Essay on My Garden

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My Garden

A Garden is the best place for a house. It is the only place where a person gets relief from their daily life. Moreover, there are many health benefits because the garden in the house, like a garden, has lots of plants that give oxygen and fresh air. Additionally, the smell of the flowers can refresh anyone mind in the morning. Gardening needs lots of areas, but today people build their houses very small at a pace that there is no more space for gardening.

Moreover, the author suggested that a garden in a house is necessary and plays a major role in developing our daily lives. For so many years, home gardening has now become an increasing trend, especially in megacities. Those who do not have efficient time or space for a garden can turn their house into a small market shift green house and enjoy the miracle of nature. There are lots of ways to start a garden in the house. At first, it is very important to choose the right place for gardening. If the garden space is larger, it is possible to plant some vegetables and fruit, giving us a small profit. It might be true that the garden gives daily sunlight because sunlight is the key to home gardening. For lead, a personal life, the garden plays a major role in human life. Tool essay writer you must check it.

Essay on My garden

My garden contains different types of plants. For instance, my garden has many followers’ plants like a red rose, sunflowers, Jasmin, Hibiscus and much more. These kinds of flowers are easiest to grow and make the entire environment flourish with their pleasant smell. Moreover, the colours of these flowers make my garden more beautiful.

On the other hand, my garden has different types of vegetables like potato, tomato, carrot and much more. It was very easy to grow. Apart from this, this kind of vegetable is free from chemical uses, so it helps to increase our health. My garden has lots of space, so that is the best exercise place for me. Moreover, my morning exercise is very pleasant with the beautiful smell of my flowers. Beside my garden, a playground is developed for the children. It might ensure that they do not hurt my flowers and vegetable plants while playing because I have spent lots of time in my garden. On holiday, my father and I spent our entire day in the garden completing all of the tasks.

My father looks after the plants and trees in my garden regularly when he was going for a morning walk. Additionally, my garden exhibits how beautiful nature is with its hues and colours. I wish to plant more plants and trees in my garden. It is important to know about the implementation process of a garden which is defined below.  You can also use our rate my paper tool to rate your paper.

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Setup of my garden

The above study showed that a garden is very important for a home because it gives us pleasant air and oxygen. I also have a garden in my house which my father and I made. In this study, I am telling how I plant my garden.

At first, my father and I chose an area in my house which is perfect for the garden. I wish to consider a garden with fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, almost all flower and vegetable plants need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day. So, it is very important which area gets more sunlight in my house. That is why my father chose a big area for this garden. Our essay writers  inboard to eliminate your academic worries.

After choosing the garden spot, it is important to clear the spot. The next day, my father and I go to the area we selected yesterday and start cleaning this area with the help of a spade, Scythe, and broom. After cleaning the garden, my father wet the place with water. It might affect the growth of the flowers, fruit and vegetables.

When the cleaning is complete, we are ready to plant the seeds of potato, tomato and many more. My father bought some flower plants like red roses, sunflowers, Jasmin, and Hibiscus. After planting the seeds, I planted these kinds of flowers also. It became a more important time for me.   

After completing the flower, fruit and vegetable plant, my father and I invested in basic garden tools like garden hoe, scuffle hoe, and hand tools. With the help of this me and my father look after the entire garden. The garden tools help reduce time and effort, and it might be said garden tools are the backup for me.

A soil test is very important for planting flowers, fruit or trees. If the soil is acidic, then it is important to solve the problem with the chemicals. In my garden, when I tested my garden soil, it was a natural PH level. PH level 7 is natural for gardening. So that soil test is very important for the garden. Easier only at

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After that, it is important to look after my garden day by day, which is more beneficial for the plants and trees in my garden. My father gave water to every plant when he was exercising in my garden. It is also a great place for exercise.            

The gardener essay 1000 Words

In a garden, whoever is taking care of the garden is called a gardener. My father and I both are nature lovers. Therefore, he takes me out lots of time in the garden. He is always trying new implementations in the garden. For example, last week, when he returned from his office, he bought different flowers like bulbs, perennials, and climbers. Now my garden is full of followers.

Moreover, my father has also appointed a garden who are responsible for looking after the whole garden. The gardener stayed out of my house, so he came in the morning. He is also cutting plants and working on grooming my whole garden. It is one of the important duties of my gardener. The entire responsibility is dependent on the gardeners, so that for my garden gardener is more important.  

Birds in my garden

The garden is a natural beauty. Every morning when I wake up in the morning, I can see lots of birds chirping. Birds like pigeons, peacocks and Indian myna come in the morning to wake up. However, the peacock comes occasionally in the garden. When the birds come, my family gather to have a look at this beautiful nature. There are lots of benefits to my garden. It enhances the look of the house and makes it beautiful.

In my garden, one of the primary focuses is on vegetables, fruits and flowers. In the above study, it has been defined that lots of flowers are plants. The gardening idea is taken from my friend, and I am also taking help from internet sources to search how we develop a successful garden. In my garden, we have grown some vegetables. We also sell some vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes in the market. It makes a lot of profit due to selling the vegetables in the market. The money earned from this business; my father bought some new plants with this money. In the last few weeks, most people have liked those vegetables, and now they wish to buy some vegetables directly from my garden. These vegetables are good for my health because I do not use any chemicals in my garden. I only use biochemicals, which is best for our health. We also supply fruit and flowers from my garden into the local market. It is a profitable business, and it helps to develop my garden day by day. In the future me and my father planned to raise birds in my garden, birds like pigeons, parrots, ducks and much more. A garden is a peaceful place in my home. I wonder if we raise this kind of bird in my garden. It will help to increase the nature of my garden.

By analyzing the above essay, it can be defined that the garden is one of the most important parts of human life. My garden is a very peaceful place for me and my father. My father is also appointed a gardener for cutting grass and looking after the cleanness of my garden. My father is doing a job, so he does not have enough time to clean my garden. After returning home from the office, my father spent one to two hours in my garden. He said that a garden is a beautiful place, after a long office work it helps to decrease the pressure. The ideal research essay topic is one on which you know something.

On the other hand, when I return home from my office, I also spend some time in my garden for some fresh air, and it is the best place for exercise for my father and me. In this essay, I defined my garden and how I implement my garden using some simple steps. My father supports me in implementing my garden, and now my father and I spend lots of time in my garden.  Alos We offer services, right from selecting admission essay topics,

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