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Planet earth and all of the resources that the planet gives to us make life scientifically and biologically possible and this life can thrive on earth. Without all the natural resources that the earth gives to us it is not possible for life to sustain on this planet. These are all the inexhaustible resources such as air, sunlight, water, different minerals, flora and fauna. Due to the increase in the exploitation of exhaustible as well as in exhaustible resources of the earth by humans the level of pollution and the level of degradation and damage to the natural resources have been getting higher day by day. We have got so much abundance from earth that we are miss using it now. It is extremely difficult to create a proper sustainable environment and a future for the people and the planet therefore we have to start rectifying our mistakes as soon as possible.  If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

Saving the earth is an extremely important aspect right now and it should be the first priority for everyone. In order to save planet earth we have to understand the fact that the resources that are given by earth to us are limited in number. Even though it is limited maximum amount of the population are not aware of this fact and we are not using the resources properly and in a safe manner that will not harm the earth. In order for us to save got our own home which is this planet, we have to protect the earth and take care of you just like we take care of our own houses on our own selves. Every single living and breathing organism is ultimately dependent on the resources that the earth provides them and if the earth stops providing them then every living thing on earth will die in an instant. We should understand that we have no right to miss use the resources that earth gives us without a second thought.

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The main reasons for the depletion of the environment and the resources of earth are the increase in a lot of pollution and deforestation as well as oil spills and the accumulation of non-biodegradable garbage which is causing the earth to slowly suffocate and die which is in turn threatening our own survival and sustenance. Saving the earth is not just a dire need at the present moment but it is more than that. The level of damage that is being caused by humans is going to a point where it is becoming irreplaceable and irreversible. Recently there was a news where half of the Gulf of Mexico was on fire because of an oil spill on the ocean. If these kind of destructive things keep happening to earth then one day they will be no other options to protect or repair the damage that we have caused to the earth. All the aspects of global warming and climate change are the biggest examples of the fact that we have caused so much amount of pollution and depletion of the resources that the climate and the temperature that the earth rules is changing and it is not changing for good. People do not realise it now because there are no huge drastic changes in one day and it is gradual but we have to realise the fact that nothing is as haunting as the state of earth at this very moment. Therefore saving the earth should be the first priority of every human being and we have to make a conscious effort and decision to make the earth a more sustainable and safer place to live in.  If you are a student who needs help completing an assignment, This platform provides an extensive range of academic essay writing steps help.

It has to be the responsibility of the human race to protect the earth from more damage but the opposite has happened because we have become very selfish and self-indulgent because we have gotten exhaustible resources very easily. As the most intelligent species in the entire planet we have to understand that it is our planet that is the reason that we are alive and we are actually here. Therefore if the earth is in danger we are more dangerous than the earth is in. There are very simple things that people can really do to help in the sustenance of the environment and it does not really take much effort to do these things. The actions that can help the earth become healthier are by the actions of recycling and up cycling materialistic things in life and not throwing them away once you use them. Another aspect is to plant more floras and also save the water as well as all the water bodies around your environment. It is also extremely important to educate people about the importance of protecting nature and telling them about the dangers of the aspect of not protecting nature. It is also wiser to share vehicles rather than driving your own car because it can we choose pollution. Choosing sustainable materials and actions that will encourage recycling and reusing of different things is important. Doing these little things daily will definitely help the earth and help in the sustenance of the earth. But these things have to be done by everybody and not just by one person because if all of us collectively come as a team and choose to do sustainable actions every single day then the earth will definitely feel more healthier and a more safer place to live in and we can reverse the negative effects that we have put on the natural environment.If you find academic writing hard, you'll benefit from best essay help available online. Hire our essay writer and you'll get your work done.

Therefore by choosing to make the little changes in everyday life we can make a very big difference when it comes to the safety of the natural environment and of the resources in the earth. It is extremely imperative that we do the actions to restore the proper balance in the environment because this is the only way that we can save the earth from petrol and getting to a point where it is extremely polluted and it is not habitable anymore for living things.  If you need essay assignment help then visit us

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