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Afforestation involves planting new seeds to grow trees in areas that have not been forested in the past. The process of afforestation may happen due to natural or artificial causes. Reforestation is considered to be a type of afforestation. In Reforestation, a previously forested area that had got deforested is restored by planting new seeds. The process of afforestation is important as it helps convert barren and uncultivated land into forests. The importance of afforestation lies in the fact that forests are important ecosystems that provide homes for many species. Afforestation and its different forms may be explored due to different reasons. The purpose of afforestation is found to be two-folds; conservational and industrial. Sometimes afforestation is done for conservational purposes keeping in mind the best interest of the land. Conservational afforestation is done in cases where the land has been previously destroyed or to increase the fertility of the existing land. Commercial or industrial afforestation is done to increase the output of timber or wood in a specific area or region. If you need essay assignment help then contact us.

The importance of afforestation has increased in the current times due to global warming and climate change. By increasing the number of trees, the atmospheric carbon can be reduced to mitigate climate change. The importance of forests to reduce carbon cannot be ignored. Several species of animals and plants thrive in forests. After oceans, forests store the highest percentage of carbon in the atmosphere. When harmful greenhouse gases are absorbed by the atmosphere, climate change-related phenomena are reduced. Tropical forests can alone absorb a quarter of trillion tons of carbon which is absorbed by the ground. Trees in forests also reduce soil erosion and prevent groundwater pollution. As forests act as buffers from harmful natural disasters such as floods and rains, they are extremely important. You can get trusted essay writer for essays service.

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Almost 80% of the animal species live in forests. Humans are also dependent on forests to survive as forests are a source of fresh oxygen and wood. Almost 2 million people across the globe rely on forests for their income, water, fuel and food. Directly or indirectly, forests play an important role in the lives of people. Most of the raw materials required for everyday use by humans are sourced from forests. Sixty million indigenous people consider forests as their home. When forests are lost, then an entire ecosystem is destroyed, making it essential to restore forests in new areas through afforestation. Check out rate my paper tool to rate your paper.

In today’s world, it is found that the harmful effects of global warming and climate change have reduced forest cover in many areas. Previously existing forest areas have diminished and got destroyed due to climate change-related issues. Afforestation is considered a good solution to this issue as it promotes planting or developing new trees and forest areas. However, planting trees in unforested areas would impact the existing ecosystem of the area, which would need to be considered. Some views on challenges in afforestation also state that even though afforestation is a solution to climate change, it can also affect the process of afforestation. Newly planted trees may be affected by droughts and temperature variations that would prevent them from growing. Thus, new forests developed through afforestation would have to ensure that drought and shade-tolerant species are used.

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Afforestation is also greatly impacted by the increasing demand and consumption of wood. The high rate of wood consumption exceeds that of afforestation which indicates that trees are cut down at a much higher rate than what they are planted. Climate change has also affected the growth and survival of certain plant species. For example, the mountain pine beetle, which is a popular species found in the cold regions of North America, have diminished due to warmer weather conditions. These factors affect afforestation as replanting certain species becomes difficult and, in some cases, impossible due to extinction.

Afforestation projects are currently being launched in different parts of the world to reduce the loss of forest cover. One of the projects launched under the afforestation schemes includes the Youth in Agriculture and Afforestation program in Ghana (YAAP). African countries face many issues due to climate change, due to which they have developed good practices and guidelines to restore their forest land. The YAAP program aims to ensure that all the relevant stakeholders of the forest gain equal and fair access to land and forest resources. The forest area coverage in Africa has been affected by urbanisation and population growth. The YAAP program collaborates with the county's youth to restore the Densu basin which is an important water source for the Accra area. Through this program, a buffer zone is being identified of 300 hectares to plant new trees. Creating a buffer zone is to ensure that soil erosion and the depth of the basin is reduced.

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China also launched an afforestation program in 2020 with a 15-year-old ecological conservation plan to protect the country’s forest coverage. The project is known as the “Three Norths Shelterbelt” or the “Great Green Wall”, which is a major project to save a series of plantations in Northern China. The effects of the Gobi Desert have taken over the grasslands in Northern China, causing serious agricultural effects such as desertification. The Three Norths Shelterbelt program uses aerial seeding to plant trees in more fertile soils. The country also offers incentives to farmers to plant more trees in arid regions. The Great Green Wall is made by planting a belt of sand tolerant vegetation. Such measures aim at reducing the impact of dust storms on the green vegetation of the country.

Efforts such as the YAAP program in Ghana, Africa and the Three Norths Shelterbelt in Northern China are considered relevant to support afforestation in the face of climate change. These efforts have helped transformed and protect ecosystems from existing instead of becoming dry and barren over time. Therefore, it can be concluded that afforestation must be taken up on a global level to reverse the negative effects of climate change and support the growth and development of forest ecosystems.

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