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Brain Drain Meaning

Brain drain is a particular term that is associated with economics. This term can be considered slang used for indicating substantial migration for the emigration of individuals. Brain drain can occur due to turmoil within a nation, favourable professional opportunities in other countries, or the personal seek of higher living standards. Brain drain can be highly observed in industrial or organisational levels when the workers look for better benefits, pay and upward mobility within the industry. For this reason, brain drain becomes an important concept in different types of industries.If you want to write an essay then get my essay typer.

Detailed Concept of Brain Drain

From the overall concept of brain drain, it is very clear that it can be an important concern for industries, countries and organisations. Brain drain is an important concern here because industries, countries, and organisations can lose a very important portion of valuable individuals. Brain drain mainly describes the departure of highly educated and qualified people, including doctors, scientists, financial professionals and engineers. The departure of these highly educated and qualified people can negatively affect their main origin. The first and obvious negative impact is the loss of expertise. While these types of people are departing, their origin country will not take their service anymore. Also, the supply of that profession is reduced in the country, which has a very important negative impact here. In the second case, this type of departure can also harm the economy of the country. If these people depart, there will be no service available from them, which will also reduce consumer spending. Economically, this has a crucial negative impact on the economy of the origin country of that departing people.

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Types of Brain Drain

In many aspects, brain drain is also known as the human capital flight that can occur at different levels. In the current context, three types of brain drain can be considered. These are the geographic brain drain, organisational brain drain and industrial brain drain. Geographic brain drain occurs when the talented professionals of any country flee to other countries in favour of another. The organisational brain drain can be considered as a mass exodus of talented workers within the organisation. This type of brain drain occurs mainly due to a sense of instability, lack of opportunity and hard working conditions. If the workers see that better opportunity is available in another organisation, this type of issue can occur. The condition of industrial brain drain occurs when the skilled workers leave the organisation and leave the entire industry. Due to this type of brain drain, the whole industry can suffer.If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

From the overall analysis, it has been identified that there can be many common types of reasons due to which brain drain can occur at the geographic level. Here, the common reasons include poor quality of life, political instability, limited access to healthcare, and economic opportunity. These factors contribute to the geographic brain drain, as the talented and skilled workers leave their source country for a better opportunity. The organisational and industrial brain drain can be considered a byproduct of the rapidly evolving economic landscape. In this type of case, industries and companies cannot keep up with the technological societal changes so that they can retain their skilled workforce. As they are failing in this particular segment, both organisational and industrial brain drains are occurring.

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Effect of Brain Drain on the Home Country

Brain drain has several negative impacts on the home country and its economy. The negative impact of brain drain on the home country will highly damage the economy of the country. The most important negative impacts that can be observed due to brain drain is identified in the following section.

  • Loss of potential future entrepreneurs.
  • Loss of innovative ideas.
  • Loss of critical services in the country, including education and health.
  • The overall confidence in the economy will be lowered due to brain drain. It will also force other persons to leave that country.
  • There will be a shortage of skilled workers in the country.
  • Investment in that particular country will hit rock bottom.

The above identified impacts are the most common type of negative impact that is observed due to brain drain, but for any particular case, negative impacts are not only limited within these. Brain drain is a very important problem for any country and industry that must be resolved. While brain drain is a very important concern for developing countries, there are some important benefits of brain drain. When skilled workers leave the developing countries for the developed countries, they can learn new expertise and skills there and use them in their home country when they return. It can be a very important advantage for the home country. Another important benefit of this particular phenomenon is remittances. In this case, the migrant workers send their earnings to the home country, basically to their families. It is known as remittances which can be very beneficial for the home country to stimulate their economy. These are the most important benefits of brain drain. If you need to write an essay for any topic, contact my essay writer.

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Example of Brain Drain

One real-world example of the brain drain is the Puerto Rican debt crisis. This debt crisis can be considered a prominent example of brain drain. In this case, organisational brain drain occurred due to a mass exodus of skilled medical professionals. This issue has hit the island very hard. It has been identified that almost half of the residents of Puerto Rico receive Medicare services, where the island receives a very low amount of federal funds to pay for these programs.

In comparison, a similar size of the state in the mainland receives a much higher amount of federal funds for these programs. Due to the lack of this funding, the financial situation of this island deteriorated regarding the healthcare services as they were not able to compensate the medical staff, nurses and doctors. Getting Essay helps and to know about brain drain. As a result, all of these healthcare professionals started to leave the island for the mainland to pursue a better opportunity. In this way, the health infrastructure of Puerto Rico Island collapsed due to organisational brain drain.

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