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Essay On Water

Water can be understood as a substance which is composed of several chemical components such as Hydrogen and Oxygen and water takes the form of solid, liquid and gaseous states. It is the most important and essential substance found in Earth. It is in the form of odourless and tasteless component when it is kept in the room temperature and it has the capacity to dissolve several other substances and mix with it. Practically it can be stated, the versatility of water is crucial for the existence of many living organisms. When life first came to Earth, it came in the aqua surfaces of the Earth such as seas and oceans and living organisms depend on liquid form of solution inside their body to survive such as bloods, several fluids and digestive juices for performing every kind of biological functions. Water is also found on moon where researches are also going in search of living organisms. Water usually seems to be colourless but if seen in a bigger space it appears to be blue caused by the slight absorption of light at red wavelengths. Use our rate my paper tool to rate your paper online.

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The molecules present inside the water are simplified in structure as Hydrogen and Oxygen, but the chemical and physical structures of the water are extremely complicated in nature as they are recognized as the least found substances in the surfaces of Earth. Such as, when it is found that pieces of ice cubes are seen floating over the glass of water, it can be determined as common event happening, but in the eyes of chemistry it is more of an unusual happening chemical event. For almost every other substance, the solid form of every compound is denser than any liquid form of any compound which would result in the solid compound sinking to the bottom of the liquid compound. The scientific event which makes us witness that solid form of water that is Ice is floating in the liquid form of water has become an important part in the natural course of events. The ice that has been formed in the surfaces of ocean and seas in the coldest regions of the world acts as an insulating barrier to protect every form aquatic life living underneath the water surfaces. Hypothetically, if the ice formed in the water surfaces seems to sink down the water surface, then it would bring the liquid form of water exposing to cold temperatures which would result in freezing of the aquatic life underneath and result in killing of all the living aquatic organisms. If you want to write an essay then you can use essay rewriter tool.

Water is found as a liquid substance in the surfaces of Earth under normal temperature conditions which makes the water transportation invaluable for the people and acts as a habitat of the host of aquatic plants and animals. The water present in the liquid form found in the surfaces of seas and oceans evaporates into the air in gaseous forms and comes back down in the form of rain to nourish the plants and animals found in the land surfaces of Earth. This process is referred to as the water cycle or Hydrological cycle. If you need essay assignment help then visit us.

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Because of the everlasting existence of water in the surfaces of the Earth, it has certainly played an important role in the philosophical and religious concepts in the history of the mankind. During the 6th BC, Thales of Miletus, gave credit for the initiation of the Greek Philosophy and considered water being the sole building block to form any kind of matter. Two hundred years, according to the great philosopher Aristotle, he considered four fundamental elements present in Earth in the form of air, water, fire and Earth. The belief that water was considered to be a fundamental substance has been believed for more than 2000 years until researches took place in the later half of 18th century which showed that water is substance made up of elements such as Hydrogen and Oxygen.

The water found on the surfaces of the water are mainly found in the surfaces of oceans and seas which covers around 97.25% and the water is mostly contains salt and found in the polar ice caps and glaciers which covers around 2.05% and the rest found in the form of freshwater in lakes, ponds, rivers and groundwater. Due to the constant rise in the population in Earth, the process of water purification has also become an important part in today’s world. The purification requirement is much needed for the use of industrial purposes rather than the use for human consumption. Because the water that is being used inside the broilers must be 99.98% pure to use. As the water found in the seas mostly has dissolved salts mixture in it, it should be desalinated before use for both industrial and household purposes.

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The liquid form of water is made up of a very complicated structure, which has a unified association of the several molecules. The complex bonding of hydrogen present inside the molecules in the liquid form of water give a much larger component for properties such as surface tension, viscosity and boiling point than expected found in the molecules of other liquid substances. A boiling point for a water is considered to be around 200 degrees Celsius based on the size of the molecules which is lower than the actual boiling point experimented. Sharing a contrast with the condensed states of water for example solid and liquid form of water, which shows extended bonding between the water molecules, the gaseous form water shows independent water molecules at larger distances from each other.

The polarised form of the molecules of water plays an important role in the dissolution of ionic compounds during the moment of the formation of liquid solutions. The ocean on Earth surface is the major provider of water containing huge amounts of dissolved salts as a part of providing a significant natural resource. In addition, the various kinds of chemical reactions happening in every moment to keep all the living organisms alive are taking place in the aquatic nature in the Earth.

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