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What Is Art Essay

Artists reveal a completely new world before the view was because we cannot see what they do. Artists have a unique capacity to visualise emotion directly from their subjects. It can be a piece of landscape or a human being. Hence the value and importance of art and artist have remained constant in society throughout the history. The emotion and feelings of an artist have come out in different forms. Art, therefore, can be expressed through paintings, sculpture and architecture.

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Expressing emotion is not easy, so also its interpretation. Interpretation of art depends upon the artist, his experience, creative thoughts and culture. Art unleashes the feeling of life but can be interpreted from various points of view. This is considered to be a human skill that needs vision, passion and efficiency. This is an innovative way to view the world around us that are presented uniquely. Creating a piece of art is difficult, so also its interpretation; therefore, the place of artists is always at a higher position in society.


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Art is believed to be an outcome of love and passion. It is not always looking for perfection. For ages, human beings have observed the world surrounding them and get inspired. This is why we can find the first artwork in the cave of Spain. Before human beings invented the method of communication through writing, they used to express their feelings through art and symbols. Therefore, one of the most important features of art is its flexibility and continuous growth. Art is open for all generations to convey their emotions and thoughts. Art is a portal of craft in whatever way an artist wants and viewed his subject. This is the reason why we find distortion in the portrayal of the human figure or strange alteration of colour in the painting of nature.

Despite having various types of distortion and alteration in an art form, every piece of art is intelligible and recognised in terms of emotions and thought. If vision and feeling do not play proportionately, then the work of art can never be successful. The target of art is to touch the beholder at heart. It is the artist's success as it enables the audience to spend time analysing the artwork and engaging in thoughts. Interpretation therefore play a vital role because artwork, if it remains uninterested, can never convey the theme. In this context, a famous painting by Pablo Picasso named Guernica can readily prick in the heart of people. It is a cluster of distorted images of dying human beings, animals and many other objects of war. This artwork ready reminds me of the futility of war. This artwork has become the symbol of peace around the world.


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Similarly, the work of Salvador Dali also represents a profound emotional message through distortion. Every painting of this artist has the same disproportion that disturbs the audience's mind but touches them directly. Like his Persistence of Memory, the subject chosen for this artwork has a dreamlike effect where time is melting everything gradually. This type of vision of the artist is not very common, and it needs intense knowledge of life and innovative ideas to explore the dark human mind. This instance can match how art affcect the human emotion relating to common factors in all of us.

It is not always the fact that artwork will be only on paper or canvas. The Fresco by Michelangelo in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel reminds of the genius of the artist. The passion and emotion reflected in each of these masterpieces prove why these are persisting and relevant. Therefore it is evident that artwork can be both realistic or abstract, depicting the artist's ideas. This gives us scope for interpretation as we perceive. Previously during Renaissance in Italy and other Western countries, the natural art form was more popular. Representing nature, or the human being as they are, was more valued. However then also some of the artists like Botticelli had painted the Birth of Venus. The subject is a fictional representation of the myth of Venus. Here the goddess is being born from her divine parents, and the natural elements have come to her exulting. This cannot be a real subject, but the application was so realistic that this piece of art became popular that time and is included in the history of art. This reviews the knowledge and imagination capacity of the artists. Art is not based on the emotion of feelings what also has its root in the real world. The practice and learning of art correlate with mathematics and readings. Painting a human figure needs years of training and knowledge of anatomy. After years of his death, the diaries of Leonardo da Vinci reveal how difficult the life of an artist can be. Only painting the lips of Mona Lisa he had taken 12 years then only this painting has become the most valuable piece of art through ages. has been a premium do my assignment help service provider in the USA for ages.

The creativity of an artist can never be hidden. Therefore the forms of art have been diverse. It has been performed through statues, architecture and interior works. The sculpture is another form of art that awes the beholder. In the ancient period, the Greek and Roman statues astonish us. The Egyptian pyramid is also a piece of art from this point of view. During Renaissance, besides painting, sculpture had also flourished. The famous statue of David renewed the art form and activated sculptors around the world. This form of art was so popular that the rich population patronised the artists. Recently, the Romania born sculptor Constantin Brancusi is considered the greatest sculptor in the 20th century who exemplifies archetypal and ideal representation of timelessness and modernity.

Therefore art is not just an expression of emotions and feelings of the artist but also his vision to be expressed passionately. Art forms have grown for centuries but never lost their importance or relevance in human society. With time, many changes have added, which art has accepted flexibly, making the artist feel fulfilled and the audience overjoyed.

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