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Good Friends

A good friend is a relationship that people earn in their entire life. For finding a good friend to be most vital compatible, loyal, honest, helpful, caring and loving. No doubt, human beings learn exciting and new things in a good friend’s company from childhood.

Importance of good friend:

From childhood, this helps in making people understand and develop a habit to care for and share. They learn and play together. They are important for proper development and growth.  Get top notch essay writer that write any type of essay

Friendship and status: 

True friendship is never bound through financial status of people. A poor beggar can be a good friend of a king and a rich industrialist can be a good friend of labour.

Good friendship and qualities of people:

Some of the essential and notable qualities for good friendship and highlighted below.

Good listeners

 It is important to be a good listener. Without any capability of this, a relationship would be shallow.

Staying compassionate

 Actual friends remain compassionate with others. They should sympathize irrespective of what crisis they are encountering or agree.


 They must remain loyal to others. Good friends must never be betraying people in any manner.


 A good friend is one with whom one can reveal many secrets.


 Actual friends must be available to support always. One must be having a friendship with the one can assure for any support and help.


 Good friend is the one with whom one must depend for any aspect.  

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Things to be a good friend:

  • Being honest. Promises are to be kept and things what they are stating.
  • Apologising while they have made an error. As one needs their friend to be believing in them, they can never act they are innocent. When one is making mistake, they must own that rather than denying that.
  • Encouraging friend. All people require encouragement. Particular ways are to be found out for encouraging friends. Though there are depths in struggles, they are to be shown what makes them seem to be special regarding them. Besides, they are intending to consider them while they feel life to be pressuring or depressed from every side.
  • Putting best efforts every time. As a friend asks for help or opinion on anything, they should be understanding value that is thought.
  • Accepting friends as they are. For making friends successfully one must never attempt to change friend or friend for seeing the surrounding from their view. They should be celebrating the things that make them friends. As one is conservative and another person is liberal, they must accept the other one rather than arguing on that every time.
  • Being happy. One can be catching up with their lives and then forget in appreciating that.

Examples of different good friendships:

Sharp-tongued author Mark Twain forged a famous friendship with Nikola Tesla the electricity wizard. They shared their common intellectual curiosity. These couple of titans belonging from the Gilded Age frequently exchanged letters as they met in social scene of New York. The writer frequently visited the scientist’s lab. Many times in their workshop regarding scientific oddities, the physicist owed his novelist friend with high voltage electricity demonstration. Also they experimented with X-Ray photography at the early stage. Harry Houdini, master escape artist in the early 1920s, and author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and creator of Sherlock Holmes was found to get stuck up offbeat relations. The novelist fell out on their contrasting views on afterlife. The first one was naturally sceptical. They are fond of exposing psychics. These have been paranormal phenomena as supposed. Conan Doyle has been a believer and serving evangelist for spiritualist movement. However, they are commonly traded books and letters. They have been vacationed in the area of Atlantic City. Again, as Twain and Helen Keller met, the man was in his fifties and the girl has been only 14 years of age. She was of similar age to the author’s youngest daughter. In 1890, Laurence Hutton, the writer was hosting the girl, who has been a student at the Wrist-Humason School for deaf. One afternoon at his home as the writer and the William Dean Howells, his good friend has arrived. Again, Kurt Godel has been walking daily with Albert Einstein, his friend at the Institute of Advanced Study. The physicist revealed to one of his colleagues that during later years of life, his own work had assimilated time to space and laid atom bomb. This has no longer meaning important to that scientist. Further, Einstein used to be coming to this institute for having privileges to walk home with his mate Godel.  If you are a student who needs help completing an assignment, This platform provides an extensive range of academic essay writing steps help.

Recommendations to be a good friend:

  • It is to be understood that good friendship originates from fellow-feeling and brotherhood.
  • Good friendship must never think of any specific age limit.
  • True bonding needs devotion and dedication.
  • Real friends must never let the other to be feeling inferior or sad or hesitant on anything.
  • The sign of actual friendship must include respect. Friendship must be holding extreme understanding and might not agree with. However, links between them are important.
  • Any good friendship can stand the time test. That persists though there are hardships and difficulties

Theoretically, the bond between friends having a couple of peer persons sharing between them. Nevertheless, the idea of relationship practically has been by and large more expensive and vast. That comprises various varied emotions in their domain with sentiments and feelings. However, there is nothing like a perfect friend, good friend or best friend. The idea is highly subjective in nature and the extent of being a friend varies on individual personality. It cannot be denied that the life of people comprises of different ups and downs. Hence, at every stage of human life, everybody requires anyone who is able to understand the other mate and should be supporting with no expectation. In that case, those special ones can be referred to as actual friends. Thus, it can be explained by saying that good friends come closer not through the mind. It comes entirely from the core of the heart. If you find academic writing hard, you'll benefit from best essay help available online. Hire our essay writer and you'll get your work done.

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