Air Pollution Essay Example

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Air Pollution Essay

In the current aspect, air pollution has become a serious concern for humans. It is very much important for humans to breathe in pure and fresh air to remain healthy. Without a pure and fresh air source, there can be different health complications for individual people. Before industrialisation, the air was very much pure, and it was free from any pollution. Due to the rapid industrialisation and increasing concentration of poisonous gases, the overall air is becoming more toxic with time. The direct impact of these can be observed in the deteriorating health condition of individuals. Air pollution is a very crucial issue in big cities. This polluted air is developing different types of respiratory diseases. In this case, deforestation and excessive use of fossil fuels are the very important reasons contributing to air pollution. Our team of diligent homework help experts 

Common process of Air Pollution:

There are different ways through which a fresh air source can be polluted. Among these, some very common processes contribute most to air pollution. The burning of fossil fuels and firewood are very common examples that contribute highly to air pollution. Other things, burning of which produces oxides of carbon is also responsible for air pollution. When all of these things are burned, it produces oxides of carbon, which are directly released into the atmosphere. It is the most basic process of air pollution. In the early days, this was not very much concern, as the large portion of trees could filter the polluted air so that it becomes clean to breathe in. It is not possible anymore as the overall number of trees has been reduced drastically due to deforestation, while the production of carbon oxides has increased by a large margin. Existing trees are not enough to filter all the pollutant air. Our assignment writing experts come from the most universities 

For this reason, it has become a very important concern. Here, the main reason behind the deforestation includes increasing land demand, city expansion and execution of different infrastructure projects. Therefore, from an overall aspect, increasing consumption of fossil fuel and decreasing the number of trees is contributing mostly to the air pollution process. You get access to our huge repository of free samples.

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Reason for Air Pollution:

There are several important reasons which are associated with air pollution. The most common reason is the burning of firewood and fossil fuel. Both of these produce high amounts of oxides of carbon that pollutes the air. Apart from that, toxic smoke released from the factories, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, chlorofluorocarbon and bombardments is very much responsible for the air pollution. Also, agricultural waste, industrial waste, thermal nuclear plants and electric power plants are very much responsible for the increasing air pollution issue worldwide. We have 4000+ native assignment & essay writers  inboard to eliminate your academic worries.

The Greenhouse Effect:

The greenhouse effect is a very important concern for the earth and its atmosphere. The greenhouse effect describes the increasing average temperature of the earth. It is the main reason behind the melting of arctic ice, which is creating global warming. For this reason, the overall sea level is increasing, and there is a threat that many small islands and coastal cities will go under the water in future. Here, the greenhouse effect and air pollution are highly associated with each other. The greenhouse effect is one of the main outcomes of air pollution, as air pollution produces the gases that the greenhouse effect involves. Any air pollution process produces a high amount of carbon-di-oxide, which is a very important greenhouse gas. Increasing carbon-di-oxide is one of the main reasons behind the increasing average temperature of the earth surface and the melting of polar caps. For this reason, managing air pollution is also crucial to stop the greenhouse effect. Easier only at

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Effects of Air Pollution on Health:

Air pollution has several negative effects on the health of individual people. Air pollution can develop different types of respiratory and skin diseases for humans. In extreme cases, air pollution can also develop heart diseases. The most common diseases that occur due to air pollution include bronchitis and asthma. Apart from that, many more critical diseases can occur due to air pollution. Air pollution can permanently damage the lungs and can decrease its capability. Air pollution can damage the lungs permanently by damaging the cells in the respiratory system. You might check essay assignment help service 

Procedure for Reducing Air Pollution:

In the current context, the issue of air pollution has gone out of control. It is very important to take appropriate steps so that air pollution can be reduced. In the following sections, some important processes are identified that can be used for reducing air pollution.

  • As deforestation is one of the main issues behind air pollution, reforestation can counter the issue. Plantation of more trees will help to improve the air quality by filtering out the carbon-di-oxide. Trees will help increase the concentration of oxygen in the air, which is a very important element of clean and breathable air.
  • Implementation of strict policies for the industries can also help to reduce the air pollution issue. Strict policies for the industries will restrict them to release toxic gases and carbon-di-oxide into the atmosphere. In this way, it can be a very good approach for minimising air pollution.
  • The utilisation of eco-friendly fuel is another important approach that can be used for minimising the issue of air pollution. Instead of fossil fuels, eco-friendly resources can be used to run the industries and economy. One very important example of eco-friendly fuel is compressed natural gas. Compressed natural gas is not only eco-friendly, but it is also cheaper compared with traditional fossil fuels. Therefore, it is a crucial process for reducing air pollution.
  • Using renewable energy sources is also a prominent solution for reducing the air pollution issue. By using renewable energy sources, it will be possible to reduce the carbon footprints, which can help to reduce the overall air pollution. For this reason, it is an important approach for reducing air pollution. There is another tool essay writer you must check it.


In the current context, it is very clear that the air is getting polluted more day by day and there are different reasons behind it. Fossil fuels are one of the biggest reasons for increasing air pollution, producing sulphuric and nitric oxides. Now, it is very important to take the air pollution issue seriously and take appropriate actions to resolve the existing issue.

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