World Environment Day Essay

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World Environment Day Essay

Every year on June 5th, World Environment Day is commemorated. For the very first time, it was commemorated in 1973, following a United Nations conference on Human Environment. Annually, a different subject is chosen to raise awareness about the environment and global concerns. Exhibitions, musicals, marches, competitions, and campaigning are among the many ways in which the commemoration are held.

World Environment Day's major goal is to raise public awareness about various environmental challenges and to safeguard our environment for a brighter future. Many environmentalists, educators, scientists, and politicians participate in these events and present new ideas for environmental protection and conservation. As part of the campaigns, many discussions, presentations, art and paintings, demonstrations, and quizzes are held. Numerous schools, colleges, and businesses participate in contests, tree planting, public space cleaning, recycling, global climate change, and other activities. Dramas, plays, and films are performed in schools and universities to educate students about environmental changes, how our atmosphere is decreasing, and how to safeguard and safeguard our environment. We offer the best assignment help online for all the major components of this subject. 

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Environmentally friendly growth of Planet

It is a campaign to raise public awareness about environmentally friendly products and to promote the creation of a clean, green, pollution-free world for succeeding generations. Also, to encourage the people to participate actively in the environmentally friendly growth of our planet. Every year, these events take place in various cities and countries. Because this is a global problem that cannot be solved by a single country. International displays are also organized as part of the celebrations. Despite the fact that it is not a holiday, practically everyone participates in these activities in the hopes of a brighter tomorrow and long-term prosperity. India sponsored World Environment Day in 2018, with the theme "Beat Plastic." It was a campaign to minimize the use of polyethylene and persuade the audience, businesses, and governments to reduce plastic manufacturing and disposal in the oceans, which harms marine life and pollutes the water. This campaign included a variety of activities, such as clean-up drives coastal areas and public spaces. The initiative also highlighted how much we have become overly dependent on plastics and disposable goods. India's government has committed to making the country plastic-free by 2022.  Need immediate assistance in assignments.

World Environment Day activities by United Nations Environment Programme's

The United Nations Environment Programme's good will messengers deliver messages around the world encouraging people to participate in World Environment Day activities. This campaign encourages people to attend its celebration gathering in large numbers in order to become more aware of current environmental situations and to become agents of effective environmental initiatives to battle environmental issues. We should participate in the festivities and commit to protect our ecosystem for the sake of a better future. Annually, a separate city hosts the commemoration of this campaign, which includes a week-long worldwide exhibition. Through this effort, the United Nations raises awareness of the environment and encourages people to participate in it. It is a successful annual programme that encourages constructive public action and political attention. Apart from the host city's commemoration, countries celebrate World Environment Day in their own states, cities, countries of origin, schools, universities, public places, and so forth, with parades, cleaning up activities, music events, recycling initiatives, tree planting, and other green activities to encourage and motivate people to care about the state of this beautiful planet. Because it is not a national holiday, all institutions and offices are open and no one is paid. It's a collaborative effort to take some positive steps toward preserving the planet's beauty, easier only at 

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It is commemorated by individuals from all over the world working together. The topic of this year's World Environment Day celebrations was "fighting illegal wildlife trade for life," and Angola was the host country. An enviromental fair was hosted in Chennai and Bangalore in 2009, with operations such as on-the-spot painting competitions, student education programs on e-waste administration, renewable power devices, conservation efforts, rainwater collection structures, waste reusing and recycling processes, debates on rising global climate change, environmentally friendly wastes, and consciousness drives about the "go green" revolution, among others. You can use rate my paper tool.

Environmentally friendly wastes "go green" revolution

The ecosystem not only works to keep the climate in balance, but it also offers all of the necessities for existence. Today, science has pushed technology and the world has progressed significantly; nevertheless, science is also accountable for rising environmental contamination. The environment has suffered as a result of modernization, industrialization, and the usage of ever-increasing technology. Because of man's selfishness, he harvests trees and plays with natural resources, causing tremendous environmental devastation. The atmosphere, biosphere, and other natural systems are being impacted by man-made factors, the earth's temperature will increase, and the challenge of global warming is developing, which is extremely detrimental to human life. As a result, realizing the value of the environment, we should all work together to save it.  Each year, a subject is chosen upon which the festivities are organized. The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are also promoted on World Environment Day. SDGs 14 and 15 are concerned with the protection of environments on land and at sea. It also addresses the use of aquatic and coastal resources for long-term sustainability. The goal of the day is to get governments, businesses, and individuals involved in the struggle to save the environment. People are being contacted and informed about environmental issues. They are taught how their everyday actions can help save the environment. We have free assignment samples available.

Thus the goal of Planet Environment Day is to build a wonderful and beautiful world that is independent of pollution and environmental resources scarcity. Always be aware of your actions and seek to keep our environment safe and healthy, to conserve natural resources, including using them efficiently and carefully. Some of the efforts that lead to a better environment include prohibiting plastic, recycling, conserving water, planting trees, and rescuing wildlife and animals. Planet Earth is a small world, but we humans have desecrated it for our own selfish interests, resulting in pollution, water scarcity, unruliness, and other issues. Everything will diminish one day if we do not take adequate precautions to conserve natural resources, and we will be reduced with nothing but water and pure, good weather. It is our job to conserve and safeguard our mother nature from pollution and other threats, which will lead to a positive future and a healthy existence.

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