publisher  June 18,2021  Research Paper

How To Write A Research Proposal

Now that you have passed school and got an entry into college, you might be excited. However, it’s too early to assess what life has in store for you. College/university isn’t easy as there are numerous research proposals and assignm

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 publisher  June 04,2021  Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Meaning Simplified

For any university student, understanding the dissertation meaning goes a long way in ensuring that you don't stray from the essence of the academic paper.  The meaning of a dissertation is pretty simple – It

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 publisher  May 19,2021  Education

Active Vs. Passive Voice: Understanding The Differences With Examples

To learn active vs. passive voice, you need to first understand the meaning of these terms. The active and passive voice is commonly used while writing sentences. You will use any of these two to communicate an idea or experience. These can be very c

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 publisher  May 12,2021  Education

Understanding The Basics Of Punctuation

Punctuation is one of the earliest tools of English grammar that students earn right after mastering letters and words. It is a vital element that makes it possible for you to comprehend any writing correctly.  Before you move on to learn

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 publisher  April 23,2021  Education

Six Trial And Tested Steps For Writing An Impressive Hypothesis

The hypothesis statement governs your scientific experiments and helps you find a topic for your science fair project. The statement is also responsible for almost 30% grades in your science paper. So, it isn’t an option but a necessity to lear

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 publisher  April 06,2021  Essay Help

What Should You Know For Writing An Impressive Autobiography

Autobiography comes under the most robust categories of nonfiction writing. It has an unmatched level of intimacy among readers of the wider biography genre. As you begin your autobiography, hundreds of questions will pop into your mind, like “

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