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About Planets

A planet is a heavenly body that does not have its light but rotates around a star. This planetary system is known as the solar system. It is made of various gases, ice, and so on. There are nine important planets like Mercury, Mars, Earth, Uranus, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto in our solar system. But it is said that Pluto is now out of our solar system. There are also many planets in our solar system. Gathering the eight planets and moon in the solar system that revolves around the sun in an orbit with asteroid comments, meteoroids are called the solar system. It denotes a family of the star sun. Sun is a major part of this system.

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Mercury is the first planet of our solar system that is the closest planet to the sun. It is known as the inner planet of the solar system. It has some similarities to the earth as its density, mass, and diameter are close to the earth. But mercury's surface temperature is hotter than the temperature of the earth as it is the closest to the sun and also the smallest planet and larger than the Moon in the solar system. The surface temperature of Mercury is both cold and hot at an extreme level. Day temperature of this planet can reach 430 OC (800 OF).


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Venus is the second planet in our solar system. Venus rotates very slowly of its lack of magnetic field. The atmosphere of this planet consists of 2% Nitrogen and 98% carbon. In this atmosphere neon, helium and argon are also present. Its surface is very dangerous for almost active volcanoes. This is different from the earth which has no water liquid.

Earth is the only planet that is perfect for the survival of living things. It is our lovely planet where we live together. It is the third planet known as the blue planet. To live, essential elements like air, land, and water, and temperature are adequate for peasants that create a suitable and healthy atmosphere for growing all animated things.  The earth consists of 70% water and 30% land. Other various planets earth also moves around the sun and takes 365 days to finish a complete rotation around the sun.

Nowadays it has become a burning issue for astronauts to discover life on Mars. It is also known as the red planet made of iron minerals. It is searching for the elements for existing life here in the future. So many satellites have reached Mars to discover a suitable atmosphere for living. But it has a problem that its surface’s temperature is the coldest and it has a lack of water.


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The fifth planet is Jupiter that has a thick layer of gas in the atmosphere and a barely, dark visible ring. It has a strong and wide magnetic field, composed of various gases. Jupiter is 748, 9000, 0000 km approximately from the sun. Jupiter has 13 small and 4 bigger moons. Ganymede of Jupiter is the largest moon in our solar system.

Saturn is another interesting planet that is made of ice. In the solar system, Saturn takes a sight position. It is most interesting for its array of rings. It is the brightest planet because of the light gas in the solar system. Saturn has no solid surface.  Its rings are more viewable than any other planet.

Uranus is a planet that consists of methane gas. It looks like blue-green for its atmosphere. There is a cloud in the troposphere that is made of methane. Cloud of this planet creates a recycle through creating and wrecking the heavy crystal.


The Jovian planets

The word planet is derived from the Greek word Planets that means to the wanderer. The Jovian planet denotes outer planets such as Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn. The word Jovian is used to describe extrasolar planets like Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune. The Jovian planet is first noticed using a telescope. This name is taken from Roman king Jupiter. That means anything is related to love or Jupiter. This' Jovian planet consists of helium, hydrogen, and other heavier elements. These Jovian planets are much bigger than Earth, Venus, Mercury, Mars are known as terrestrial planets.


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Inner planet

The inner planet is also known as terrestrial planets like Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury. The main characteristics of a terrestrial planet are its rocky surface, small in size and density and it consists of 70 % water. These planets are red and have more or one moon. These inner p[lanet are rockier and closer to the sun. It is also said that terrestrial planets are made of iron, silicate minerals, and nickel metal. The earth consists of three elements like oxygen, silicon, and iron. Another character of this type of planet is slower spin, orbits, and made of metal. Venus and Mercury have no moons but Mars has two and Earth has one moon. These inner planets have small orbits. Geographically it is said that the terrestrial planet has no ring.

It can be said that the universe has spread widely. It is so big that it is impossible to measure and imagine its length. Our solar system, which consists of many planets and asteroids, is a small part of the universe. Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Marse, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune move around the sun following an exact and fixed path that means an exact orbit. Many planets have their inherent satellites that are defined as the moon. The number of moons of Neptune is 14, of Satun 62, of Uranus is 27 and of Jupiter is more than 79. Jupiter has the highest number of moons. Besides, the sun, moons, and planets are made of various celestial bodies that are called asteroids, comets, and meteoroids. The dwarf planet indicates those planets which are full in size. The main difference between full-size and dwarf planets is their orbit that does not exist in dwarf planets but has in full-size planets.  Celestial bodies are natural components that happen in the universe.  It can be said that our solar planet is made of eight planets, sun, moons, asteroids, and dwarf planets.

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