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Understanding What Is Religion

Relation between human beings and religion lies in various aspects related to divine, spiritual, absolute, sacred and holy reverence. Commonly this comprises of the way people are dealing with their ultimate issues regarding their lives and fate after demise. The connections and issues are expressed as per one’s relation with attitude towards spirits or gods. They are expressed as per relation or attitude towards wider human community or natural world. In many cases, texts are seen to be deemed to possess scriptural status. Again, human beings are esteemed to be invested with moral or spiritual authority. Worshippers and believers take part in and enjoining for performing contemplative or devotional practices. This consists of specific rituals, meditation and prayer. Participating in religious institutions, right belief, moral conduct and worship are various parts of religious life. If you are a student who needs help completing an assignment, This platform provides an extensive range of academic essay writing steps help.

The beliefs that are in human life’s spiritual dimension are present from time immemorial. Numerous communities have left various historical shreds of evidence of belief systems. This consists of sun-worshipping, understanding evil and good, gods and goddesses. For example, there are Almudena Cathedral, Bamiyan Buddhas, Stonehenge, Uluru, Bahai Gardens, Fujiyama, Japan’s sacred mountains, Golden Temple and Kaaba at Mecca. They all bear testament to personal experience on spirituality. This is an outcome of human yearning or objective reality for knowing life’s meaning and people’s role in this world. Commonly this has been accompanied through a set of organized practices fostering community of human beings sharing their faith. It is a wider term and comprises commitments denying dimension of presence beyond the world. If you want to use plagiarism free content, get your paraphrasing tool.

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Religion that is taught by Swami Vivekananda has its truth is done by any person who has rational experiments in the area of spirituality. Bertrand Russell is one the most scientific and rational non-believer. As per him, this very system has been unwarranted. According to Russell, as there is no reality in the statement that can be accepted. Again, as there is no truth in a specific statement, that is to be avoided. His position has turned to be a classical stand for the atheists and agnostics like Richard Dawkins. Interestingly almost every non-believers have never considered Advaita Vedanta as preached eloquently by Vivekananda to be a thought system. The aim of human beings, as per Vivekananda, is to arrive at a doubt-free understanding of personality. According to him, religion can be considered as a metamorphosis of chrysalis to butterfly, confused into enlightened, weak into strong. It is the central part of religion and every other reading are just veneers of that core. Every unrest taking place in religion’s name can be silenced as human beings emphasize on kernel and let others have freedom of adorning the core with a patina of individual personal linking. As per Sri Aurobindo, the adhyatma-jivana or spiritual life, dharma jivana or religious life and common human life where mortality is a part are distinct things. People should be knowing that one is desiring and never confusing them together. Here, the common life is that human consciousness in an average, is different from individual real self and this is from divine. It is red from common habits of mind, body and life that are laws of ignorance. Religious life can be considered as a movement of similar ignorant consciousness, trying or turning in turning away from this world towards divine. This is without knowledge and has been led through dogmatic tenets with rules of few creed or sects claiming to find the ways from the binds of earthly consciousness to beatific supernatural beyond. Religious life might be an initial step towards being spiritual. However, this is just regarding turning round of rites, practices and ceremonies and a set of forms and ideas despite any issue. On the contrary, spiritual life has been directly proceeding through a transformation of consciousness and change from common consciousness, separated and ignorant from an actual set and from God towards more consciousness with a change from common consciousness, separated and ignorant from actual self and from God towards higher consciousness. Here, one can find one’s actual being. Thus they can come first directly and living contact and to union with divine. Further, for spiritual seeker, the consciousness change is the thing that is searched by him and here, nothing matters else. As per interpretation by Joseph Campbell, Christianity consists of mythical ideas, same as in various secular, religious and myths. Through admitting that specific parts of biblical records have been historical, Campbell that taught miraculous and theological aspects to be symbolic. These are the stories where readers are able to find present-day life lessons. He also believed that those lessons in life are core of Christianity. Taking the miraculous or theological elements literally undermine credibility of the messenger and leads to sectarianism. Also, that results in a misunderstanding of universal themes that are commonly held by every humanity. As per Rabindranath Tagore, essence behind religion is humanity. As per the poet, actual religion is an understanding of individual nature. However, according to his view, organized religions has been acting as a barrier towards communal harmony. f you find academic writing hard, you'll benefit from best essay help available online. Hire our essay writer and you'll get your work done.

Various belief systems and religions in present scenario have an effect on people’s identity. This is irrespective of whether human beings consider themselves to be spiritual or religious or not. Simultaneously, there are other sections of identity, history, approach to groups and religions considered distinct that can affect the way people are interpreting that belief system or religion. In the form of mental structure, it has been affecting the method in which people perceive the world and values that are rejected or accepted. Being social structures, religion can deliver a supporting network and idea of belonging. In various situations, people’s religion has turned into the basis of their power structure. Recent, remote and history is filled with an instance of theocratic situations. The separation between religion and state is recent. It is applied partly. Official state religions are there in Europe and there are de facto and different state religions. At maximum situations, that never pose any sort of specific issues till they get tampered through values associated with tolerance. Get top notch essay writer that write any type of essay

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