Essay On Who is a Mother

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Who Is A Mother

Conventionally a mother is the female parent of a girl or boy. The role of a mother in the life of a child involves raising the child. Women may become mother’s biologically through adoption or surrogacy. The social roles and expectations of mothers vary across cultures; however, the real love that mothers have for their children remain constant throughout the world. The mother and her role have been mentioned in several religious texts. The Bible has said a few phrases that describe the unconditional love of a woman towards her child.


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The Bible does not state that every woman must become a mother; however, it specifies that the role of a mother is unique comes with much responsibility. Motherhood has been described as one of the most crucial roles assigned to woman by God. As per a verse by the bible (Titus 2:4-5), “Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.” This verse represents the role of a mother towards ensuring that the world remains pure and peaceful as per the will of God. Thus, in some way mothers are angels sent by God to earth. A mother’s role in society has also been described by the word “Phileoteknos”, which explains that the love of a mother cannot be compared to any other kind of love. The power of a mother’s love helps a woman to take care and nurture a child while comforting them when they feel alone and are going through hard times.

Several biological reactions take place in the body and the mind of a woman when she becomes a mother. Some of these feelings include joy, protectiveness, alertness and anxiety. Once a woman becomes a mother, several emotional changes take place. These changes are mainly neurological and start occurring before a woman gives birth. Scientists have studied changes in a mother’s brain. Findings indicate that the prefrontal cortex, parietal lobes and midbrain are areas where changes occur in a woman’s brain before and after childbirth. Women also become more intelligent as the concentration of grey matter increases. Brain areas associated with empathy and stress are found to be more active. These hormonal changes make a woman capable of displaying maternal instincts of love and protectiveness. The increase in Oxytocin hormones while responding to a child is another way through which a woman becomes more receptive to the needs of her child. has been a premium do my assignment help service provider in the USA for ages.

Mothers are found to understand their children the best and establish communication with their children. The strength of the love of a mother cannot be compared to any other attachment. No bond can come close to the love and passion that a mother has for a child. God has made women be great mothers naturally and instinctively. Women carry their children in their wombs with love and affection. These feelings continue through childhood and adulthood. All mothers try to keep their children safe and happy which is one of the many ways through which a mother shows her love towards her family. Most women do not understand this love until they experience the joy of motherhood. A mother always wishes the best for her child and family.

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Mother and Child

The communication and bond between a mother and her child are the strongest. A mother plays several roles in the life of a child. As rightly quoted by Cardinal Mermillod, “A mother is she who can take the place of all other but whose place no one else can take. “A mother is a caregiver, mentor, friend, manager of the family, conflict resolver, chef, nurse and much more for a child and her family. A mother is a caregiver and provides the love and support a child needs throughout their life. A mother’s love is not only confined to loving but also teaching. A mother is one of the first people from whom a child learns about moral values and cultures. The role of a mother in providing a good upbringing to the child is significant. A mother ensures that a house is made into a home to provide a nurturing and loving environment for her family. She not only caters to the needs of her child but also manages household chores and other family members.

A mother is also the first friend of her child as she is the first person the child plays with after birth. She closely monitors the activities of her child to ensure that they are learning and growing well. A mother is the only person who can understand the needs of her child. A mother also tells a child what is right and what is wrong. Understanding needs prevent a child from developing bad habits. Most of the primary activities in life, such as talking, walking and eating, are taught by the mother to her child. Most importantly, the child unconsciously keeps learning from the mother. Therefore, a mother has a strong influence on the life of the child.


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As a child gets older and becomes an adult, the role of a mother evolves to becoming an advisor and confidant. As adults, individuals become more independent and are not entirely dependent on their mothers. During this age, the mother's role is more of a role model or advisor. Mothers share their experiences and guide the child as they make essential career, relationship or life choices. While transitioning into adults, mothers help their children to become more confident by giving them roles and responsibilities that enable them to fit in society. Thus, by giving children a space to grow, a mother help raise responsible and compassionate adults. It can be stated that the role of a mother in transforming society pivotal as they are the primary educators and advisors to their families. Mothers are the most special people in the life of any individual and every person should be grateful and kind towards mothers.

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