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Junk Food

Junk food is considered to be the pre-packaged or the packaged food which have very low value of nutrition. Junk food is considered to be extremely unhealthy which is very high in calories and has elements like fat or sugar, with very little amount of essential nutrients which our body requires like vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and many more. Junk food is normally known as the HFSS food and the definition of junk food constantly evolves over the time because of the introduction of new types of food. 

Junk food is considered to be extremely unhealthy and in recent times, people are becoming more conscious about their health as it can be seen that junk food is the leading cause of many severe diseases which can have adverse impacts on one’s life. According to reports, it has been seen that about 3% children have been consuming packaged food at least once every week and 56% of the children have been eating food which is sweet like chocolates and ice-cream which is probably more than once every week. Around 59% children who are between the ages of 14-17 are seen to consume packaged food or beverage once a day. This statistic is considered to be alarming especially because of the adverse effects and the impact it has on the health of the children as well as the adults in the society. If you want to write an essay then get my essay typer.

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The biggest examples of junk food are burgers, chocolates, fries, cold-drinks, and many more. It has been seen that there are many big companies in this sector who have been making millions by selling junk food, for example, McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and many more. These foods are extremely tasty, irresistible and have become preferences of the young adults as well as children. 

Junk food has been tapping the market and has become appealing to people especially because of its convenience. It can be seen that mostly children and young adults have been consuming junk food because it is easily accessible and it is considered to be cheaper than the other healthy alternatives in the market. Countries like the United States, Germany, France, Canada are considered to be among some of the leading countries when it comes to the consumption of junk food. The interviews which have been carried out for research purposes state the fact that most of the people consumer packaged food and other junk food like the fast foods primarily because of the hectic work schedule and they do not have the time as well as the energy to often cook meals which is why they resort to packaged food and fast food because it is extremely convenient for them and saves their time. If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

Junk food and fast food despite this very small advantage are seen to have many more disadvantages which has become a matter of concern especially when it comes to the health of the people. Statistics according to the World Health Organization show that 1.9 billion adults were seen to be overweight. 

It has also been seen that around 39 billion children who were at the under the age of 5 were also found to be obese in the year, 2020 as per the reports that were published by WHO. It has been seen that obesity has many harmful effects which people need to consider and focus on so that they can ensure that they do not face any kind of trouble. 

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One of the major harmful effects of the consumption of junk food is the fact that it leads to the increase in obesity. Majority of junk foods have very little nutritional value and it has been seen that these types of food mostly contain fats, salts and have extremely high calories which is not good for your health. It has been seen that obesity can lead to more severe issues which can have an impact on both the physical as well as the mental health of the people. This can cause depression and anxiety because of body shaming and can later lead to the risk of getting heart diseases which is not good for the health in the long run. Research also suggests that people who are seen to consume junk food tend to lose their memory and have failed the cognitive tests in comparison to people who do not consume junk food. Thus, this can later lead to severe health conditions.If you need to write an essay for any topic, contact my essay writer.

Children who are seen to consume junk food have many problems and one of the major issues is the fact that they have inadequate development and growth. It has been seen that junk food or fast foods usually do not have the nutritional value which the body needs in order to function in an effective manner. It has been seen that it is the deficiency and the lack of essential nutrients that hamper the growth and the development of the children. Junk food leads to children becoming obese at an early stage and due to this they are unable to do various physical activities which are seen to adversely effect their health in the long run.

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Issues like obesity are seen to be highly preventable. It has been seen that in recent times, people are becoming more aware of the bad effects of junk food and thus they have been considering altering their lifestyle and stopping the consumption of junk food on a regular basis. Governments and schools have started educating people about the ill effects and it can be seen that there are many companies who have been coming up with healthy alternatives like fresh juices, high content and nutritious burgers and many more so that they can appeal to the customers and ensure that their food does not harm them. However, fast food and junk food is said to be the favourite and it will be difficult for many to switch to the healthy alternatives as they are seen to be quite expensive. Getting Essay helps to understand junk food. Junk food has many bad effects and it is important for people to prioritize how much to consume so that they do not face any kind of issues further.

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