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Save Water Essay


Water can be considered as the significant element which is highly important for the purpose of existence on earth.  It can be said that the existence is not at all possible without the presence of the water. Similar to air which is required for the purpose of breathing, water is equally a significant element.  All the living beings prevalent on the surface of earth like the animals, plants, human beings needs water for the purpose of consumption and as well as for the other reasons for the functioning of their regular lives. The fresh and the potable water is required for the purpose of usage and for the purpose of survival. Researches show that 71 percent of the surface of the earth is mainly covered with water but only 3 percent of the accessible water is fresh water.  the resources of the water are being destroyed in the past few years.  The reduction of the fresh water can be considered as the significant threat to the existence.  The aim of the paper is mainly to understand the importance of saving water. You can hire an essay writer online.


Water is the second most significant substance on earth after air.  Apart from fact that water is highly important for the purpose of drinking, there are other advantages of water as well.  Water is highly important for the purpose of cooking, washing and cleaning which are among the others.  Water can be considered as the dynamic part of the survival of the human beings. It is also important for the survival of trees and for the plants.  Moreover, it is a significant element which is very important for agriculture as well as for the other sectors of the industry. Water can be considered as the primary need for the humans.  Researches show that about 70 percent of the body contains water and therefore it is important for the human race to survive.   It even helps in defecating waste from the body through sweat, urination and defecation.  Therefore, refilling the water in the human body is also significant for the purpose of preventing the dehydration. Nobody can survive without water for more than a week.  Additionally, all the plants will even die  if they do not get water. this can even lead to the death of the animals which mainly depends on the plants for their food.  Therefore, the presence of the life will in itself come to its point of end. If you need essay typer tool then you can choose us.

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Presently, the significant problem which is connected to global warming is the depreciation of the huge water on earth.  This is mainly caused because of the higher misuse of the water which are occurring in various places.  There are various regions in the world which are facing higher scarcity of water because of the depletion of ground water and the scanty rainfalls.  Additionally, there are various areas in which the ground water is very much contaminated or it has been excessively been used.  These factors eventually leads to the higher situations of drought and scarcity of water. the report of the WHO presents that 1 out of people does not have accessibility to drinking water. The utilization of the water resources, industrialization and urbanization are some of the human factors which leads to the scarcity of the water. researches show that 50 percent of the landscape water usage becomes waste because of the evaporation or the runoff which is caused by the over watering.  It is to be noted that the average person waste for about 30 gallons of water on a regular basis.  The Sewage wastes which are dumped into the rivers are also making the water highly inaccessible for the purpose of drinking and washing which leads to various number of the water borne diseases like cholera, Jaundice and typhoid.  On the other hand, it is to be noted that the usage of the plastics and disposing them carelessly in the water bodes also negatively affects the aquatic life which further disturbs the whole ecosystem. You can try out essay rewriter tool also.

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Saving water should be considered as the universal responsibility of every human being on earth.  Rainwater harvesting can be considered as the significant method which can be utilized for the purpose of saving water. Ground water conservation is also an additional effective water pollution control. It is the method which helps in saving and even storing the ground water in the underground reservoirs. Save water initiatives helps in promoting the conservation of water. it even helps in spreading the consciousness among the people about the importance of water.  The recycling of water must even be initiated in order to save water, Recycling of water incorporates the  reusage of the waste water when ever it is possible. For example, the water which is utilized for the purpose of bathing can even be utilized for the purpose of washing, cleaning and even gardening reasons.  Some of the other methods of conservation of water includes the reduction of the pollution of water and the fair utilization of the water.  on the other hand, it is highly important for every individual to save the daily usage of the water.   it is important to use only the amount of water which is needed and avoid any form of wastage.  The waste of the industries must be treated correctly before they are being treated into the river.


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It is not possible to imagine life without water. however, it can be considered to be highly unfortunate that the mankind is totally neglecting the precious gift from God. Conservation of water is very important for the purpose of saving life. All the living being on the earth requires water for the purpose of survival.  Therefore, if we do not give importance in saving or in the conservation of water then it can be said that our future generations will face higher scarcity of water. therefore, it is important to be highly responsibility and take up initiatives in saving water.  at the individual level, it is important to be highly responsible and even reject the wastage of water so that the future generation can make the best utilization of the natural resources correctly.

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