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Terrorism Essay

Terrorism is sad to be an unlawful use of intimidation and violence, mostly against the civilians due to the political aims of the people. Terrorism is seen to create fear among the people or the population which leads to meeting various political objectives. It has been seen that terrorism has been advocated and practiced by various political organisation because of both leftist as well as the rightist objectives, which were supported and carried out gy many religious groups, nationalistic groups, various revolutionaries and even by many state institutions like the intelligence services, police as well as the armies. We are also providing top essay writer services.

Terrorism is seen to have had a huge impact on the societies which effects or even targets many common people. The primary aim of these kind of activities is to ensure that people are scared, feel insecure and also inculcates the fact among the people that the leader cannot protect the people of the countries. This often stuns the mind of the people and is seen to have an emotional impact on the lives of many people especially because of the political implications.  You can use highly trusted essay typer.

It has been seen that to maintain and attract the publicity which is required to generate the widespread fear among the people, terrorists have been engaging in many violent, high-profile as well as dramatic attacks. There are many types of terrorist attacks like hostage takings, mass shootings, hijacking, kidnappings, suicide bombings and even car bombings. The terrorist attacks are seen to be random however the locations and the victims of these type of attacks are seen to be selected carefully so that they can create shock and panic among the people so that they can be manipulated and be controlled with the power of fear. We introduce literature essay writing service.

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Shopping malls, train and bus stations, restaurants, schools, nightclubs and even roads where publics are seen to take for travel purposes often are targeted as this attracts big crowds and also due to the fact that these places have many civilian populations where people feel comfortable as well as at ease. The main aim of terrorism is to basically destroy the sense of security of the people in the locations which is seen to be quite familiar to them. It has been seen that there are many other targets which generally include locations like embassies, military installations and many more. Terrorists are seen to hope that this terror which they create among people will help in pressurizing the political leaders in order to achieve their political motives and get what they want to do.

Terrorism is considered to be of many types and one of the most common type of terrorism is considered to be the revolutionary terrorism. It has been seen that the practitioners of this type of terrorism generally want to the seek the destruction of the political system and want the replacement in the political system with the new structures which they generally demand.

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The other type of terrorism which can be seen is the establishment terrorism which is often said to be the state-sponsored or state terrorism. This type of terrorism is generally seen to be employed by the governments of the countries which is done against the citizens of the people of the government or even against the foreign groups or government. It has been seen that this type of terrorism is very hard to understand or even identify especially because of the backup which is provided by the government and because of the information being quite discrete. For example, it had been seen that the Soviet Union and their allies had engaged in many widespread support of the activities of terrorism during the time of the Cold War. It had been seen that during the years in the 1980’s, United States of America had also provided support to many rebel groups in the country, Africa who were reported to be engaged in terrorist activities and also various Muslim dominated countries like Syria and Iran. They had been seen to provide financial as well as logistical aid to these revolutionary groups who were engaged in these terrorist activities against Israel.

Terrorism is seen to have various impacts on the environment, the society as well as the economic behaviour. It has been seen that terrorism alters the economic behaviour by changing the consumption patterns, investment patterns as well as by diverting the private and the public resources aware from various productive activities. Terrorism is seen to destroy all the capital and also reduces all the economic capabilities and capacities of the places or the countries which are affected by it.

One of the major examples of this fact is that, countries that are prone to terrorist activities are seen to have a poor tourism. Tourism is considered to be one of the industries which have a huge role to play in uplifting the economy of a country as well as the society as it provides jobs and many more. However, it can be seen that majority of the people consider this aspects which is the safety while travelling and thus tend to neglect many countries who have rich culture, history, beautiful scenic beauty and views just because of the high possibility of a terrorist attack which has a negative impact on their tourism flows.

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Terrorism is seen to affect many groups like the Muslims and the Jews in the society who are generally considered to be minorities. It has been seen that this marginalizes and also dehumanizes the minority groups in many Western countries which leads to the people believing that the members of these associations or groups are criminals. After the attack of 9/11, many Muslims living in the United States have been harassed and tortured and had been labelled to be criminals where they would face discrimination only because of the terrorist groups were Muslims. Thus, it can be seen that terrorism not only inculcates fear among people but it had many adverse impacts on the economic environment as well as the society in general where due to selfish motives, innocent people suffer.

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