Essay on Environment

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Essay On Environment

Harmful impacts of human activity on the biophysical environment are referred to as environmental issues. The failure of environmental protection leads to environmental issues. The practice of protecting the natural environment on the governmental, individual or organizational level is known as environmental protection (Eder et al. 2017). It benefits both humans and the environment. An environmental and social movement named environmentalism is required to address the environmental issues with the assistance of education, activism and advocacy. Since your assignments determine your overall grades, you cannot submit a half-baked assignment. From conducting detailed research to putting the gathered information in the correct format – get the best academic essay writing services in the USA for it all.

The emission of carbon dioxide into the environment increases the level of greenhouse gases, which in turn causes global warming. Therefore, greenhouse gas is a major contributor of the climate change (Balogh and Walker 2020). The level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has already overshoot 400 parts per million, which is the above threshold that can potentially lead to climate change. Thus, climate change is no more considered a distant future threat. In recent years, the number of people affected by extreme weather conditions has also scaled up.

The disasters caused by the climate is on the rise. Two decades ago, the level of climate-related disasters was almost 50 %, which hiked to almost 70 % now. Apart from the heavier human toll, these disasters also cause higher losses. People affected by climate-related disasters were 2.4 billion in the last decade, which was comparatively lower in the previous decade to 1.7 billion 9 Jia et al. 2017). Anyone can ask ‘check my paper for plagiarism’ to us to identify potential plagiarism in their work.

As a result, it has induced the cost of responding to disasters tenfold from 1992 to 2008. Environmental issues like droughts, destructive sudden heavy rainfall, repeated flooding and intense tropical storms have scaled up dramatically. In many cases, it had accelerated the vulnerability of the local communities when there was an absence of proper actions. It is a global problem that continues to impact the humans and environment. Humans play a vital role in destructing the environment.

As per estimation, the population of global humans will grow by 2 billion by the year 2050 (Reed et al. 2017). As a result, the total global human population will reach 9.6 billion. Therefore, it can be said the level of destruction caused by the global human population will also rise. Thus, it will deteriorate the environment and cause climate change. A rise in global temperature or global warming is one of the major side effects of increasing human activity. Over the past 50 years, economies across the world have witnessed the menace of global warming due to human activities. For example, the average temperature in the United States has risen from 0.7 degrees Celsius to 1.1 degrees Celsius since 1985. Major environmental issues include pollution, environmental degradation, resource depletion and climate change. There are various environmental challenges that people will face ahead. Thus, United Nations encouraged a global plan of action adopted in 2015 to achieve a world that is prosperous, fairer and more respectful towards the environment with the next ten years.

It will help to lower the detrimental effects of environmental degradation. Since 1990, the emission of carbon dioxide increased by around 50 %, which in turn stimulated global warming. It has accelerated climate change, which is threatening the survival of millions of people. Meteorological events such as fires and floods, droughts are also threatening the survival of animals and plants. These meteorological events have become more extreme and intense with the rise in emissions of carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is necessary for the human to take measures to mitigate the adverse impacts of the climate change. Moreover, the adaptation to its consequences is also equally important to cope up with the situation. The Paris agreement dictated the countries to the level of global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Environmental issues affect the health of humans drastically.

According to the estimation of the World Health Organization, 90 % of the total global human population breathes polluted air, which must be addressed in order to lower the determinantal effects of the polluted air on their health. Air pollution is caused the environmental issues. The reduction of the air pollution is necessary to lower the level of respiratory illnesses, which causes 7 million death each year. Human activities cause the water to become contaminated. Contaminated water leads to the major health disorders, which takes lives of 5 million peoples each year (Reed et al. 2016). Dumping needs to be lowered, the use of chemicals needs to be limited, and wastewater needs to be treated properly in order to avoid these health issues. Human activities have made the oceans giant waste dumps, especially for plastics.

As a result, it aggravates serious environmental problems related to the oceans, such as damage to ecosystems because of the dumping of pollutants, fuel spills, wastewater and global warming (Bowen, Bansal and Slawinski 2018). In order to solve this problem, it is essential to improve the management of protected areas. Thus, it will allow sufficient resources. Therefore, it will reduce pollution, acidification of the ocean and overfishing.

Environmental issues must be addressed in order to solve any kind of problem. The effects of the environmental issues can be prevented with the help of sustainability. The unsustainable way of living causes damages to the environment. Moreover, it also causes depletion of natural resources (Hasnat, Kabir and Hossain 2018). The use of natural resources must be sustainable to protect it for future consumption. The government along with other institutions, need to put the effort in the right direction that will not limit the global warming but also will encourage the sustainable use of natural resources. The price of human activities should be scaled up as urged by the environmentalist and economists for years in order to control the emission of carbon dioxide, which leads to global warming. One of the biggest environmental issues like global warming can be controlled through this step. The lack of these activities will lead to market failures. The imposition of carbon taxes by economies across the world will not only lower the emission of carbon dioxide but also stimulate innovations in low carbon technologies.

Many governments of the countries took the initiatives like funding for green innovation to bring down the costs of low carbon energy sources. However, it is not to lower the emissions efficiently. A range of other policies will be required to address the problem of market failure. There are 25 countries across the world that imposed carbon taxes for the reduction of carbon emissions (Abernethy, Maisels and White 2016). These countries include Japan, Ukraine, Canada, Singapore and Argentina. Both developed and developing countries suffered from the problem of environmental issues. However, the adverse impact of the environmental issues is lower in the case of the developing countries as these countries failed to address the problem of environmental issues in comparison with the developed countries.

The implementation of carbon taxes and other measures to control the environmental issues are also higher in the case of the developed countries compared to the developing countries. The mismanagement of food consumption leads to a large amount of food waste in countries around the world (Prăvălie 2016). Though a majority of the population of the developing countries are unable to have sufficient food, the problem of food wastage is also there in these countries. Food waste is considered the 3rd highest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Urbanization and globalization also major contributors to greenhouse gases. It has increased human activities related to international trade, population and human consumption. It has caused losses of natural resources at a faster rate. Overconsumption of food increases the requirement of more agricultural lands (Ebadi et al. 2020). Thus, it has forced the conversion of the habitats. Many habitats such as grasslands, mangroves and forests were converted into the agriculture system. As a result, it has caused major biodiversity losses, which in turn has boosted the environmental issues. It has also contributed towards the higher emissions of carbon dioxide, which need to be controlled in order to protect the loss of biodiversity. Plastic pollution also caused a major problem for the natural environment.

Environmental issues are a major threat to the humans and natural environment. There are various reasons that cause environmental issues. These reasons include biodiversity loss, plastic pollution and food wastage (Harper and Snowden 2017). The use of non-renewable sources like fossil fuels by human beings leads to a massive change in the climate. It mainly produces a large amount of greenhouse gases in the environment, which is responsible for climate change.

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Thus, the conservation of natural resources can reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. Therefore, it will create a positive impact on the natural environment, which will, in turn, protect human beings as well (Middleton 2018). Conservation of natural resources can be done on a small scale and a large scale.

As a result, human beings need to take appropriate steps for the conservation of natural resources in order to encourage the longevity and health of both humankind and the planet. It will help to solve the problems related to environmental issues, which in turn aggravates the problem of global warming.



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