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Environmental Pollution

Environment is the surrounding where individual lives. It consists of the land air water and the overall ecological setting where human beings interact with the natural surroundings. However with the changing lifestyle patterns and behaviour, the natural environment has been facing tremendous challenges where the ecology balance is hard to maintain. Environmental pollution refers to the act of environment degradation and how the natural surrounding is been constantly affected by the human or man-made activities. This actually disturbs the ecological balance and creates tremendous pressure of the natural environment.  If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

Environmental pollution can take many forms that is it can be air pollution or water pollution or soil and land pollution which differently affects the environment and its natural ecological balance. Firstly when it comes to air pollution one of the primary sources are these factories along with the transportation vehicles which release huge amount of polluting gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that fills the air. The air quality is tremendous degraded that actually turn toxic for being inhaled and this is the reason why air pollution is major in cities where there are huge number of transport vehicles along with large industries. It is important to address these issues because the degrading amount of air quality is an extreme concern for humans and animals which is affecting the health of the individuals. Along with this the decreasing amount of greenery that is cutting down of forests is leading to massive loss of the natural habitat of the animals and in the absence of plants the excess carbon dioxide remains in the air and the oxygen level falls tremendously. This loss of natural habitat is playing havoc with the lives of the wild animals and birds which are losing their home thus creating greater amount of ecological imbalance.

Followed by air pollution is the land pollution where stretches of land are being dumped with non-recyclable toxic wastes, these landfills stretch thousands of kilometres where the toxic waste substances from industries as well as from households are openly thrown in these land areas, degrading the soil and leading to massive land pollution. Moreover the increasing amount of deforestation, burning of forests and vegetation for creating space to make buildings is again very dangerous as it loosens the soil, uprooting tress, leading to higher chances of landslides. The degrading quality of land is yet another reason why the vegetation is being affected and these lands are turning unsuitable for habitation. Followed by land pollution is water pollution, where the toxic wastes are been discarded openly without treatment. Industries release ample amount of solid and liquid wastes that ultimately goes down to rivers and lakes polluting the water thus making it unsuitable for consumption as well as destroying the natural habitat of the fishes and another animals that reside in the water. Apart from this there is also another type of environmental pollution which is sound pollution that is also caused by heavy industries and humans where loud noises are created through explosion or jet engines and is extremely dangerous as it can hurt the human ear as well as lead to loss of life amongst birds and animals.  If you are a student who needs help completing an assignment, This platform provides an extensive range of academic essay writing steps help.

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These different forms of pollution have actually changed the very natural course of the environment and the harmful effects are very much visible in phenomenon like acid rain or global warming and acid rain. Climate change is actually emerging as a global threat that is affecting animals and human beings, industries, life and property. These are actually the result of prolonged injustice, pollution and degradation that human beings have done of the environment. Climate change is affecting farming and vegetation, destroying the natural course of the environment leading to the loss of life and property. This is very important to understand because the large scale destruction which environmental pollution is leading to definitely requires to be checked in an immediate manner. Environmental pollution and all the forms are equally dangerous and for the same that most important element is to build the required awareness. Environmental pollution can only be addressed when one can effectively address its core reasons and take immediate action to control the same. For instance use renewable energy sources or decreasing the dependence of fossil fuels is extremely important to address the environmental pollution and degradation that is being caused worldwide. Apart from this the concepts of reuse-refuse-and-recycle should be reintroduced to this generation where people have become too careless when it comes to unnecessarily wasting resources. The emerging concepts like fast fashion should be completely discarded as they stand against the motion of creating a sustainable lifestyle and encourage unnecessary wastage of resources. On the other hand concepts like recycling of clothes waste materials and  treating of industrial waste before releasing them, using waste products to produce gas and using renewable energy like wind energy to produce electricity and decreasing the depended on fossil fuels are some major steps to address these growing concerns. If you find academic writing hard, you'll benefit from best essay help available online. Hire our essay writer and you'll get your work done.

Thus from the above presented discussion it is very much evident how the level of awareness and the necessary dedication towards bringing the essential change is exactly what can help individuals address the growing concern of environmental pollution. Nature has gifted humans with a lot of resources that can be actually effectively used to build a prosperous and a happy life. Yet amidst all this it is extremely important o remember the fact that it is never alright to exploit the resources because these natural resources once lost cannot be rebuilt. Human beings today with the power of new and developed technology are actually doing wonders, however when it comes to protecting the environment it is important to understand the fact that no amount of laws and regulations can actually help to address the issues if the necessary awareness and the seriousness of these issues are not understood. Altogether it is important to understand and address the fact that the times are extremely challenging and to survive it is important to restore the natural balance of the environment and not just exploit it for procuring resources.  Get top notch essay writer that write any type of essay

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