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Child Labour Essay

Child labour essay

Childhood is the finest as well as the happiest segment of an individual's existence, all through which an individual learns the primary method of existence from parents. Childhood is the maximum memorable level of existence, and every child has the right to enjoy it from the instant they may be born. Children have the proper to play with their friends, visit school, sense their parents' love and care, and enjoy nature's beauty. However, child labour is a critical factor that constrains childhood. Child labour can be contemplated as the notion key attribute of a child’s exploitation through any specific form of work that tends to deprive them of their childhood. For example, any form of work that interferes with a child’s ability to attend regular school can be considered as child labour. Children can be considered as the most precious assets of their country. However, lack of information and poverty makes them a country's weak point instead of its strength. Even after the government's recognition projects and the multiple welfares of the society for a child's well-being, the significant numbers of children residing in poverty are compelled to involve child labour. Child labour around the world is tampering with the morals of kids and humans. It is not always faulty to say that child labour is a human rights violation that has changed into a virulent disease to society, with significant issues impeding its strategic development.

All citizens living in a country and considers themselves as a contributor to civil society has the responsibility to protect children from child labour. Child labour is a long-standing socio-economic problem, and it must be completely resolved. Around the world, several laws on child labour have been implemented; however, they have not completely eradicated child labour. Child labour destroys children's innocence by destroying their physical, mental, social, and intellectual health. Children are beautiful creations of nature. Thus, it is completely unfair for them to be forced to labour before reaching the appropriate age only because of the harsh environment. Child labour is a global problem, more common in developing countries.

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Parents below the poverty line cannot afford their children's education expenses, nor can they earn enough money to support their families. Therefore, they are more willing to involve their children in hard work to meet their needs rather than send them to school. They understand that going to school is a waste of time and that earning money in the early years is good for their family. There is an urgent need to be aware of the adverse effects of child labour on the poor and the rich. They must use all their missing resources.

Employing children in any job that deprives them of their childhood, adequate education, physical, mental and social well-being is completely banned in some countries; however, in most countries, it is a matter of international concern because it greatly destroys the future of children.  Millions of children worldwide are deprived of their childhood and proper education, which is a dangerous sign. These children have no chance to lead a healthy life because they have been dissatisfied physically, mentally and socially since they were young. This is a common practice in small-scale industries, housekeeping services, restaurant services, stone crushers, shop assistants, and homestay industries in developing countries. Child labour refers to children elderly 5 to 14 who are doing mentally and physically exhausting jobs normally. Many kids in underdeveloped countries are pressured to work long hours for little or no repayment that allows them or their families to survive. Child labour not only reduces their ability to attend regular school; but creates mental, physical, moral and social harm. Even though such exploitation is prohibited worldwide, in many countries, child labour seems to be a significant challenge. Although such exploitations are prohibited by regulatory aspects worldwide, exceptions include work by family duties, child artists, supervised training and other related contexts. Child labour forms an intrinsic aspect of pre-industrial economies. In pre-industrial societies, there is a rare concept of childhood in the modern sense.

Children often start to participate in activities such as hunting and farming in many societies. The key reasons behind child labour include poverty, lack of educational access, poor access to decent work, post-condition of natural disaster, mass migration and others. A recent statistical analysis depicted that nearly 250 million children are working in different industries worldwide. Amongst them, more than 150 million are working under hazardous working conditions. Besides that, child labour leads to nearly 1 million children getting victimized under the repulsive aspect of human trafficking. Ratification of the Minimum Age Convention (1973) section 138 of International Labour Organisation (ILO) that lays the ground rules for minors worldwide is still not processed properly in many countries such as Africa, India, Bangladesh, Brazil and others.

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Renowned companies such as Zara, H&M, GAP, Primark and others were also guilty of involving in the vile act of child labour. The minimum legal age at which children are authorized to work is 15 years. However, in developing countries, for light works that limit to a fixed time without interrupting the school timings, the age is 13 years. The most repulsive forms of child labour include multidirectional aspects. For example, slavery, forced labour, trafficking, serfdom, and debt bondage are some worst form of child labour that needs to be eradicated. The difficulty of tasks not only consumes the greener days of childhood; but creates several issues that may create significant difficulties for children. For example, premature aging, drug dependency, malnutrition, depression and other related impacts may occur in case child labour is not eradicated from society.

Each user with their exclusive accounts can see the content they have checked and uploaded previously, and no other user will have access to it. If you are thinking, “who can rate my papers” then use our rate my paper tool. Effective abolition of child labour will ensure every child will get the opportunity to grow mentally as well as physically to their full potential. Thus, jeopardizing individual education and development paradigms can be further eliminated with a proper approach to combat child labour. Considering several pieces of research, it has been found that in Sub-Saharan Africa and India, child labour incidents are at their peak. The key reason child labour is impeding in Africa is poverty that leads children to work in mines, cocoa fields and other places. On the other hand, the key reasons behind child labour are not limited to poverty; instead, there are other causes like lack of educational chances, immense population, and massive ignorance towards children from rural places.

In countries like India where population leads to massive ignorance towards children, issues regarding child labour are higher.  In recent times, multiple contexts are focused to eliminate child labour around the world. For example, reviewing national laws regarding child labour that specifies child labour is being focused on. Reducing ambiguity from the defined concepts of child labour is primarily emphasized in these regulatory aspects to eliminate the vile impacts of child labour on society. Additionally, organizations are strictly being instructed to check their employee's age and divide the work accordingly. Moreover, spreading awareness about child labour is emphasized worldwide to ensure a clear understanding of the impact of child labour. Furthermore, discouraging people from employing children even for homely works is being emphasized worldwide to prevent child labour. Apart from that, recent researches have explained that sending more children to school can predominantly assist in understanding the essentiality of education that will reduce child labour to a greater extent. In addition to that, supporting non-government organizations that intend to save children can be highlighted as another key measure that can help reducing child labour. Mostly in developing countries, child labour deems to create significant issues. Even though regulatory frameworks to eradicate child labour in developing countries like India, Africa, Brazil, Cambodia, and others are being focused on. Yet, a slow growth towards the elimination of child labour in different industries is identified. For example, in the context of Sub-Saharan Africa, Cocoa production, mining, meatpacking, silk weaving, and other industries are seen to have a significant level of child labour.  The common age for a child to be suitable to work is fifteen years and more. Children falling under this age restriction would not be allowed to bask in any sort of works forcefully. This is because infant labour takes away the possibility of getting a normal childhood, a right education, and bodily as well intellectual well-being. As discussed previously, in a few countries, it is significantly unlawful; however, still, it is a much further from being absolutely eradicated. In order to conclude this essay on child labour, it can be described that such vule practices of child labour tends to ruin many child’s future. Additionally, this is a high-level criminal activity, as found from multiple country's regulatory aspects, that should be punished. However, due to insufficient regulations and laws, it tends to remain and create difficulties for a nation.

Child labour has become one of the most pressing social challenges that need to be addressed around the world; especially, in the developing countries. Moreover, it must be recognized that healthy children represent a country's actual potential which is getting significantly hindered with this particular context. Child labour harms degrade and destroy the future of children as well as a country alongside perishing the bright future and potential of children. And Our professional academic paper writing service will pair you up with the best expert writer who has profound knowledge and years of academic writing experience.

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