of the society do not have a deep understanding of this profession. The profession of teaching looks out for the mental, physical and emotional state of an individual to overcome any sort of situations in which a student is currently trapped in. A teacher is always known for his/her excellent memory, great recall of lessons, excellent characteristically traits and features, teaching ability and reasonable amount of good health. A teacher is answerable in a proper manner to his students, parents, head of the school and college authorities and directors of school and college.

There are a lot of reasons behind choosing the ambition of becoming a teacher. Firstly, it helps individuals to gather knowledge from all aspects. Secondly, if the students reach greater success in their life, it becomes a proud moment for any teacher to witness their success. Thirdly, it brings the greater amount of respect from students and becomes a huge model of admiration for other scholars in the society. Fourth, it helps to bring change in the society and pull the nation up by educating every students and reach greater heights.

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