Uses Of Internet Essay

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Uses Of Internet


            Internet can be considered as the worldwide spread computer network. The procedure of associating two or more computers with the cable or the modem is known as the internet. It is to be noted that the internet can be considered as the only means of exchanging the data through the networking of the computer which can be accessed very easily. In order to get the required information, one can just search in on the google.  Internet plays a vital role in the sector of trade and commerce internet. Presently, the internet has become highly popular all across the world as anybody can purchase anything from anywhere around the world through the use of the internet. The internet plays a very significant role in the education of the students as the students can get the information very rapidly.  However, through the accessibility of internet, the children are even getting the access to the pornographic images and the videos through the internet. As a result, they are even getting very much addicted.  Therefore, it can be said that there are both the positive and the negative uses of the internet. The aim of the paper is mainly to understand the uses of the internet. The paper will be focusing on both the positive and the negative uses of the internet.


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            One of the significant utilizations of the internet is that it is the source of the informationPresently, all the students of the colleges and the universities relies on the internet not just for the purpose of competing their assignments but also for the purpose of keeping themselves updated.  It is to be noted that there is no better source of the research apart from the internet.  Through the search in the internet, one can find the new trends and even can communicate with the specialist without actually visiting them professional assistance can even be acquired through the utilization of the internet.

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            Internet can be considered as the source of internet as well.  Researches show that the online games, chatting, music, dramas and the tv shows are the new sources of the entertainment. The games are accessible without any charge of price. Additionally, the chat room are also accessible to discuss on any of the topics.  The websites, online movies as well as the other tv shows are also accessible through the utilization of the internet.

            Through the utilization of the internet, one tends to be highly informed. It can be said that the internet is the very source of the new news because there are thousands of new groups and the services which helps us in being informed abut the latest news with every passing of the time. people like to read news about the spores, politics, weather and all the topics are available in the internet which keeps the individuals updated and well informed.


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            Through the utilization of the internet, the process of the communication has even become highly better and even much easier. It has become very much possible for an individual to communicate with anybody across the world through the utilization of the internet. On the other hand, it is to be noted that the video calls are a very interesting option for the process of communication which can be conducted through the medium of internet. Additionally, it is to be noted that mailing I another form of the communication which is hugely used in the everyday life.

            The corporate world totally depends on the internet for the purpose of sharing the files, transferring of the data, internal communication and even the external communication. In simple terms, it can be said that the internet is mainly the very basis of the corporate world today.

            All the categories of the reservations of train are being conducted through the customized software of the railway. Just through the utilization of the internet, websites can be easily accessed from any part across the world. One does not require to stand for a long time by standing in the queue. This can be done by easily siting in the office or from home.

            Bank can be considered as the place from where the maximum utilization of the technology is being conducted. The utilization of the banking software and the applications is being conducted through the internet which makes the work very much easy.

            The internet is widely utilized for the purpose of connecting with people” . this is mainly done through the utilization of the Facebook, twitter, linked in which are among the others.

            However, it is to be noted that despite the various positive uses of the internet, there are various negative uses of the internet as well. The internet is being widely utilized as the medium for the purpose of taking revenge. Researches show that the individual who utilizes the internet very consistently can face various number of the abusive as well as trolls from the people. On the other hand, the issue of the cyberbullying is also enhancing rapidly.  There are times in which one can track the internet by the hackers or by the unauthorized people and this can be considered to be highly harmful as they can steal the private information.

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            The internet can be considered as the best place for the purpose of advertising any service as well as the product in comparison to the conventional methods of the marketing. However, one can experience getting more spam in the inbox as the digital marketing can be sent on the huge scale.

            The internet is also utilized as the medium for the purpose of getting pornographic as well as the violent images.  In the present times, there are huge level of the content available on the internet.

            The internet is also utilized by various malevolent users and the hackers of the internet who mainly steals the personal information and even hacks the accounts which can be utilized for the identity theft.


            In conclusion it can be noted that there are both positive as well as the negative uses of the internet. It totally depends on the individual in which they will utilize the internet.

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