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Population Day

The population is celebrated all over the world on July 11 every year. The main purpose of celebrating population day is to raise awareness among people regarding the global population issues. It was established in the year 1989 by the Governing Council of UNDP. The UNDP stands for United Nations Development Program. The interest of people in Five Billion Day, which was celebrated on July 11, 1987, inspired the UN to begin World Population Day. On this day, the total population in the world reached five billion. World population day aims to increase awareness about population issues such as gender equality, the importance of family planning, maternal health, poverty and human rights. If you want to write an essay then get my essay typer.

Dr K. C. Zachariah suggested the celebration of population day when he worked as a senior demographer at the World Bank. Approximately the total population on Earth increases by 100 million every 14 months. According to Worldometers, the total population on Earth was around 7.4 billion on February 6, 2016; 7.5 billion on April 24, 2017; 7.7 billion in 2019. 

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People worldwide celebrate World Population Day by organizing discussions, seminars, poster making and poems competitions. Even news channels, TV channels, and radio broadcast several programs about the importance of family planning. It is important to control the population worldwide as the number of resources available on Earth is limited. As stated by Thomas Malthus, "Population, when unchecked, increases in a geometrical ratio". The total population on the Earth had reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011. To highlight the milestone achieved, UNFPA posted a banner at the entrance of UN headquarters to build awareness about the challenges and opportunities that may arise in the future. It highlights the impact of overpopulation on the progress of humanity and the ecosystem. The country of China has the largest population, followed by India, which ranks second in the list. 

In December 1990, the UN General Assembly continuously observed World Population Day to enhance people's knowledge about several population issues and their relations with development and environmental impact. More than 90 countries marked the day as First World Population Day on July 1, 1990. The Population division in the United Nations closely collaborates with agencies, programmes, funds and UN bodies in implementing the work programme on population and the International Conference on Population and Development. The UN gives missions to United Nations offices, national Government offices, media representatives, researchers, and the public to regularly consult with the UN Population Division regarding the projections and estimations of the world's population. They are also required to consult with the division regarding the analyses and information on development and population issues. 

During the 38th session in the United Nations, it was requested by the statistical commission to increase technical assistance from UNO and its international agencies to national statistical offices so that the national capacity for the implementation of Housing Censuses and World Programme on Population. The commission also requested several countries to implement the revised Recommendations and Principles for Housing and Population Censuses. 

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Organizations from within the UN as well as outside the UN work with UNFPA as partners. The outsiders include non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, civil society, and various religious leaders to achieve the UN objectives. To respond in a better way, the UNFPA engaged itself in devoting increased resources to country-led efforts. It focuses on enhancing country-led implementation and country-focused so that it could achieve improved results. At the same time, it also focuses on strengthening harmonization and addressing mutual accountability. 

UNFPA supports family planning by strengthening national health systems, ensuring a reliable and steady supply of quality contraceptives, gathering data to support, and advocating for policies supporting family planning. It acts as a global leader in increasing access to family planning with the help of partners, which include governments for developing policies and shreds of evidence and providing financial, technical, and programmatic assistance in developing countries. 

UNFPA works under nine standards to uphold the right to family planning, which includes non-discrimination, availability, accessibility, acceptability, informed decision making, good quality, privacy and confidentiality, accountability and participation. If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

The theme of World Population Day 2021 was the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on fertility rates. On July 11, 2021, it was observed to shed light on the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on reproductive and sexual health and people's behaviour worldwide. The program was organized by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). On this day, the UNFPA discloses that the fertility rates have changed in several countries. According to the survey carried out by WHO, family planning services were one of the most disrupted health services all around the globe. Overpopulation is one of the greatest issues faced by humanity, particularly when the resources are depleting at an unsustainable rate. The importance of awareness regarding overpopulation, nature, and humankind's development has increased tremendously in recent times. It also creates health problems for women during pregnancy and childbirth, making family planning more important than ever.If you need to write an essay for any topic, contact my essay writer.

Overpopulation has also increased heinous crime causing strain on society. Especially in developing countries, people are experiencing gender inequality and violation of human rights. Child labour and human trafficking are becoming increasingly normal. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total population worldwide was 7.7 billion on July 1, 2021. There is no doubt that the covid-19 pandemic has compromised the health care systems all over the world. The pandemic situation has staggered peoples, communities and economies all around the world. 

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Thus, World Population Day focuses on increasing awareness regarding issues that emerge due to overpopulation, such as gender equality, family planning, rights to health, human rights, child marriage, baby's health, etc. It emphasizes educating people regarding the effects of overpopulation on developmental plans and programs and the overall growth. Every year, the United Nations Fund for Population Activities and other internal and external bodies organize programs based on those decided by the United Nations. Getting an essay helps and to know about population day. It is one of the most important international events to increase awareness about the global population. It draws public attention towards population issues and the need to curb them.

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