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Complete Essay on How Would You Characterize Yourself

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How Would You Characterize Yourself Essay

Character is an essential asset in one's life. It portrays all the individual characteristics and qualities that differentiate them from others. The character of an individual is an assimilation of qualities that makes one unique from others. In this essay, I will draw insight into myself and characterize my qualities. I am currently a student living with my family, and all my friends are from the same city. I am serious towards studies, although mathematics is my favourite subject as it connects me to logic. I am very fond of travelling; however, I did not get the right opportunity to explore the hidden gems of my country. I am a friendly individual, and I like interacting with people and communicating with them. Qualities that describe me and my character are honesty, diligence, courage, truthfulness and patience. I believe that these characteristics are credit factors to a person, and I ultimately exemplify these traits. Use essay rewriter tool which is very easy to use.

Honesty is a trait that I firmly hold within myself. I believe this trait takes one to varying places in life and can be easily practised to be successful, happy, and fulfilled. It helps to lead a fulfilling and free life. Including honesty in one's life is not about addressing the truth but staying honest with oneself and others. The trait of honesty allows one to be true to themselves and lie an authentic life. This trait also allows me to include openness inside me and helps me develop consistency in my work and life decisions. I wish to be in a managerial position one day and work with so many people together where honesty will be highly required. Moreover, when I work for a company, they will expect me to be honest in my job role and deliver productive work. I am strictly against deception, as it will delude me to accepting a false reality and hamper my actions. You can use paraphrasing tool that helps you to rephrase your entire content.

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Like honesty, diligence is another positive trait that I acquire. As I am persistent towards my daily work and studies, I believe this hard work will help me benefit in future. Diligence is an assimilation of patience and hard work, and I acquire both qualities within me. In the future, when I pursue higher studies or apply to any job role, my present diligence will bear fruits then and help me use my gained knowledge and apply it to do well in life. Due diligence is required in every phase of life, and without diligence, success is difficult to acquire. Every company searches for qualities like diligence and honesty in their employee, and as I withhold both traits, I can be an asset to the company. Furthermore, being diligent also allows one to take efficient career decisions, which cannot be gained if anybody is idle. An author once said that it is better to be a wandering dog than a lying lion, and I try to comply with this thought in my life. You can get essay help from our reliable essay helper.

Every person is scared of something or the other, but it is necessary that every person faces their fear and have the courage to challenge oneself to overcome the hurdles or fears in life. I have, with time, tried to develop the trait of courage in myself. I am scared of staying alone. Although later in life, I may have to decide to live alone due to higher studies or job posting. Hence, I require the trait of courage that can help me face my fears and take a new stand in life.

Moreover, there will be many uncertainties in life when my courage helps me respond to those positively and believe that it is the scariest just before the start, but I should attain the necessary strength to take the plunge, and things will settle in time. I believe courage is the secret ingredient that allows people to act even when they are scared or confused. It allows us to attempt new things and take risks in life. This attainment of courage helps me build my confidence which is very important in life. An under-confident person cannot flourish in life, and I wish to be a successful manager in the future, requiring all the above-discussed traits and skills.

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Along with honesty includes another trait which is truthfulness. Any honest person is also truthful. Being truthful allows an individual to grow and mature and accept the lessons learnt from the failures witnessed in life. The characteristics of being truthful allow me to make a significant bond with others in society and has also helped me make an impression on my tutors, professors and coaches. However, I am working on how truthful I can be without hurting anybody's sentiment in the process. I have seen that truthfulness and tact work together, and as I have to work with various people with different outlooks and traits, I cannot hurt them with my words or else my truth will not be acceptable by everyone. Moreover, to be a manager in future, I must know how to tackle my way out with other employees.

Finally, the last character that I acquire is patience. Patience is a vital trait that must be present in every person. It is seen in life that not everything is found right away, or we cannot expect the result as soon a question is asked. My family has helped me cultivate patience and encouraged me to acquire such regular that helped me. I have understood that patience is what helps us to face adversity and frustration without getting agitated. Meditation is another way to enhance the level of patience within oneself. I have joined meditation classes that will help me ease my mind and assists me in dealing with good and bad situations efficiently and do good things for society. Thus, in the essay, I have shown the various characters that I possess and how all these characters make me ready for the future battle after college life. These characteristics will measure how well I can settle my disputes and finish my work efficiently.

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