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Complete Essay On Importance of biodiversity

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Importance Of Biodiversity

The meaning of biodiversity is the presence of different forms of life on the planet. Diversity refers to the variation in the life forms and their complex genetic formation and bio mean natural. So the natural variation of formation and type of living organisms together make the concept of biodiversity. The living organisms from the very beginning of the evolution of life on earth were single-celled. They have developed into more complex forms, and presently all life forms from microbes to multicelluar life forms like plants, animals and humans exist on earth (Lovejoy 2016).  Get professional essay help for the best solutions.

The importance of biodiversity is important because there exists interdependence of every living organism for existence. A microbe depends upon a human being for sustenance, and we humans depend upon a microbe for decomposition purposes. This interdependence keeps the balance of nature intact and does not let the population of one organism hamper the population of another. There are various reasons why biodiversity is important, but the importance of biodiversity to human beings is that humans would not have existed without this diverse form of life. In most cases, humans are regarded as the complex life form created by all the other organisms. In essence, humans being the last step in evolution, contains all the features that other life forms have. We as humans extract benefits from this biodiversity because we need them for our sustenance. Looking at an example makes things easier. Suppose medicinal plants are of utmost importance, being provided by a various variety of plants. Our Essay typer tool to help students generate unique and high quality essays.

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On the other hand, if all life forms did not exist, life on earth would have been stagnant. The pollination of flowers is required to reproduce the plants, while the same pollination gives the humans and herbivorous animals fruits to eat. The seeds of the plants are being carried to distant places by the excreta of the animals. So we find that there is a web of existence where every life form depends on each other. There seems to be a cycle of co-existence. Hire a reliable essay writer who will write unique essay and deliver it on time

Biodiversity is not only important for physical sustenance but also our cultural and societal importance. As described by Morton and Hill in their book on biodiversity (Australia State of the Environment 2016), it is important to human civilization due to its intrinsic values. Those being: Ecological support: Biodiversity has given us a support system which h provides us with the reason for our existence through the interdependence mechanism. We depend on air, water, forest resources, while we only have the power to conserve those resources from destruction; Economic: Our economy is dependent on biodiversity because our foods are generated from that (Worm and Tittensor 2018). Our agriculture is dependent on natural resources; our livelihood is dependent on agriculture and exploration of natural resources like fossil fuels; Recreation: the utility we gain from nature is not only physical but also mental. We find recreational activities like explorations, enjoying the scenic beauty, getting merriment from the light breeze blowing on a hot day to make our lives joyful. Biodiversity also means the cultural amalgamation of civilizations and nations around the world. Apart from this, biodiversity is important for our scientific understanding of how the natural system works to unlock unknown benefits. Biodiversity is important because the cycling happenings our us have healing properties. Nature’s balance is maintained in this cycle of events. For example, recent history shows us that we as a human civilization have progressed through time; we have created some hazardous bi-products, like plastics.

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The potential of natural forces to break down plastics is very slow. However, our daily consumption of plastic has been so high that it is beyond nature to corrct the pollution nowadays. Due to this phenomenon now, we can understand that pollution is the most harmful thing that disturbs biodiversity. The ecological balance is disturbed where many life forms are threatened due to plastic pollution. When one part of the ecosystem is endangered due to human activities, it becomes a burden on humanity and its moral values (the most superior lifeform). Thus biodiversity is important for the overall life on earth. We are currently facing the wrath of nature when we find ourselves that weather in certain places has changed drastically due to climate change (Stoy 2018). Climate change is evident in almost all spheres, which is simply affecting all life forms on earth. Instances show that hilly regions have frequent landslides due to massive climate change, rivers are changing their course, and flooding is also frequent (Prevedello, Almeida‐Gomes and Lindenmayer 2018). We also find that air pollution and deforestation have turned forests into barren lands, affecting the rainfall in those regions, crops, and temperature. Greenhouses gases have raised sea level temperatures and atmosphere, creating disturbances in the ocean currents and their impact on human settlements (Lohbeck et al. 2016). Due to global warming, ice caps have melted down and caused sea levels to rise. Scientists are worried about these incidents that, if not stopped, can adversely impact cyclones and flooding near coastal regions.

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Thus biodiversity is important to be maintained, so that life on earth is maintained. If life on earth is nothing but a cyclical process, it means everything needs to be balanced. It is predictable that when natural resources are used and destroyed without limit (Beaumont et al. 2019) , there will be adverse impacts that will impact humans only. When human beings are deemed to be the most complex yet the potential superior life form on this planet with cognitive and moral values (Asaad et al. 2017) , it can be expected that they do not destroy their home to reckless activites that break the cyclical process on this planet. Humanity itself has the potential to turn the disaster caused by the into a conservational activity. As a global body, the UNO has placed some goals called the sustainable development goals addressing the various activities on the earth by humans that need correction as soon as possible to mitigate the harmful impacts that the planet is already facing. These SDGs are set based on scientific calculations and predictions, which needs to be implemented on a global scale by each nation so that the planet becomes a harmonious place to live for all.

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