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School is the first institution where children visit to gain knowledge. This educational institute has many classrooms, students, teachers and principals. School requires various kinds of characteristics and features which helps the students in gaining knowledge and then outshine their future. Schools should always have a clear and shared focus. It helps in nurturing the knowledge of the students. With the help of all the teachers and principals, they designed the syllabus for the academic year. The syllabus used to include various kinds of learning materials and practical works, which helped us in understanding the basic concepts. Apart from that, the school principal also marks the dates when the exams will be conducted. In my school, after the end of each week, a revision test used to be conducted for every subject. The revision test helped us recognize and remember the data and information we learned throughout the week. If you want to write an essay then get my essay typer.

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Along with that, in our school, we also had our yearly exams. These exams were conducted after the end of six months of the academic year. Furthermore, in our school, an internal exam was also conducted before the yearly exams. The principal of our school designed the marking criteria and rubric so that a small percentage from the revision tests and a moderate percentage from the internal exam used to be accumulated on the final report card. Before the beginning of any chapter, the teachers in our school gave us a summary of the various learning objectives we would be learning from that chapter. This helped us in understanding the chapter quickly. Along with that, if there is any practical or project work involved, our teachers tell us about it after they have finished teaching the chapter to us. 

Our school also had a large library, which had a large collection of fictional and non-fictional books. We would visit the library at the specific time mentioned in our school routine. We would take a book from the library shelves during library hours and note down the important points from that reference book to help us build the project or ace during the exams. Apart from that, in our school, we also had various kinds of events and curriculum activities. The school students were divided into four major groups. The groups consisted of students from all the classes which were present in the school. Each group had its group leader and the group leader used to report to the school captain. The group leaders would have sessions with the students to understand the various difficulties and issues they face during school hours. After that, the group leaders would report this to the school captain. The school captain would then go through the reports from the group leaders and make another report about the issues and problems mentioned by the students. Apart from that, the school leader would also mention the students' suggestions and feedback. This report would then be sent to the principal, who would then proceed with the report accordingly.If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

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Our school also conducted a Sports festival during the Winter season. All the students would participate in the sports events. To commence the sports events, the school captain would consult with the principal about the various kinds of events present during the school sports festival. After that, the school captain would send the report to the group leaders. Next, the group leaders would select the students depending upon their performance. After that, the school would conduct a heat session, where students will compete with one another. Again, elimination would be conducted to select the best students from each of the groups. After that, on the day of the Sports Festival, the event would begin with the parade march by the school's students. Next, the principal will announce the timing of each of the events to the group leaders. According to the time mentioned, the group members will give the information to the students. After that, each of the events will start taking place. The results will be announced on the same day itself. After the school sports festival is over, the winter vacation would commence. Get math homework help for students.

To keep track of and progress the school academic activities, the principal would communicate with the school captain to have a session with the group leaders. The group leaders will visit each of the classes of the school and conduct a session with the session to gather data and information about the academic progress the students have made in the subjects. Along with that, the group members would also inquire the students if they have any problems and issues with the subject teachers. The response from the students would be recorded, and the group leaders would need to produce a report for each of the classes. Along with that, the group leaders would also have to provide their insight regarding the response recorded from the students. After that, all the group members would have to produce the report to the school captain. The school captain would go through each of the reports and again provide their insight according to the data and information recorded. After that, the reports will be produced to the principal of the school..If you need to write an essay for any topic, contact my essay writer.

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The school principal would then go through the report provided by the school captain and then analyze the result. Depending on the responses from the students, group leaders and the school captain, the principal will take the necessary action on the teachers. To have a learning environment, it is recommended to have performance feedback for all the teachers who would be teaching at the school. The performance feedback would help the principal to understand whether the teachers teaching in the school are beneficial to the school or not. The aim or objective of the principal should always be to have an enhanced learning environment in the school. Getting Essay helps and to know the reason why the principal should appoint the school captain to conduct the various kinds of roles and responsibilities to collect the data and information so that discipline can be formed.

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