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What Is Teamwork

Teamwork refers to a collaborative effort belonging to a specific group to achieve a common goal or complete a task in the most effective and efficient method. This particular concept is seen explicitly within a more significant existing framework belonging to a team, which is again a group formed of interdependent individuals who work together towards achieving a common objective or goal. The associated essential requirement for carrying out effective teamwork is adequate team size.

            This particular context is considered necessary, as well as the size of the team, which can typically vary depending on the initially set objective. Specifically, a team shall be including two members, where most of the teams range in particular size from 2-100. Sports teams generally contain fixed sizes explicitly based upon the set of rules as well as work teams might be changing depending on the complexity associated with the objective. Teams contain the requirement of being able to leverage resources to be specifically productive.

            Teams also need to deliver the completion of a specific task ensuring that every individual member of the team shall be provided with clearly defined roles as part of the team and contain explicit purposes. This shall specifically be done based on the primary requirements or initially set objectives associated with the undertaken task in particular. Teamwork is present in any of the contexts where the collective group of people have been working together to achieve a common form of a goal. Such contexts specifically include an industrial organization, school, athletics, healthcare system as well as other forms of organizations, which contains a common form of a goal. In every individual setting, the primary level of teamwork and interdependence can vary from a lower range to a higher range depending upon the specific amount of communication. This also includes the method of interaction and collaboration that is present between the team members, such as the coordinates of teamwork required to be carried out as early as possible.


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            There is a shared existence of various characteristics that a particular team must be to work effectively. All of these characteristics are interrelated. There lies an imperative group cohesion, which is vital within the team. There also lies a positive relationship between group cohesion as well as performance. This specifically has a direct impact upon the performance and results of individual processes carried out through teamwork. Hence, forms an integral component.

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            Communication, on the other hand, is a vital characteristic of effective teamwork. Members must contain the ability to effectively communicate with each other for overcoming obstacles, avoiding confusion, and resolving conflicts. Effective communication increases explicitly cohesion between the team, which has been formed. This is also an essential aspect between the team members putting forward a clear definition of the primary purpose of the team, stating that there lies a common goal. Having the presence of a common goal will also increase the cohesion due to all the members, who have been striving for a common objective and will provide with a helping hand towards the achievement of the associated goal.

            Commitment can also be considered another critical characteristic meant for the teams, which again occurs whenever the members have a primary focus upon achieving the common goal related to the team.


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            On the other hand, accountability also forms a necessary component ensuring that the milestones are specifically reached as well as all the associated members of the team are actively participating without any particular issue. Specifically, holding members accountable also brings a significant increase associated commitment within the relationships existing within the team. For the best results of teamwork, the following points need to be integrated and undertaken for efficient results. Some of the aspects primarily to be considered are,

  • Open communication to specifically avoid any particular conflict, which might be existing within the team.
  • Effective coordination for avoiding specific confusion as well as crossing the set boundaries for efficient results or outcomes.
  • Efficient cooperation to be carried out for performing the individual tasks within the specified timeframe and to produce the required outcomes, especially in the form of haring workload.
  • Higher levels of interdependencies for maintaining higher levels of trust, performance as well as risk-taking.

These mentioned conditions for teamwork specifically lead the team to turn in a finished product. This is a specific measure that is considered adequate, where the organization must contain the quality of output, experience of the members, and procedure. In specific terms, teamwork can be deemed efficient if the specific output is met or exceeds the organisation's standard.


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             The procedures of teamwork are specifically identified and can be placed into three primary categories,

  • Transition processes: these are procedures, which specifically occur between typical action periods. In this particular period, the members of a particular team can carry out an evaluation of their overall performance being a team as well as individually, providing with feedback to each other, making clarifications about the upcoming tasks as well as make significant changes improving the procedure for collaboration.
  • Action processes: these are the processes that specifically occur within a team to accomplish all the primary goals as well as objectives. In this particular stage, the members of a specific team keep all the others informed about their individual progress as well as responsibilities, while at the same time helping others with specific tasks.
  • Interpersonal processes: these particular procedures are specifically present in both the action periods as well as the transition period occurring within the members of a specific team. This can also be a considered as a continuous process, specifically in which the team members must be able to communicate any of the particular thoughts or might be feelings specifically concerned with either of the team member or in a manner following which the task is being carried out.

Hence, existence of teamwork is necessary for the achievement of successful end results in alignment to the initially set objectives by the team with individual responsibilities to be carried out by every individual member of the team.

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