What is freedom Essay

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What Is Freedom

The word freedom means free from everything. This can be familiarized with various kinds of aspects and concepts. Freedom for a human being means, that they do not have to seek permission from anything or anyone in order to commit to an action. However, we should always keep in mind about our rights and duties which we need to perform after getting freedom. Freedom is not something, anyone should ever earn. Freedom should be gained by a human being right after their birth. Apart from that, freedom also should never be exploited by any means. With the help of freedom, a human being is able to speak whatever there is in their mind. However, they should not use the same freedom in order to deface or defame another human being. This is the reason why, after gaining freedom, we should never forget the duties and the rights which we have towards society. Freedom also means the right to live. This can be compared with any human being or animal.

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            In many stories from around the world we still come across stories of slavery and animal abuse. There are various kinds of laws and regulation which prevents the human beings from committing any kind of such acts. In the current century, everyone should understand the meaning of freedom. They should also know the difference between freedom and superiority. For the past decades we have seen how a separate class of human beings has came out of slavery from other nations. They had to fight for their rights and duties and then they were able to achieve democracy. From then, various governments were formed by utilizing the voice of the citizens. Electoral campaigns and competition were conducted in order to let the citizen know about the manifesto of the political organization. However, at the end of the day, with the help of democracy independent governments were formed.

Along with that, the constitution was written. The constitution of every nation contains the data and information about the various rights and duties which every citizen of the country needs to serve. Again, the government also keeps a close watch on the citizens, if they are violating any kind of laws and regulations.

            In those kinds of cases, the government has also set up various kinds of punishments and fines which the citizen needs to serve or pay. In this way, the human being is able to enjoy freedom, then again, they are also unable to abuse or exploit the freedom which they have earned. However, in the current scenario, humans have also started overlooking on the fact that, the freedom should be made available for all living things which are residing on the planet earth. Everyone knows that the population of humans are increasing, however, the government should also make sure that, the human beings are not exploiting their freedom and acting out of superiority. It has been often seen that, out of superiority complex human beings abuses animals and other living beings on Earth. In order to stop those kinds of situations too, the government have enforced various kind of laws and regulation in order to protect both the land animals and marine lives.


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            One of the most significant aspects of gaining freedom is to have freedom of speech. With the help of freedom of speech, a human being is able to speak about their opinions and their broadcast their thought process. In the past, human beings have used various kinds of means of media communication in order to broadcast their freedom speech. Along with that, the freedom of speech can not only be explained through prolong speeches. Many authors and poets have enforced their opinions and thought process through stories and poems too. Again, there are other members of the literary society who have spread their opinions through comics, cartoons, dramas and many more forms of literature. In the current generation, human beings have also started using various kinds of social media networking platforms in order to spread their opinions. They are also able to create various kinds of videos and spread their opinions through those kinds of mode of media communication.

            With the help of freedom, human beings also need right to privacy. The right to privacy means that, the human beings will be able to lead a life which is not being observed and recorded by any kind of institutions or a person. It has been always found that, with the access to privacy of someone’s life, another person is easily able to manipulate that person in order to commit various kinds of malicious deeds and acts. In the current society, we have found that, there various kinds of hackers and intruders who constantly tries to hack or intrude into the personal lives of human beings in order to gain access to their personal data and information. The hackers and intruders also tried to penetrate into the working organization in order to gain data and information. If there is not any kind of step taken against such people then, it will not be considered that the human beings have their own freedom.


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            In order to avenge such kind of acts and malicious practices, government have again setup various kind of cyber security organization and institutions. These cyber security institutions and organization monitors the network connections and traffics in order to identify the hackers and intruders. After an incident of privacy hack, the people can also approach to these institutions in order to lodge a complaint. Once the complain has been lodged the cyber cell people will track the hackers and intruders and then make them appear in front of judicial court, where they will be sentenced. We should never forget that we are born with freedom, however, we do have our rights and duties which we need to fulfil towards our own nation. Along with that, we should also know about the various rights and duties which we have, and we should never ever exploit our right to freedom.

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