Social Issues Essay

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Social Issues Definition

Social issues are defined as the problem which creates disruptions to the flow of life of people living in a society. It has always been prevalent around the world. However, due to the lack of media and communication, many social issues were unheard of. The people had to go through various kinds of mental anxiety and suffer from mental health issues. The social issues are not faced by people of the same age group. It happens to every people in different parts of life. First, we will discuss the social issues which are faced by teenagers. In the current generation, we have found that most teenagers have access to smartphones and laptops. We would not say that it should not be permitted as smartphones and laptops have their pros and cons. However, it depends on how the user is using it. Along with smartphones and laptops, teens also have easy access to the internet and social networking platforms. Social networking platforms are built to make people communicate with each other and make them feel near each other.

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            The social networking platforms contains various kinds of options, which the users can use to tell their friends and families about the recent event which had occurred in their life or something which they are currently doing. This includes posting their photos, videos, travelling to a country, city, joining a new organization, getting a promotion and many more. As we can see, the events mentioned tell us about the positive sides of their lives. However, when these users are going through any distress, depression, tension, anxiety, they never post anything about it. The users think that, as the people have congratulated them about their accomplishments, they would not support them in their dark times. Furthermore, it can be said that the users in social networking platforms tend to show how much luck they are or have the opportunity to have the best things in life. However, not every user has that opportunity.

            Every user is not entitled to have everything they have wished for in life. These users tend to have a mental health issue which is commonly known as filling or missing out. This means that the users who are not having or accomplishing those kinds of things in their lives, like their friends, think that they are not capable enough for anything. These kinds of thoughts often lead to long term depression. People nowadays often fall into this trap of depression and have a hard time recovering from it. It is one of the ongoing social issues which is prevalent in the social media networking world. However, other users form a community regarding these issues and help their fellow users recover from those kinds of conditions.


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            Another type of social issue present in both the education world and the corporate world is bullying. Bullying is a type of issue which born out of the supremacy characteristics of human beings. This social issue is often found to be present in high schools. Some many kids and teenagers fall prey to bullying. Bullying can be categorized as a fatal social issue, as often teenagers commit suicide due to aggressive bullying at school. It has repeatedly found that the high school students who are a bit popular in school tend to broadcast their superiority and supremacy on students who are weak in academics and sports. The school, however, takes various kinds of control measures to curb these kinds of issues in school. They tend to have a counsellor on their school campuses to help those students who fall victim to bullying.

            Social issues also consist of racial discrimination in various countries. It has been found in multiple news and media that people belonged to African American society. This kind of news is quite popular in the United States of America. There have been various kinds of cases reported, even circumstances that have led to the victim's death. In these kinds of situations, social media networking platforms comes into the picture. It helps the spreading the news to every part of the world. Once this news is broadcasted around the world, then many communities are formed to speak up against the events. To curb these kinds of issues, the governments have started to product various kinds of laws so that, these kind of events would not be repeated again.

Along with this, even gun violence is attached. It is also another type of social issue which is prevalent in society. Human beings are tending to take weapons in their hand to protect themselves. Along with that, they also tend to shoot other human beings whenever they are threatened. However, it needs to be checked if the gun which they acquired is licensed or not. Along with that, the weapon should be presented only to those human beings who have potential threats.


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            Another kind of social issue is cybersecurity threats and attacks. It is one of the rising social issues which is present in the information technology world. Hackers and intruders are always looking for data and information current in the social media networking platforms. Using those data and information, they try to hack into the accounts of the users to perform various kinds of malicious deeds. Furthermore, the hackers and intruders launch a vicious attack on the network connection of the organization. They often try to attack the vulnerabilities which are present in the network connection of the organization. The vulnerabilities present in the network organization acts as a gateway for the hackers and intruders to get inside the organization. Once the hackers and intruders are inside the network connection of the organization, then they steal all the data and information which are present in the database and server of the organization. After that, the hackers and intruders will leak those data and information into the dark web, where potential users use those data and information to perform various malicious activities. These data and information contain personal information such as, names, contact information, address. It also contains, banking information such as credit card details, debit card details. After that, there are even various users who uses the dark net to fetch these kinds of details and then make use of them for their own work.

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