Essay On World Health Day is Celebrated On

Complete Essay On World Health Day is Celebrated On

World Health Day Is Celebrated On


World Health organization was formed on 7th April, 1948.  On understanding the significance of the health for the effective life across the world, the world health day is celebrated on 7th April on the formation day of the world health organization (WHO). World health day can be considered as the health awareness day which is celebrated across the world.  It presents the fact that health is life but in the present society, the human beings are not able to offer their attention on their health because of their busy schedule of life. The health of the humans is adversely affected because of the severe lifestyle, stress and higher level of work. world health day is mainly being celebrated in order to create a sense of consciousness on the importance of the health. We introduced rate my paper tool to rate your paper.

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On the day of the world health day, the message is being given to the humans to be aware of their own health and the government is highly encouraged to conduct various number of the healthy policies in context to this. The world health organization celebrates the world health day on the 7th April in order to enhance the standard of health of the people across the world.  The concept is that every human being must acquire the facilities of the good health at the reasonable prices. Researches show that there are millions of people who are becoming a victim to the terrible diseases. Hence, the conversations and the consciousness on the topics like the prevention and the correct arrangement of the diseases are incorporated as the main aim of the health day.  The world health organization defines the human health as the physically, socially and the mentally healthy state of the  humans. We have best essay writers for essay writing services.

The history of the world health day mainly goes back to the time of 1948. The world health organization comprehended the requirement to incorporate leading physicians from across the world to make significant decisions which were connected to the various issues of health.  It prepared the world health assembly in the year of 1948 for this reason. It was the first world health assembly and it has 194 member nations. The world health organization is mainly administered by the member states which have been chosen to create the world highest health policy setting body. The health minister of the member states is a constituent of this body.  It was for the first time during the time of the world health assembly, a specific date was being dedicated for the celebration of the world health.  It is to be noted that all the other member states mutually agreed that this was a great idea and April 7 was considered as the world heath day. The requirements for the world health day were being conducted because of the enhancing number of the diseases which was occurring across the world.  Various number of the diseases spread in various parts of the world and this further leads to the epidemics. This eventually causes a sense of panic among the people.  Therefore, through the initiatives and the activities which were prepared on the world health day, people were being made to be conscious of the various diseases and even the ways to prevent them. You must use essay rewriter tool also.

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Anti-larvae and the pesticides are being sprayed in various locations in order to stop the outbreak of the mosquitoes. In this day, people are made conscious of the prevention of the various number of the diseases. Campaigns of awareness in the district and the block levels are being organized on this day in order to stop the vector borne diseases.

It is to be noted that a major theme is being selected for every year for the celebration of the world health day. The subject mainly incorporates a special concern of health.  The activities of the world health day mainly rotate around the selected topic. In general, the activities are mainly arranged to present the significance of the health.  Here, people are motivated to alter their unhealthy lifestyle and even select a healthy lifestyle which incorporates the correct diet and even exercises. Various number of the activities are being arranged on the world health day in order to make the people conscious of the health. It even enables the people to understand the ways in which various issues of the health can be eradicated and the right maintenance of life can be conducted. Demonstrations and speeches are being conducted in order to show respect to the ones who are fighting against the various number of diseases.  The theme of the world health day 2020 was to offer support to the nurses and the midwives.  Speeches were even given in order to encourage and even motivate the patients and the members of the family in order to make them understand that they are not alone in their respective fights.  Various number of the skits were even prepared and even games were being conducted to make the people comprehend these facts in a very interesting way.

There are various number of the educational institutions like the schools and the colleges across the world which ensures in celebrating the world health day n which speeches, quiz, competition, sports and the other activities are being prepared in the school to support the children to learn about the significance of heath.  Writing essay and debate competitions are also being conducted in this day.


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In conclusion, it is to be noted that people have become so much busy with their work that they regard the health as their secondary importance.  World health day is therefore conducted in order to emphasize the significance of making the health as the priority.   It is to be noted that one can only handle the other parts of their life only when one is healthy.  It is therefore correct to say that the healthy brain mainly resides in the healthy body. It is important for every individual from the children to the adults to ensure that the right maintenance of health is being conducted or followed.

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