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Time And Tide Wait For None

Time and tide wait for none is the proverb that indicates the value of the tide and time as well as reveals the truth that is tide and time does not wait for anyone. Time is free as anyone can not sell it or buy it. This is priceless as well as this can be used or passed by the people. People can not store time however can spend it with their family, friends, and other person or other activities.

Once people lost it, then people cannot get it back. This runs like the rive in the forward direction that gives forever and can never take back. As the directive of the river flow cannot be changed and the time will never come back. People should utilize time by performing the chores at right time as well as they should never postpone anything. People always must be very disciplined and punctual in their life for getting benefited from the time. One who lost time is known as a loser as well as they can not achieve anything big in their lives. People can not earn much money and cannot store it for their whole life. However, people can not store even a single second of a single minute for a second. People can earn money effectively by using time effectively if they use the time in the right way. However, they can not get more time by using their money.

Anyone can ask ‘check my paper for plagiarism’ to us to identify potential plagiarism in their work. We are a comprehensive plagiarism checking software which can meet the specified requirements of students, bloggers, SEO-writers, content developers, teachers, and professionals. As the world is moving at its fast pace and anybody has not got the time to waste. Moreover, time never stops for anyone and the clock is always ticking without thinking about anyone. Therefore, for using the time, people must work hard every second, which will also help them to earn money. Because if once time has gone, it will not come back and no one will be able to regain this. This is one of the most precious things that a person can have. With time, for people, everything can be possible and this is just that people need to have the immense dedication towards utilizing the time in their way. If people misuse time and waste it, they can never achieve anything in their lives.

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Moreover, hundreds of successful people are there and they know how to manage their time properly. Besides this, this is the reason they are established and successful in their lives because they have utilized the time in the effective and right way. People can effectively earn money by utilizing the time properly, however, they cannot earn the time or purchase the time by using the money.

Time is extremely precious for the human. Time brings various opportunities to the people however, not always bring opportunities. This comes once only in someone's life and time never stays for a second. Therefore, the people should be efficient enough to utilize the time properly. Time is the thing that moves on the track continuously. Time is much favorable for people, who understand the value of time and know-how to use time properly. If the people do not properly use time and waste time, for those time will always be unfavorable. The same goes for idle people as well as they do not use the time effectively. Once time is gone, it does not return just like the tide that occurs in the sea. Therefore, the popular proverb came that is "time and tide wait for none". Tide also once goes it does not come for anyone or anything just like time. A person, who has missed her or his train and he or she have to postpone the schedule of that particular day, will better understand the value of the time. She or she might not miss her or his train in future if they have learned anything from this as they have missed their trains just because few seconds or few minutes. Therefore, time always matters much for those people, who are effectively involved in the hard work in any way and they also wanted to achieve their goals in their lives. Time never gives a chance to people for correcting the mistakes of their past. However, one can correct their present and so their future by avoiding mistakes as well as giving value to time. Time has different values in different fields to people. A single donation of blood assists three people. Thus, blood donation helps millions of people and gives a new life, gives an optimistic hope for ill people that is very important to those people and acts as a positive reinforcement that assists in awakening living power. Since your assignments determine your overall grades, you cannot submit a half-baked assignment.

From conducting detailed research to putting the gathered information in the correct format – get the best academic essay writing services in the USA for it all. Time is very strong and it always wins. Anyone cannot defeat time as this continuously runs without staying for a single minute or second. Anyone can not stop it, store it or purchase it. If people see back in the past, they can see that several great personalities, who had followed the mantra of "time and tide wait for none" achieved success in their lives. People always want to do something big in their lives however because achieving something big in their lives they have to know the value of time and they have to perform their tasks at the right time. Time is a very precious gift from the God and people can use it in the right way for achieving anything good and big in their lives. If anyone achieves something good and big with the time, they are always remembered and appreciated by society and the people for ages and for a long time.

Since everyone is familiar with the story of tortoise and rabbit, the story is perfect for this phrase of the proverb. However, if people do not know anything about the story, the following is the short narration of the story for making them understand the value of time. Once a tortoise was there, who was very slow in running and he was criticized by the other animals always for his slow pace. However, instead, a rabbit was also there in their community, who was very fast in running. Moreover, with this, everyone in the community always praised him for his fast pace. Therefore, for showing the skills and for humiliating the tortoise, the rabbit once challenged the tortoise for a race. The tortoise then accepted the challenge as he did not want to be humiliated any further. Then the race was scheduled after two days. For winning the race, the rabbit practiced very hard. The rabbit also started to celebrate the victory before the race. Yet the rabbit was very eager for giving his best in the competition. Therefore, the race started on the third day. Everyone knew that the rabbit will win. Therefore, the rabbit became overconfident. The rabbit also ate much before the competition thinking that if he even walks, he would win the race. However, the tortoise had the determination for giving his best.

After some time the race started and the tortoise was very slow but the tortoise kept moving. On the other side, the rabbit was running very fast. Because of the fast pace, the rabbit reached the half distance within few minutes. After reaching half of the distance, the rabbit thought of taking some rest and he lied down under a tree for taking little rest. However, he went to sleep soon and he did not realize it because he ate so much food before the race. While the rabbit was sleeping, the tortoise moved constantly with time. He did not stop and did not take any rest. In this way, the tortoise crossed the rabbit and when the tortoise was about to reach the finish line, the rabbit then woke up and started to run towards that finish line. However, it was very late for the rabbit to win. Therefore, the tortoise won the race. The rabbit also cried after the race and the tortoise was celebrating the victory. After reading this story, anyone should be ensured that “time and tide wait for none”. As the tortoise worked very hard to win the race as well as used the time properly, he won the race. Moreover, the lives of people are also like that. For achieving anything good in life, people have to work very hard with the time and people must always use the time in the best way. Only then the people will be achieving success in their lives.

Time always changes the luck of people into bad luck or good luck as per the people uses the time. The people, who are idle and curse their fates, will never achieve anything good in their life. On the other hand, the people, who work hard always believe in their fate and do hard work they can be successful in life. For getting success in life and to achieve goals, people must not waste the time and they should perform the works at the right time. People must involve themselves in hard work with a lot of patients and they have to wait for the right time. Thus, success will surely come when they will make the best use of their time. Time has significant value for all the people in different areas. Therefore, people must value time and should use it properly.

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