publisher  September 15,2021  Referencing And Citation

A Guide To The Harvard Referencing Style

Referencing is a crucial aspect of any kind of content, academic or otherwise. The necessity of referencing and citations are numerous:   It is a reference to the source of information and acknowledges the contribution of that work to the te

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 publisher  August 26,2021  Essay Help

101 Of Writing An Illustrative Essay

Students are often asked to write an illustration essay as an exercise before writing an elaborate thesis on the same topic in the future. The whole point of writing illustrative essays is to find and savour the joy of discovering something uniq

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 publisher  August 12,2021  Essay Help

How To Write A Hook For An Essay?

A hook is usually the primary one or two sentences of an essay or article that's designed to grab the reader’s attention. A hook for an essay works like bait to grab readers' attention. The way to write a hook is a tough skill to accumulate wh

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 publisher  July 31,2021  Essay Format

How To Write An Essay Outline?

The outline is a must for writing perfect essays; it is like a tool that students can use to bring their essays in shape when they get de-tracked while essay composing essays. An outline has a purpose; it creates a structure and perspective for the i

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 publisher  July 15,2021  Education

A Brief Introduction To Different Types Of Sentences

Have you ever come across a speech or a piece of text and thought, “Why couldn’t I form sentences like that?” We all have been there. And even though most of us communicate in English on a daily basis, we still don’t quite kno

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 publisher  June 25,2021  Essay Topics

List Of Essay Topic Suggestions For College Students

Topic selection for a college-level essay will not be as simple as you may think it to be. There are various factors you need to determine while picking the best college essay topic. Unlike your high school essays, it will not be that easy to sc

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