Essay on effective communication skills are a catalyst for professional growth

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Effective Communication Skills Are A Catalyst For Professional Growth

Effective communication can be respected as a key skill required in life. This is about sharing a message with the audience and aligning an individual's thoughts with what the audience perceives. When working on skills related to communication, the only difference would have an effect upon the professional life and to bring significant improvement within the relations and the personal life of an individual. When an individual contains effective communication skills and tends to put forward a particular message with that, the audience tends to take that individual seriously.

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            However, individuals across the world are unaware of the associated importance of having effective communication skills, but at some of the workplaces, the inexistence of proper communication skills remains a specific mystery. There is a shared existence of various layers and aspects required for cracking the code, which is effective in terms of communication. Employees working in a business organisation shall grab every little opportunity to bring significant improvement within the effective norms of communication due to the fact of chances remaining unattended in terms of advancements within the career can significantly be placed at a halt.


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            Various employees are good in terms of communication and are a cakewalk that comes to them naturally. On the other hand, multiple individuals specifically struggle in communicating with others as well as have to put in greater efforts to achieve the basic standards of communication. Hence, the development of communication is like that of any other skill required to integrate growth within the professional career of an individual. There also lies a specific requirement of putting in efforts and time for the necessary development of an effective communication skill meant for professional growth.

Objective Of Communication

            The primary objective of effective communication is to ensure that the message sent out to the audience is undertaken positively, allowing them to take further decisions on the same., this can be stated as the act of allowing the other individual to speak and complete their line, which further contradictions or agreement can be made. With the measures of effective communication, there lies a probability of creating a common perception. The common perception does not necessarily mean the other individual always has to reach a common term. The band of the audience also contains the capability of disagreeing with an individual and with the thoughts put forward by the same individual. Contradictions can be made as well as the things that have been chosen for the main point of discussion can also be further discussed.

            In addition to this, effective communication also forms an integral part related to the specific success of an organisation. This also provides an extended helping hand towards enhancing relations existing within the company and with the associated clients, increased engagement among the employees, and the team's overall effectiveness containing employees of the respective organisation.

            On the other hand, if the employees, as well as the teams, do not carry out effective communication, the same can have adverse effects upon the business operations carried out by the firm. A study recently carried out made suggestions that 70% of the mistakes in businesses happen due to poor forms of communication tending to a specific communication gap. This also proves how critical communication is effective as well as productive at a specific workplace. Multiple methods use which the communication can be enhanced and can be made more effective to teach professional growth.


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            Improvement of team building is one of the most effective manners that can be used to enhance an organisation's business continuity. Teams existing in business places are one of the biggest assets to the organisation. Honest as well as effective communication can act as a helping hand in building stronger teams. This will specifically provide a helping hand in evaluating the morale and enhancing the motivation to greater levels. The messages put forward by the teams at the organisation will be stated in a clear manner as well as the enhancement in the performance is also increased.

            A good amount of communication skills within an individual can be one of the major contributing factors for business growth. This significantly eliminates the uncertainty as well as speeds up the procedure of understanding. This also provides a helping hand in resolving the issues related to the employees in a much simpler manner.

            In regards to the competitive world of this generation, innovation is one of the major factors that drive success. However, if the employees are not free to express their contained ideas and thoughts, this will lead the individual to stay caged as well as the career of an individual is supposed to be stagnant. On the other hand, containing an open form of communication encourages such individuals to have a free flow in terms of thoughts, guidance, and critical encouragement to the employees to be more creative and find innovative solutions in particular.

            Having an effective communication skills brings significant improvement within the work efficiency carried out by an individual working in a business organisation. This will ensure growth within the individual's career by providing efficient forms of productivity and allowing the individual to work towards the growth of the business associated with the employed firm.


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            Having an effective communication skills also allows the individuals to interact and engage with the coworkers to maintain a healthy relationship as well as to interact with them as a part of the business procedure that is being carried out. In addition to this, handling conflicts also allows the organisation to enhance business continuity and to prevent the business operations from getting hampered at any point in time. As a reason, having an effective communication skills will necessarily integrate professional growth for all individuals putting time and effort into the same.

            Hence, effective communication skill is regarded as a major component and a helping hand for an individual’s professional career growth ensuring that the individual has a career growth and the career does not stay stagnant, only due to poor skills for communication.

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