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What Is Drought

Drought is a long period without any rain and it sometimes causes famine. It is likely to happen in a dry and hot climate. This is one of the major natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods. However, among all the weather-related economic impacts, droughts are the second after the hurricane as it causes much damage like a hurricane. This is a very dangerous condition that can reduce the quality of human and animal life. Drought is termed as a natural disaster with harmful effects. Droughts occurs usually when any region or area faces a shortage of water. This is because of the lesser rainfall. Moreover, droughts have also proven of being fatal for wildlife as well as mankind. Drought is not only a few missed spots of rain but it is a long period when rainfall is much less than the average for more than one season usually. Drought occurs normally when the temperature is much higher than the normal temperature. Our professional academic paper writing service will pair you up with the best expert writer who has profound knowledge and years of academic writing experience.   We have toppers from every area of subjects. So when you are hiring our experts, you get writers with the most amount of experience in the subject. Analysing the demands of your assignment, our writing company will get you the best expert writer. Drought can be caused by human activities such as overpopulating areas or the overuse of water, which can cause scarcity of water or can create a lack of water. Droughts can be of various types such as:

Meteorological droughts: This type of drought is caused by the changing climate and weather like the wind patterns, changing the air temperature, or changing the temperature of the sea. These types of droughts are the droughts, which compare the precipitation to the historical average. The change in the human cause climate is the key reason for this type of droughts in some of the areas or regions.

Hydrological droughts: This type of drought is caused due to the low amount of water in the soil or the natural system. This type of drought is tied to meteorological droughts closely. groundwater, reservoirs, lakes, river, streams, and the snowpack in the mountain, which are the key factors of this type of drought.

Agricultural droughts: This type of drought occurs when the amount of water is very less than the needed water by crops. Therefore, the amount of water in the reservoir, the groundwater, and the soil are the factors that are much responsible for the agricultural drought.

Socio-economic drought: This type of drought occurs when water demand becomes higher than the available water. Lacking drinking water or enough water for household works can cause such a drought. Anyone can ask ‘check my paper for plagiarism’ to us to identify potential plagiarism in their work. We are a comprehensive plagiarism checking software which can meet the specified requirements of students, bloggers, SEO-writers, content developers, teachers, and professionals.

Therefore, the conservation of water is the easiest method for reducing the effect of the drought. People can follow some of the simple tasks for reducing the wastage of water like turning off the water while brushing or they must reuse the water, people can harvest the rainwater, which is another great idea, which will help people to save gallons of water in one month. Moreover, for a farmer, drought is very dangerous. As the farmers do not have that much supply of water, the crops harvested by them dry out. It becomes the reason for worry as this is the only way for the income. Moreover, drought can lead to various issues for mankind and the environment as well.

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Causes of drought

Drought is the period of the dry than the normal condition of the climate and soil, which results in the water-related issues. Snowfall or rainfalls in the uneven pattern in the various regions of any country can cause drought. The amount of precipitation at any particular location can vary from one year to another. However, over a period, the average amount is constant. In the southwest desert areas, the average precipitation is less than 4 inches every year. On the other hand, the average precipitation in Atlanta is near about 50 inches yearly. The amount of the snow and the rainfall varies as well with the various seasons, In the country of Georgia, the precipitation falls during the early spring and winter and in July. Even in the total amount of rainfall for one year is about the average and the rainfall shortages may occur during the period when the moisture is required for the growth of the plants and crops mainly in early summer. When no or little rainfall is there, soil can dry out as well as plants or crops can die. When veery less rainfall is there than the normal rainfall than several years, months, and weeks, the flow of the rivers and the streams can decline, the reservoirs and the levels of the water in lakes can fall and the depth of the water can maximize. if the dry climate persists as well as the problems related to water supply developed, the dry period can cause drought. Starting of the drought can be very difficult to determine. Several years, weeks, and months may pass before the people can know that the drought is occurring. The end of the drought may be caused as this started gradually. The dry periods may last for approx. 10 years or more than that. In the year 1930, most of the areas of the United States were drier than the normal weather. In California, they have also seen drought for a longer period. The drought in California extended from 1928 to the year 1937, which was a long period. The drought in Missouri lasted from the year 1930 to the year 1941. The lasted dry weather or dry period produced a dust bowl in the year 1930 when the storm of dust had been seen that destroyed the farms and crops. The first evidence of the drought is seen in the records of the rainfall. Within a short period, the moisture amount in the coil can start to reduce. The impact of the drought on the flow in the reservoir and the streams may not be noticed sometimes for several months and several weeks. The level of the water in the wells may not sometimes reflect the shortage of rainfall for one year or more than one year after the drought starts. If your writing skill is the reason for getting poor grades, Essaygator.com will give you a wonderful learning experience. Our research paper tutors will help in sharpening your research paper writing skills. The writer will also support you with valuable tips from experts.

Impact of drought

Drought is one of the serious disasters or issues that affects the entire vegetation, wildlife, and mankind greatly. Moreover, the region that experiences the drought needs much time for recovering from such a disaster. This is a severe condition that interferes with the functioning as well as quality of the life. Most of the significant aspects are that the agriculture sector suffers much because of the drought. For example, the farmers can face much loss in livestock production and well as crop production hugely. Moreover, the farmers can experience wind erosion as well as the disease of plants. Similarly, the farmers also face huge financial losses because of the drought and the damage due to the drought. The financial condition of the farmers gets worsen and the farmers end up in the debt. This also causes higher rates the suicide and depression among the farmers.

Moreover, because of the drought, the wildlife also suffers. Animals do not get the needed water for drinking, which sometimes causes death to many animals. Moreover, when forest fire occurs because of the droughts, the animals also lose their lives and habitats. Just like the other natural disaster, droughts are also very dangerous can result in inflation of the prices. Because of the droughts, the basic products also become expensive and poor people become unable to buy them or access the necessary products and foods because of the high prices. Similarly, droughts also reduce the quality of soil, which results in the poor quality of crop harvest. In brief, this can be said that drought is a catastrophic natural disaster, which can not be stopped completely. However, people can save some water for this situation by reserving rainwater or storing water by digging well. This also causes loss of vegetation, human life, and animal life as well as. This also gives the rise to other various dangerous issues such as famine. The government, as well as citizens, should join their hands in preventing the drought for saving hundreds of lives. This joint may help in saving the world from this type of disaster.

Effect of drought on the water level

Groundwater that is found in the aquifers below the earth's surface, is the most significant natural resource in any nation. The groundwater can be used for providing a large part of the population of the nation with drinking water. This also provides the industries and business water for their usage purpose and this can also be used for irrigation extensively. The level of the water in the aquifer, which suppliers the well does never stay the same. Seasonal variations in the rainfall, underground water level, and pumping impact the underground water level height. If the well is pumped at a faster rate than the aquifer is recharged by the precipitation then the level of the water in the well will be lowered. This may occur in drought because of the lack of rain. The water level in the well may also be lowered if the wells near the well are withdrawing much water.

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