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Types Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence came into existence in the year 1965 by John McCarthy. Form then it has become the trendiest word in the world, it also brought revolution in the 21st Century. The time the machines came into existence the word, “Artificial Intelligence” was termed in the summer conference in the Dartmouth University. Artificial intelligence has always impacted the lives of many people; it also benefited many industries that benefited from the use of these technologies. AI or artificial intelligence is called as the cross disciplinary approach towards which i applied in various fields of studies starting from science to computer science, psychology, mathematics and linguistics and others. If you want to write an essay then get my essay typer.

Artificial intelligence is defined as the duplication of human intelligence, the intelligence which is applied on machines, programming technologies. In a simple way of form, artificial intelligence is a field where the computer sciences and databases combination led to the problem solving, but one thing which differentiates AI from the human is its ability to rationalize the thoughts and certain actions to achieve the target. 

AI has now become the daily part of human beings lives now, and it is very important to understand that types of artificial intelligence is based on various types, it is based on capabilities and functionalities. They are as follows:-

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Artificial intelligence types: based on capabilities


Narrow or Weak AI 

Narrow AI is used in narrow tasks; it is the common type, widely used in the world of artificial intelligence. Narrow AI is much more accurate and it is used in robust applications, for example in Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, IBM Watson, and others. It is not so intelligent and works beyond the limitations thus, it is also called Weak AI. If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

General Artificial intelligence

General AI is a type of artificial intelligence, that holds the ability and thinking decisions like human being, they don’t exists currently and researchers focused mainly in the developing machines which are based on the general AI, the main purpose to use general AI is to make the system much more smarter and so that it can act like a human.

Strong Artificial intelligence

Strong AI is made up of artificial general intelligence, strong AI where the machines surpass human intelligence so that tasks can be performed much better than the humans, the usage of strong AI has the ability to think, solve the puzzles, make reasons, communicate as well as judgements.  But, there is no proper example to provide which states that Strong AI can bring suitable changes, still the industry leaders are focusing on building the strong AI.

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Artificial intelligence types: based on functionalities

Reactive Machines

They are the most basic and oldest type of AI systems, as they are very reactive because they do not use any kind of past memories while making any decisions. They are the common type of intelligence which uses conceptualized thoughts to act upon.  This intelligence is used in computer systems; it mainly focuses on the current situation and makes decisions based on this. The popular AI researcher, “Rodney Brooks” stated that such machines lack the idea about the wider worlds and those fails to perform in a functional way if any specific tasks are assigned to it, the usage is mainly done in the machines like “IBM’s Deep Blue and Google’s Alpha Go, also used in computer chess games.

Limited Memory

Limited memory holds the ability to learn from any historical data to make certain decisions, but whatever the information is stored in this memory can be used for a very limited period of time. But one thing the limited memory can do is this of intelligence can easily look into the past information’s, such intelligence of limited memory is used in several chat bots, self driving machines , virtual assistants like in Siri and in the machines having the limited memory. They participate in the many decision making process in many car technologies for avoid any kind of cutting off another driver , or being hit by any car. 

Theory of Mind

The theory of mind helps the people in understanding the various activities, actions, emotions and objects of the world which needs to be interactive, this type of artificial intelligence is yet to be discovered and many researchers are contributing their time in developing this type of intelligence which will understand the human moods and their courses of actions. Though, for implementing this intelligence one requires some set of critical technological enhancements which can sort the people’s emotions, thoughts 

Self Awareness

Self awareness is considered as the final stage of development of the AI. This is used in the machines which need to have their own consciousness and self awareness, they contain much more intelligence than human minds, but they still don't exist .  Till date, it has been presented as the theoretical ideas, this artificial intelligence is thought, can be used to develop the attentive AI systems being at par with the human brain. There is no valid proof when this intelligence will be developed in the near future. If you need to write an essay for any topic, contact my essay writer.

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Future of AI

Thus, from the above discussion it can be said that Artificial intelligence has made various impacts on daily lives, the implementation of such AI’s has made the work much easier, convenient. The upcoming future of Artificial intelligence is that it will replace the physical labour jobs, mainly this intelligence will be seen in the near future to solve the queries of the customers. But, it will also negatively impact the human jobs, as it will take away all the specialized jobs from the skill talents and will be assigned to AI’s. It has been assumed that by 2030 , there will be large use of  such intelligences , chat bots to automations systems will no longer be controlled by humans .Getting Essay helps to understand AI. Artificial intelligence has been seen to make a broader impact on the entire dynamics on the world. 

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